Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

Updated on October 16, 2008
G.G. asks from Chicago, IL
5 answers

Does anyone own the Fisher Price digital camera? I had seen the ads on TV and had mentally added it to my list of Christmas gift possibilities for our 2 1/2 year old. I saw it today at Target for $48 and was doing a quick comparision to the Vtech camera. Well, I bought the FP camera but then read some internet reviews that said the quality of photos is terrible. I can return it of course, but I am looking for some input from the moms here before I do.

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answers from Chicago on

We have had the FP kid tough camera for 3 years and it is the best-and is now being passed on to the youngest of 4 kids so it is really durable. The picture quality is not that of an 8 megapixel camera, but serves its purpose for nice 3x5 or 4x6 prints for little photogs in training.



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Hi G.,
I too had heard and read that the photo quality wasn't great. We went ahead and got it for my 4 year old son last year.

First of all, he loves it (as does his 2 year old brother) and they take all sorts of fun pictures. Once uploaded, I was pleasantly surprised at how "not horrible" the quality was. Perhaps, I had low expectations and we do have a lot of light (natural and otherwise) in our house. It wasn't that bad, but like the other mom said, its really about taking pictures rather than seeing them in prints or on the computer.

As a side note, we went on vacation over the summer with my entire family and have nieces who are 7 and 8 and they too loved playing with the camera, so I see that (hopefully) this is something that they will want to play with for a while.

I like it a lot and like the idea (and TOUGHNESS) of it. I am very satisfied with our purchase.

Have fun!



answers from Chicago on

the quality of the photos from the kidtough camera is indeed pretty horrible. it does not deal well with low-light situations or things that are too close or too far (but then what cheap camera does). however, both of my kids adore the camera we got them last christmas (4yo and 2yo) because their interest is completely in taking the pictures, not actually seeing them downloaded or printing them out. so for their purposes (taking pictures of themselves, each other, us, toys, etc) it works fine and has certainly been dropped and manhandled plenty and is still doing just fine.


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Hi G.!

We got the FP Kid Tough Digital camera for our son this past Christmas 2007, and he still uses it today. I didn't really know which one to get due to mixed reviews, but it turned out great. It takes some decent pictures, and it holds up well (he's kinda rough with it). He just turned 5 at the end of August, and it seems to hold his attention (he wants to take pictures of everything). He liked it so much that I just got the Kid Tough FP3 player, and that had mixed reviews also. But I think he'll enjoy it.

I say keep it. I'm sure your son/daughter will love it!




answers from Chicago on

We got one for my son last Christmas when he was 2.75. It has held up beautifully. Yes, the quality of the pics is not the same as our fancy (and expensive) digital camera but it's fine for him. He has gotten quite good with it. At first, all his pic were really blurry but now that he's gotten much better they are fairly clear. It depends on how fast your kid is moving while snapping the pics. Once they learn how to stand still (or as close to still as they can, in my son's case) the pics are much better. And the camera really is kid tough. My son is really rough -- his camera has taken a beating and still works like new.

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