First Trimester Screen - Glassboro,NJ

Updated on November 24, 2010
M.B. asks from Glassboro, NJ
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Anyone here have it done? I did with my first son, but it was not a choice at the time, they just did it. I wonder if that was because my insurance covered the whole thing then??
Anyway, now I have different insurance and am not sure if it will cover the screen. I would like to have it done, but does anyone know how much it costs in the event my insurance doesn't cover it? Any help would be appreciated!

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answers from Austin on

"I did with my first son, but it was not a choice at the time, they just did it."

You always have a choice. And if a doctor's office did a test without giving me a choice, I would be finding another doctor.


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answers from Minneapolis on

Your doctor or clinic can tell you how much it costs - and most have websites now that list costs for procedures. Your clinic or your insurance company can tell you if it is covered.

I did not do any first trimester screenings, because they are not diagnostic tests - they do not tell you if there is something wrong with your baby - they only estimate the risk that something might be wrong with your baby. I felt this was of no use to me at all, except to cause worry if the numbers came back "higher than average". Then all you can do is wait until you can have an amniocentesis, which is a diagnostic test and can tell you if there is something genetically wrong with your baby.

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answers from Portland on

It's pretty expensive. You will have to call your insurance company and they will clarify what portion they will cover (if any).

My OB helped me make the decision by saying this, "I suggest you do not do the first trimester screening unless you will terminate if the results are not good. Otherwise your entire pregnancy will be fraught with emotional ups and downs". Perhaps you can consider this when making your decision. The screen is bunch of blood work and a specific type of ultrasound which, as stated below, tells you of the likelihood of a problem. If you have a high probability then you will move on to more testing.

Good luck with whatever you decide and congratulations on your pregnancy!


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answers from Minneapolis on

I don't mean to scare you with this story but...

I disagree with the response that it can't tell you if something is wrong with the baby. A friend of mine had the 1st trimester screening and the doctor could see something was wrong immediately by the thickness of the neck measurement. They knew even before the blood work came back.

They then did the follow up DNA testing to definitively find out the baby had 2 or 3 (can't remember) extra chromosomes. She found out that the baby was already dying (heart rate had dropped to 50 bpm) and she eventually lost the baby.

Not all stories are like that though. I had a screening too because I was 36 at the time and mine came out fine and gave me reassurance that things looked pretty good (although you really never know until the baby comes). I believe the insurance covered it for me since I was over 35.

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answers from Dallas on

Just be prepared that the results are not 100% two of my friends have had results indicating there would probably be a genetic issue with the baby - down's for one and trisomy 18(?) for the other. In both instances, the babies were totally fine but the moms worried for the duration of the pregnancies because of the possibility.


answers from Lafayette on

i had it done, but i was on medicaid and just was told it was being done. as for the cost, call the dr and ask, they should be able to tell you. they should also be able to tell you if your insurance will cover it too. Good luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Your OB/GYN office should be able to get you the exact cost.



answers from Washington DC on

I did it and found the results very reassuring. It was covered so I do not know the cost. I don't remember reading the summary of the test on my eob. So no help with that either.



answers from New York on

We elected not to do the first trimester screening. My doctor had let us know that it was optional and that the results are not absolute. If something "comes up" they would need to do an amnio and additional ultrasounds to confirm the information. He also let us know that while the blood work may be faster, it still requires a thorough "picture" review and the SAME information can be gathered from a comprehensive ultrasound check. He also asked me if we would be willing to have an amnio and my response was "not likely". He then asked if we would terminate the pregnancy if the child had spina bifida or Downs... again, no.

He spent about 30 minutes reviewing the ultrasound and then came and spent another 20 minutes going through them with us. Everything was fine, but the test isn't necessary unless you are high-risk or the conditions run in your family.

It's entirely up to you, but remember that if something comes up on the testing, it will require additional testing! Also ask about the accuracy rates... my son is 2.5 now, but when the doctor explained the "stats" it seemed like the results weren't really considered all that valid without the ultrasound (which was going to be done anyway).

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