Fixed vs Swivel Wheel on Jogging Stroller

Updated on April 12, 2010
M.S. asks from Miami, FL
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I currently have a Bob Revolution with the swivel wheel and I love it. However, I have a second child on the way and I am trying to figure out what to do for a double stroller. I know the Bob SUS is $140 cheaper, so I'm inclined to go with that version. The main difference that I can see is that it has a fixed front wheel instead of a swivel wheel. Does anyone have any experience with this that you can tell me if it makes a difference? I know I prefer when the wheel is not locked on the single stroller, so I am a bit worried I won't like the fixed wheel on the duallie SUS.

Alternatively is there another jogging stroller out there with a swivel wheel that is cheaper than the Revolution at $569?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone who responded -- the advice was great and confirmed my fears. My husband and I are looking at selling my single Bob Revolution and getting the Duallie Revolution with the swivel wheel instead of the fixed wheel option.

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answers from Chicago on

My husband and I have a jogger w/ a fixed front wheel and I hate it. It's so hard to move around. I won't even use it. We only take it when we're on walks together.

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answers from Boise on

It depends on what you want to use it for. We have a BOB Revolution single and just bought the double too. If you are a jogger and want to use it only for jogging then you would probably be fine with a fixed front wheel. If you want to use it for trips around town or to the mall you'll need the swivel in order to maneuver. I know the BOBs are pricey but worth every penny in my opinion. If you are an REI member you can get 20% off right now (for another week or so....check their website).

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answers from Chicago on

I have a fixed wheel jogging stroller. It's fine for wide open spaces and bumpy surfaces but I'd never use it for daily use. It's too unwieldly.



answers from Chicago on

I hated my fixed wheel jogging stroller. Way too hard to navigate. Always had to lift the front wheel to make a turn. And it would always pull to one side. I wouldn't recommend that at all.



answers from Chicago on

I would definately go with a swivel wheel. I had a double jogger years ago with a fixed wheel and it was such a pain to have to pull back on the rear wheels to turn corners. I am not sure of the price now a days, but you might check out the Phil and Ted's Sport. I like it because it can be a single or a double stroller with the jump seat in the rear (seat attaches to the front when a baby is in the bassinet portion.


answers from Los Angeles on

I have a swivel wheel double jogger and I love it! It's so much easier. I have tried a fixed wheel, and hated it. It's so much harder just to turn a little bit. You have to lift up the whole thing just to move 1 inch.



answers from Chicago on

I have a baby trend single, the front wheel can be switched from fixed to swivel with a button. Can only assume they make doubles with the same feature.



answers from Los Angeles on

Try the Safari Instep stroller. I have a single stroller. It is a swivel wheel with a lock. I don't think the quality is a s good as a BOB because it can be rather jiggly when onlocked, but it is definitely a more affordable option.



answers from Chicago on

I have both and definitely recommend the swivel wheel.



answers from San Diego on

We have a fixed wheel because we do trail running and they are WAY more stable than the swivel.

That being said, I HATE the fixed wheel anywhere but the trails. I walk our neighborhood with lots of curves and hills and I constantly have to lift the stroller to get it to turn.

Get a swivel unless you are doing crazy offroading!



answers from Houston on

i loathe and i mean LOATHE my fixed wheel and will never buy another, you have to keep lifting it to turn it, and it pulls to one side all the time

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