First Tooth?

Updated on May 29, 2007
T.W. asks from Killeen, TX
7 answers

I forgot what it looks like when a first tooth is starting to break through the gum. My oldest daughter is 5 so it has been a while. My daughter just turned 3 months old and it looks like her first tooth could be coming in. There is a white dot on her gum and I thought it was just formula but when I tried to rub it off, it is not moving. She also always sticks her tongue out where the dot is like she is chewing her tongue. Could this be her first tooth beginning to break through? Any info would be helpful

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answers from San Antonio on

yes, more than likely it is just her first tooth. Maybe mention it to your Ped' doc on the next visit.



answers from El Paso on

That's exactly what it sounds like.



answers from Sioux Falls on

It sure sounds like she is getting her first tooth. My daughter got her first one about the same time. It was there but took a quite a while to come through.

Good luck --- there are wonderful little tablets Dr Humphrey's teething pellets that really helped us through teething.



answers from Corpus Christi on

My granddaughter is 5 months and she just got her first 2 teeth. The white spot is usually the tooth settling into the gum. If the gum is really rough, they the teething process has begun.



answers from San Antonio on

If it is not her tooth, then it could possibly be thrush in her mouth. That causes white patches and spots in the mouth that can't be wiped off. Thrush is painful and will spread to other areas of her mouth and lips. It can be treated easily with nystatin (prescription from your doctor). If she is cranky and it doesn't feel like a tooth that would be what I would say. I am expecting number 5 and we have had plenty of thrush. Especially if she has been on antibiotics recently, or if her nipples and pacifiers aren't getting boiled after every use. Good luck!



answers from Odessa on

That does sound like a tooth coming in to me.



answers from Austin on

It could be a tooth but it could also be a cyst. My daughter had one of those. It was just a little white bump that lasted for a couple of days. She chewed and messed with it too like it was a tooth, but it turned out that it was the cyst. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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