First Trip to the circus...any Tips?

Updated on July 30, 2008
M.C. asks from The Colony, TX
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We are taking my 3 year old son to his first trip to the circus. I have heard about the "pre-show" that they do one hour ahead of time. Is the pre-show worth going to, or would we be better off just going to the main event? Do you have any other tips for a successful circus outing? Its literally been YEARS since I've gone to the circus and I'm sure things have changed quite a bit since then! :)


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So What Happened?

Hello everyone and thank you for all the great suggestions! We went to the circus last night and we all had a fabulous time. We went to the pre-show and got our picture taken with a clown, we bought the souvenir DVD (as one of you had suggested), and also took lots of cash with us for the parking and a couple of extra goodies (you all were right...very pricey!) Thanks, too, for telling me to take a did get chilly in there! :)

Thank you again for helping to make our son's first trip to the circus so memorable!

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My family & I make the circus an annual event. Things have changed, namely the prices. The least expensive thing is usally a coloring book, and thats $3.00 - $5.00.
Your child will probably want a "magic" light that usually runs $12 - $15.00 each. Definitely "warn" your child about the noise and the clowns. You wouldn't want him to get too scared of the cannon boom, the motorcycles or the clowns. At intermission you usually get to ride the elephants, the ponies, attend the petting zoo or ride blow up slides, usually for $5.00 or $10.00 each. Last year my daughter and niece were able to take a picture with a 10 foot python for $6.00. (Each circus varies a little) Make a game of seeing how many animals he saw in the circus. I try to take lots of pictures because of all the colors and with a 3 ring circus, it's hard to take in everything at once. This way, I put my pictures on a CD slideshow on our computer and my daughter can re-live the excitement. One tradition we've started is to purchase a "button picture" of my daughter and a clown and hang them on a ribbon in her room. Have Fun!!



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We go every year (going tomorrow night for opening night!), but have never gone to the pre-show. The circus itself is kinda long w/ one intermission. Our kiddos are older now (8 & 4) so we're going to try and make the pre-show this year.

We usually allow one souvenier per kiddo, and last year we also bought the DVD.....that was very much worth the $12!! My son has watched that DVD pretty consistantly all year.

The only other thing you should probably know about is parking....if you're driving to AA center (vs. riding the train), the parking will cost you $20.

Have fun...your son will LOVE it!



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yes, take lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
also take some earplugs or headphones for your little one.
The music, atmosphere, explosions, clapping, etc...might be a bit
overwhelming for a 3 yr old...Take a sweater it gets cold in there...I know it's 106 outside!!!
Take lots of pictures of his cute little face!!
We bought our tickets online which included parking for 10 bucks...Parking was perfect!!



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The pre-show is great-- you can get up close to all the exotic animals....


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We went every year starting when our daughter (now 13) was about 3. In the beginning when it got dark she was a little scared but that was over quickly. We have not been in about 3 yrs. Bella was there last time we were there and he is good.

We always did the pre-show. It helps the children see that people are behind the faces on the clowns, etc. You son might be a little young for that right now but as DD got older, she loved the pre-show. We even won the elephant painting one year and I have it framed in our game room. It is signed, numbered and everything. I had to show all kinds of id to security after the show to get it.

We like to sit as close to the front as possible (First 5 rows or so) and near the middle so you get good views of all 3 rings. You are also a "part" of the show sometimes if you are up front like that.

Take a lot of $$$$ They come through the arena selling all kinds of lasers, toys, candy, etc. It is a lot of fun but be prepared to dish out some $$ for all the extras, programs, parking.

Before the door opens for the pre-show, they are outside selling stuff as well.

Have a great time!!

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