Fisher Price Smart Cycle - Lisle,IL

Updated on January 31, 2011
M.T. asks from Lisle, IL
11 answers

Has anyone had experience with the Fisher Price Smart Cycle for a 3 year old/soon-to-be 4 year old? If so would you recommend it? Any pros or cons? Please share.

Thank you!

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answers from Joplin on

I bought my son and he loved it,also every game you are learning something helped my son with his letters,etc.

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answers from Raleigh on

I was thinking of getting one for my 4 year old. I looked at the demo with my son at ToysRUs. My son thought it was ok, but he much preferred a real bike. It did seem a little cheap to me. I thought that the graphics weren't very good. I have a feeling he wouldn't play with it much so we just moved on and he hasn't mentioned it since. I suggest going to a ToysRUs and trying it out with your child before spending a lot of money on it. Then you can decide!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Another one of those toys that was loved at first and then collected dust!



answers from Chicago on

If that's the only game you have (no DS, no WII), then that's fine, but we have a WII, DS and Smart Cycle and it's pretty much garbage compared to the others.



answers from Chicago on

My daughter received her smart cycle when she was 3 going on 4 she is almost 6 now and still plays with it. A lot of kids in the neighborhood also love this bike and they range in age from 5-9. We do have the older version of the bike and have had no issues with it. The batteries last if you remember to turn the bike off when done playing with it



answers from Denver on

We got one for our son for his 4th birthday and he LOVED it! However, it broke after about 8 months (something wrong with the part where the games connect to the bike, even though he took great care of the bike)..which is very disappointing as we have invested alot of money on games for it and now they are useless. Had it not broken so soon I would highly recommend it.



answers from Chicago on

My son (turns 4 in Jan) LOVES his Smart Cycle, although it is the old model. It taught him how to peddle (came in handy when the summer came around and he got to use his new trike.) It is a great way for him to burn off some of his abundant energy. Sometimes he uses his Smart Cycle while I use my recumbent bike so we can have Mommy/Matthew exercise time. It has helped him identify lower and uppercase letters. It has also helped him with his coordination.



answers from New York on

My son had one at that age and he loved it. As long as he can pedal a bike, he should be fine. There are a lot of great games out there too!



answers from Detroit on

I looked into to getting one for my son at that age but my main reason for not buying it was the fact that it took batteries. I thought that it would probably eat batteries in no time. If I could have plugged it into the mains I probably would have bought one.



answers from Chicago on

We have had ours for about 2-3 years (whenever they first came out) and my now 3 year old, 4 year old and 7 year old still enjoy it and play with it. We also have the wii and they seem to favor this one more at these ages. I agree graphics aren't top notch, but the kids don't seem to notice or care. We haven't had problems with battery life or the bike breaking and my kids are far from easy on their toys.



answers from Peoria on

We got the Smart Cycle for my son when he was 3 and he's now 4 and loves it. We save it for when it's cold out or raining. He will even sit on it and ride watching tv so I think it is great to help get exercise.
It also does great with batteries and even with using it a lot they last several weeks to months depending on what batteries you put in.
I would get the extended warranty on it because our first one did break but since we had all the games we took the money from the replacement plan and got a new one.

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