First Year in School

Updated on July 12, 2007
R.K. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
4 answers

My son is starting school this year and as a first time mom in this situation I'm feeling extremly overwelmed with school. Im unsure with how it is going to happen. Im getting mixed answers from my family and friends. The problem is my son will turn 5 2 days after school starts. Will they let him be in kindergarden or preschool? When do I sign him up for school? How do I find out what school in my area he is supposed to go too seeing as there is 3 grade schools in my area? HELP!!

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answers from Dallas on

Most schools don't have prek unless your low income. And like R. said above- if he's not 5 by the cut off date he won't start school this year. But also YOU can decide to hold him back another yr if you want- even if the cutoff day is after his birthday.

My oldest starts kindergarden this year too, so I'm with you on the "overwhelmed" feeling. We live in Birdville ISD and they had a Parent roundup day in April. Most schools have early registration. And since you prob. missed that you will need to check the ISD website for regular registration.

Good Luck



answers from Dallas on

wel, just because you don't know what specific SCHOOL he will attend, you should STILL know the school DISTRICT. Find that district's web page and then contact the school administration.

For instance, I live in Keller.... my son is in the Keller ISD. Their website is That's where you need to start.

Typically, however, they have the cut off date for age requirement to attend kindergarten...and that's it.. if he's not 5 by that cut off date, he waits till next year. That's something the school administration will know and be able to tell you. :)

Good luck.. .it's really not a big deal... Take time to enjoy the ride.



answers from Dallas on

First things first.....take a deep breath. :) As the previous poster stated, start at the district, call the administration office for the district and find out which elementary school is listed for your address. Then either the district or that elementary school can tell you what date the registration days are. I am almost positive that the cutoff date for Kindergarten is the same throughout the state(maybe even the US, not sure), but it's Sept 1. So as long as your son is 5 prior to Sept 1, he will be in Kindergarten this year.

Be prepared for registration with his soc sec card, your identification, and a utility bill for proof of residence. There may be one or two other things they need, I can't remember, but the district or the elementary school can tell you for sure.

I am also sending off my first(and only) to Kindergarten this year so I understand the overwhelming feelings, and nervousness too. If you need someone to talk to, shoot me a message. :)



answers from Dallas on

September 1st is the cut off date in Texas. If your son is 5 before September 1st then he is eligible to be enrolled in kindergarten. If not then he has to wait until next year. My son turns 5 on November 1st so he isn't able to enroll into kindergarten this year but he is exceptionally smart so I am homeschooling him in kindergarten this year so that he will be able to attend 1st grade next school year. It is true that pre-k programs are designed for at risk children; for example low income or english as a second language but if you or your husband serve in the military your child may also be eligible for pre-k enrollment. I don't think you have to worry about the pre-k thing because you say your son turns 5 2 days after the first day of school and that would be 3 days before the cut-off. Go to and you may be able to look up the neighborhood school that your child is suposed to go to. You could also call the school district office and give them your address and they should be able to tell you what school you will be enrolling your child into. I hope this helps. :)

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