First Grade Halloween Party Craft/Game Ideas

Updated on October 26, 2011
K.V. asks from Exton, PA
11 answers

Hi. I'm new to this homeroom mom thing and was wondering if anyone has simple halloween party craft or game ideas for first graders. None of the crafts or games can be food involved per school rules. Thanks in advance for your help.

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answers from Reading on

I teach first grade and a few years ago a mom painted 2 liter soda bottles white and gave them black eyes so they looked like ghosts and the kids used them as bowling pins. I thought it was cute. We have also done the toilet paper mummies that someone else said and the kids always enjoy that too! Good luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

A pinata stuffed with little toys
Musical chairs with "spooky" music
Pin the tail on the halloween cat
paint faces on the little tiny pumpkins
Coloring pages



answers from Allentown on

My son loved doing this: give them a cut-out of a tree, leaves and ghosts for and let them glue it onto the tree. You can make the tree stand up by putting a slit in the bottom and sliding a piece of paper into it so it will stand. If you think they're old enough they could even cut the tree and leaves out themselves.



answers from Philadelphia on

One year for my daughters first grade class i made a pin the nose on the pumpkin. I bought big orange felt and the nose pieces out of black felt. The eyes and mouth i also made out of the black felt and glued on. It was so inexpensive and fun :) You can also read a spooky book to them or teach them a spooky song. Have fun!



answers from York on

pin the nose on the pumpkin

hot pumpkin(hot potato)

make a candy corn using foam or construction paper (we made it into a magnet)

musical chairs with spooky music

make a ghost or bat or decoration they can hang outside for halloween



answers from Philadelphia on

Try making foam pumkins and other foam halloween decorations. Places like Michiels sells them already cut out and the kids just assemble them. You just need the foam and some glue (and glitter pens if you want) and it doesn't make too much mess and they have a blast. Also my niece just had her daughters birthday party and they made magic wands out of a glow stick and different colored ribbons (and tape, which my son had fun making too. Have fun.



answers from St. Cloud on

Last year I bought the large jumbo marshmallows and used black frosting to create a face on each one - then used them to play "Bobbing for Ghosts" - so much giggling and fun - the kids had a blast!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Paper plate fall wreaths (not all parents are thrilled about whiches mummies ect!)

before the party cut centers out of paper plates and punch a hole in the top of your "wreath" you can either buy premade leaves, cute out ones from construction paper or use foam stickers. Depends on the amount of set up you want to do and if they are allowed to use glue for the craft or not. many things can be put on these to decorate.

I like to take a paper grocery bag per child and put individual premade peices for the craft in there along with coloring pages and whatever non food treat, like pencils, erasers, stickers, glue stick to do the craft, bubbles ect. (wedding bubbles at the dollar store decorated with stickers or a file folder size label with a message. and if allowed a small sandwich bag with a cookie or whatever other treat to take home and eat.

I have them decorate the wreath and then color the pre printed page and then glue the coloring page to the outside of the paper bag (I attach handles before hand) now they have had 2 crafts, a wreat and a trick or treat bag and they have something to take it all home in.

Hope that helps! Oh and if a pinata is allowed prefilling sandwich bags with whatever prizes (one bag per child) makes it a lot easier then there are no fights. You can easily make one by doubling a paper grocery bag and using a glue stick and tissue paper to cover it. then use a rolled up and taped newspaper or magazine to whack it. you can find several instructions to make one just search for homemade pinata. Good luck and have fun!!!



answers from Erie on

use your computer and make a bingo card with cute halloween clip art-- if you bought enough stickers you could use those instead. depending on what their spelling list is for the week you might be able to incorporate some of those.

buy a black plastic cauldron and have the kids toss beany baby frogs and lizards etc into it from a distance.

decorate bowling pins like ghosts and play bowling

Ring toss on the witchs hat

make a big spinner and number with either 0-3 or with simple math equations 2+1 etc and provide plastic spider rings On each kids turn they have to put that amount of spider rings on (one on each finger) who ever gets to 10 first and as a spider ring on each finger and thumb, would win, --keep the numbers low

YOu could decorate a brown paoer lunch bag to look like a haunted house with glue and foam stickers. and construction paper doors/windows.

buy half masks and let them decorate with glitter and feathers etc.

the could just decorate a bag to collect treats in. either just a paper grocery bag, or a plain gift bag, or used fabric markers and pillow cases

make the standard lollipop ghosts

HAve Fun



answers from Pittsburgh on

We did simple games for first graders. We did games like pin the nose on the ghost or pin the 'blank' on anything that is Halloween related. That seems to be simple enough for a first grader to do. I also had a game that was a bean bag toss and you tossed the little bean bags into windows in a Haunted House. Depending on what window you got it in there was a different prize. Have Fun!! My son just went into 5th grade so I don't have any more Holiday Parties to do until my daughter goes to school. Enjoy helping with the parties. It's sad when they are out of Elementary School and there are no more parties :(



answers from Pittsburgh on

You can possibly do a "mummy wrap". Buy really inexpensive toilet paper and have them spin around until they are wrapped like a mummy. Last yaer we made ninja headbands of crepe paper after they had done the activity twice because kiddos wanted to do this 10 times. Possibly get a scary themed book and read it with the lights dimmed and a flashlight?? If everything else fails head to Michael's craft store!