Fisher Price Smart Cycle

Updated on November 10, 2008
R. asks from Bedford, TX
4 answers

Hi ladies, my 3 yo DS really wants the fisher price Smart Cycle for Christmas but we want to know if it's worth the price? I have read some reviews on it and they are really mixed...some like it and some don't. So I guess my question is, do any of you have one? Do you like it, not like it, have problems or helpful hints? Thanks in advance.

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answers from Dallas on

Hey Rebacca I would say soooo get it. Our little girl still wants to play with it even though we bought her the WII. She loves them both!!! Just an FYI when we went to get ours last Christmas ToysRUs were out but Walmart had quite a few! Good Luck!



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We have it also. All 3 of my kids enjoy it very much. We have 2 different games for it and that is plenty. Unless there were changes to this seasons Smart Cycle the games are very similar except for the characters. I would not spend alot of money on addtional games.



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GET IT!!!! My son loves his - he got it last year for Christmas and still plays it regularly. We are not a big TV household so we have no problem with it being left right in front of the TV for his enjoyment whenever he wants. He's honestly been on it this week.....3 different times - and asks often when he is not on it!



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Hi R.,

My son got the Smart Cycle last year for Christmas and has maybe used in 5 or 6 times. He has no interest in it!

Call or email me if you want to purchase the Smart cycle for cheap! We also have two games we will send off with you.

Best Wishes,

C. Roeschen
The Trinity Group
Keller Williams
[email protected]

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