First Day of School Temperament

Updated on August 15, 2011
D.P. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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I remember, as a kid, having classic "first day jitters" on the first day of school. Sometimes to the point where I couldn't sleep the night before.
But my son has always been so...blasé...he is cool as a cucumber--even for Kindergarten and the first time he was riding the bus to school.
I still find myself getting nervous FOR him, but do a great job of hiding my anxiety from him.

What type are your kids? Cool Cucumbers or nervous Nellies?

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So What Happened?

@Rosebud--I know what you mean! Definitely got worked up to the nausea stage--I remember my family members coming into my room one a t a time to "talk me off the ledge"!

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answers from Detroit on

She did fantastic! She said she was a little nervous, but she slept great, was in a great mood and ready to go!
I think we can take it as a compliment that we are raising confident independent little people. Good job!

Oh btw, I was up all night worrying!!! I cant wait to run down to the bus stop. I have been looking at the clock all day! :)

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answers from Dover on

I have O. of each type. My son is my cucumber, all the time about everything. He just never really gets worked up. Maybe it's a guy thing (his father is the same way), I honestly don't know because I grew up in a female-heavy household. My daughter TRIES to play it cool, but really, by the night before any big event she's jumping out of her skin a lot like me.

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answers from San Francisco on


I used to throw up the night before school, so I'm glad by kids didn't grow up with my issues.

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answers from Philadelphia on

cool cucumber until i go to walka away then a sobbing pleading nervous nelly ...ussually shes good the 1st and a few days then decides that night she Won't go back!! and then freaks for a few days when i leave crying and begging M. to stay....but she hated her O. teacher last time so i'm hoping that doesnt happen again...she was good before they had them starting going to a 2nd teacher the 2nd half of the day...she doesnt like change

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answers from Cleveland on

my daughter is no where near ready to start school but i remember in elementrary that I was SUPER excited to start that I couldnt sleep the night before but my 1st grade year was HORRIBLE i HATED the teacher i would beg to stay home and would call my mom begging her to come pick me up ALMOST every single day the WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR

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answers from Los Angeles on

Totally the cool cucumbers! My son just started school this year and I was proud of him. He helped our 7 year old, 2nd grader, neighbor/friend get through his first week (who is a Nervous Nellie). I was almost in tears as he got on the bus (ok... I cried... can't deny it!) and he just looked at me and said "I'm fine mom!" in a strong stern voice. I am glad my kids have good confidence!

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answers from New York on

Most of the kids in the house are cool as cucumbers. My step son is a nervous Nellie type. We are constantly coaxing him out of his shell. He will be off to college in 4 short years and hopefully when he reaches that point he will be more independent and more willing to jump into new positive activities. We have 4 short years to build him up to that level. The other kids leap into things without much thought and that is the different side of the spectrum. Looking forward to them all being grown and on their own.

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answers from San Francisco on

Excited and Nervous. But rather than cry he's showing it by acting up and bouncing off the walls.
Funny, I don't remember my first day of K, but I remember laying awake the night before!

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