First Years Compass Booster Seat

Updated on November 14, 2010
D.H. asks from Grapevine, TX
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I am looking for a first years compass b540 booster carseat . They have them everywhere for sale online but I want to see it before I buy it. I have called Target, Walmart, Lonestar baby, babies rus and burlington coat factory. Anywhere else they sell car seats that I may have missed? Is this a good booster seat? My daughter is 4 y.o. 58lbs and 44" tall. She is using a Britax marathon now and can barley buckle her with a jacket on.

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Thanks!! I ordered one from Kohls. We can't wait to get it.

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answers from Gainesville on

I'm not sure where to see one but I think you are supposed to remove kiddos jackets before putting them in the car seats.

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answers from San Francisco on

re: coats and car seats: techs recommend that bulky coats be removed before buckling kids in their car seats because in a collision the coat can compress and leave slack in the harness. There are some ways to minimize coat interference with the harness if you live in a very cold climate where it's not practical to take a child's coat off before getting buckled, here's a link that describes how:

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answers from Dallas on

LOVE this booster! We had to order ours sight unseen as well with absolutely no regrets.



answers from Washington DC on

Just like you, my son was in a marathon a few years back and in winter we realized he was just too squished, so we purchased a compass. I'm sorry, I don't have the model no, but we love it. He is in second grade and still using it. I like it because it has a back and it also has sides to rest his head on long trips. We purchased it from a specialty children's shop so I'm not much help with where to find it. Maybe you can call the manufacturer and ask what stores they sell that model in.



answers from Chicago on

I don't know if it's the b540, but we bought a Compass booster seat at Buy Buy Baby. Sam's Club was carrying one as well, it may have been the b540.



answers from Chicago on

I just bought this car seat, and like you, looked ALL over for it, it seems to only be sold online, as far as I could tell. I just switched my daughter over (she's 3, 30 lbs. 38inches), she just meets the requirements for this seat and she & I LOVE this booster seat! It's soooo easy to get her in and out of the seat & I like the fact that it has a 5 star rating. It also is lightweight, comfy, and folds compact. The only downside I found, is unlike my daughters 'baby' car seat, it does not attach to the seat. You HAVE to have a shoulder & lap seat belt which is quite safe and does keep the seat in place. Not sure if all boosters are like that?/? Other plus's, two cup holders on either side, easy to clean seat, side impact on either side of her head, arm rests. GREAT seat!! Good luck in your choice & hope this helps. P.S. You can always take it back to the store if you order online & don't like it. With Babys R Us, you do get 'store' credit & not a refund directly back.

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