First Time Flying with Children

Updated on May 15, 2008
T.N. asks from Noblesville, IN
5 answers we are going to Orlando in September. Not really for Disney World, just to hang out as a family. Our children are 3 (4 in December) and 1 1/2. We have never flown anywhere for a trip and need as much advice about this as possible.
Do you recommend that we buy a seat for our 1 1/2 year old as well?
What about carseats?
Keeping them busy on the plane?
Whatever else that you have found helpful would be amazing!

Thank you in advance.

We are going to use a service in Orlando for our crib and things of that nature, so those things will already be in the hotel. Don't need to pack that stuff :)!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Actually, we found that anything in a sippy cup was let pass, bottles are probably the same. They also didn't bother us about things like diaper rash cream. You can take an empty water bottle and fill it after the security point to save money on water for you and your hubby. A few things to keep an 18-month-old busy:
a roll of tape
a small box of kleenex (just remember you have to clean up whatever they pull out)
my son was happiest with 2 cups from the drink cart and a spoon (go figure)

We thought a separate seat was a waste of money (the seats are over-priced as it is!). Both times we've flown with our older son, 3 months and 16 months, we had him on our laps. If the flight isn't full, switch to a row that has an extra seat.

Give the youngest something to drink on the way up and down to help with ears. Take suckers for the older.

Check car seats and strollers at the gate, don't take them on the plane. Or, rent them from the company if you are renting a car. Also, if you are staying in a hotel, ask if they have a portable crib or play pen for an extra charge, if not, there are local companies that rent anything you could possibly need for babies and kids. Just search on the internet for something close to you.



answers from Indianapolis on

HI T.,

I would consider buying a seat for yout 1 1/2 year old because of comfort for you and others.

I think it will also make it easier this way to keep her busy since if you sit her on somebody's lap it's tight.

I always brought her a lot of snacks, new small toys, things to write on. Face it, she's going to get bored ;)
Bring some light books to read to her.
I always bring my kids favorite blankets too so they sleep better at the hotel.

I wouldn't bother with a carseat, they're so bulky, I never needed one.

For your older son, bring him a laptop so he can watch movies.




answers from Indianapolis on

Do NOT check your car seats! Take them with yoiu on the plane. I know this sounds like a pain, but we recently flew with our 3 children and the airline lost our seats. They had ones to borrow to get home, however they weren't the right fit for our children. You also cannot guarantee where they came from, they may have been involved in an accident or expired. Nothings worse than getting to your city after a long flight and not having a car seat to get home! They eventually found them, but it was several days and they offered me no restitution.



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi T.. All of those responses were perfect. I never brought my seats on, but you have to put the child on your lap and they didn't want me to put the seat belt around the child, just me. I was not ok with that. The only thing I read and after flying a few months ago, they will not allow any liquids more than 3 oz. We made a mistake and put ours in a carry on and had to throw it away. Any juices or water needs to be purchased after the security gates.
Good luck and have fun!!



answers from Indianapolis on

We've flown with our son twice, at 5 months & at 18 months. I highly recommend buying a seat for the 1 1/2 yr old & using your own carseat. It is something she's familiar with & is used to sitting in for a while. It also is a much easier place for the child to sleep than on mom or dad. It is also much safer during turbulance, etc.

Things to take or consider taking: a portable dvd player; crayola markers & pages that only mark on the special paper; small toys that you can buy at the dollar store that will be NEW to both children; snacks, snacks, and more snacks; small containers of juice that you can poor into sippee cups; bottled water (airlines are ok if you put it in baggies & have your children with you & it doesn't seem excessive); EARPLANES- found at CVS & put in child's ears so it helps equalize the pressure so their ears aren't so painful; suckers for the ear pressure thing too!

I don't usually give my son straight juice, but I gave him more than usual to help him drink before/ while taking off & when we were descending. Also, he rarely gets a sucker even now at 2yo, but it was a good distraction that lasted about 20 minutes. :) I took a diaperbag/backpack & had it filled with many different NEW toys & snacks. Some things he loved & other times he was just happy looking at all the new things & people. We also took a magnadoodle, so we could use that as a tray for him, but he didn't play with it that much. Although using it as a tray for him was helpful since the tray backs don't reach the child in the carseat.

(We also have had the airlines lose our carseat for 24 hrs)

For your room, we took an over-the-door shoe organizer ($6 at meijer) & used it to hold sippee cups, socks,diapers, wipes, onesies, bathing suits, kids shoes, etc in our room. This helped keep things out of kids reach, & still organized since there are so many little pieces to take.
Hope this helps & good luck on your trip!

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