First Trimester Tiredness.

Updated on May 25, 2010
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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Im only 5/6 weeks pregnant and I am SO tired! I am getting 8-9 hrs of semi-broken sleep at night, and an hour or so long nap in the early afternoon while my 2 year old naps, but it's not enough. I'm sooooo sleepy! Besides a little bit of sweet tea during the day, I don't drink caffiene. I was drinking red bulls and 5hour energy's before I got pregnant, but obviously, those won't do now. I hate hot coffee.
Is it ok to drink maybe 1 iced coffee or something during the day?
Also, what b vitamins might help? I went to look, but there are soooo many different ones that I got confused. Thanks ladies! You're always such great help!

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answers from Dallas on

I remember being devastatingly tired with both my pregnancies, and nothing to do about it but sleep. Not always an option, I know, but it's a part of having a bun in the oven! I hope you get some relief from it soon!

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answers from Fresno on

I happened to work in the corporate office and roasting plant of a coffee chain when I was pregnant with my second child. I cut back on my caffeine consumption while pregnant (LOL - I went from drinking coffee non-stop to about 4 cups a day!). I can tell you this - espresso is NOT higher in caffeine content than drip coffee. Generally speaking, drip coffee has the highest caffeine content per drink (say, a Starbucks drip coffee vs. a latte of the same size - the latte has about half the caffeine, usually). Also, from store to store the caffeine content of drip coffee changes depending upon the amount of coffee grounds they put in the brewer. Espresso drinks are the same everywhere because the machine puts a constant amount in for every shot. So... if you need a little hit of caffeine, go with an iced drink with a shot or two of espresso in there, and that should get you through the day (better than no caffeine, anyway!). Also, be aware that the cheaper the coffee, the more caffeine it will have in it (i.e. Folgers is way higher in caffeine content than, say, Peet's Coffee or Starbucks). Sodas have a much lower caffeine content than almost any coffee drink - a can of diet pepsi is half the caffeine of a Starbucks grande latte.

For the B vitamins, just ask your OB/GYN to prescribe prenatal vitamins with a high B vitamin content. That's what I did and it did help some.

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answers from Columbus on

I went off caffine for my first, it was my only habbit. For my second I drank coffee, and if anything, she was heathier, bigger, a better nurser, than the first. I think you can have your iced coffee and the baby will be fine. It made no difference to my kids, I bet your doctor would approve too.

Always ask your doctor before using a supplement durring pregnacy, just to be safe!




answers from Kansas City on

my baby book said you could drink the equivalent of 6 cups of coffee a day, and my doctor said I could have 2 dr peppers. I usually had one cup of hot tea and one soda per day when I was pregnant, and nothing bad happened.



answers from Sacramento on

Been there ... twice! You're going to feel noticeably more tired this time around. I was tired my first pregnancy and then more so w/ my second. Having to chase after a toddler while you're pregnant is very wearing. The first trimester is always the worse. Once the second hits you should have more energy and feel better. Vitamin B6 is good for energy and for nausea (if you have that). My doctor recommended a specific dosage - you could ask your OB how much they think you should take. Occasional caffeine is okay - just don't over-do it. Choose a green tea over soda. Mint tea is super yummy - especially iced on a hot day. Avoid Raspberry tea - I read that raspberry leaf has been linked to miscarriage. The first trimester is most important for the baby's development. Make sure to take your prenatal. It will help too since it has Iron. I remember coming home from work and falling asleep on the couch every day. My husband watched our son and I was able to get much needed sleep! So baby yourself as much as possible. You're growing a tiny human and your body is putting in overtime.



answers from Dallas on

I would consult your dr before you do anything. My son had a horrible heart murmur in utero and it got significantly better without caffine (and I only had 1 coke a day). I would not risk your babies health, try eating more fruit they have great natural sugar and it will help give you a boost.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I drank coffee with both my pregnancies. I'm an avid 6 cup a day coffee drinker. Both my kids are fine. If you want an iced coffee or a soda, drink one. Just be careful drinking coffee drinks. A lot of those have espresso in them, which has a ton of caffeine. Not to mention the fat content on some of those drinks is crazy! I make iced coffee at home. All you need is coffee, ice, and a flavored creamer. International Delight has some great flavored creamers. My favorite is Skinny Vanilla Latte :) Pour some creamer in a glass, add the ice, pour in the coffee, and stir! Iced Coffee :) Yummy :) : )


answers from Rochester on

I don't know about vitamins for during the day, but I cut back to 2-3 cups of regular coffee most days during my pregnancies. I was cutting back from a full 12-cup pot per day habit, so that was pretty good (and there were always days that I had more than that when I needed it). Enjoy those naps with your 2-year-old! I was fortunate enough to get those then but won't be so lucky now that my 3-year-old rarely naps. Just eat healthy, drink lots of water (sometimes water would help me wake a bit more, and having a full bladder at least keeps you alert enough to find a restroom). Hopefully you'll be over the sleepy part soon. :)

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