First Day of Kindergarten Stories?

Updated on March 01, 2010
J.Y. asks from Madison, WI
13 answers

I just dropped my daughter off at Kindergarten-and then tried not to cry the whole way home. I walked around the school with her for about 20 minutes and then said goodbye-and stood outside the school door wondering what to do. Then I walked back in and saw her still looking at the door I had just walked out of and motioned her over for one more hug. She just looks so tiny among all those big kids! Did anyone else get emotional dropping their kid off? Or if your child is home now, any interesting first day of school stories, or things we should keep in mind? Difficult situations? Helpful reminders?

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answers from Sheboygan on

Here is my Kindergarten story...

My daughter Cara, her brother, sister, and I all walked to school with the neighbor. The whole way there Cara was just fine. We arrived at her classroom door and I gave her a hug, kiss and said pick you up later. She started to hyperventalate! I gave her one more hug and told her a friend of hers waiting at the table for her. The teacher came over and walked Cara to a table as I started down the hall with the other kids. All of a sudden I was nearly tackled and heard hard sobbing. Cara had RUN from the class. Her teacher had to physically pull her off of me. After all this I walked away teary eyed.
She came home from school yesterday and told me I should homeschool her because she does not want to go back! She has today off (the other half of the class goes today) so I am not looking forward to sending her tomorrow.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Yes I did my best not to get emotional that day because she was crying when I was leaving. Her big sister tried to get her not to cry but when we were leaving she cried harder. Once I walked my oldest to school I walked home and said I'm getting emotional like I never did this before but it hit me that this is my baby and my last child and she is growing up. Time goes by so quickly



answers from Eau Claire on

I too dropped my son off for kindergarten today and I did make it to the door to leave, before I started to cry. The principal asked me how things were and I fell apart. My son is going to a Lutheran school, so he is in a class of 13. I couldn't be happier and he was so pumped up! When I picked him up this afternoon he was so excited to tell me all about his day and the new friends he made.

It seems to me they grow up way too fast. He was ready for school and I am glad for that, now if only his mommy could be ready for her baby to grow up!


answers from New York on

My twins started kindergarden this year. This story is about Xavier :) I walked my son into his kindergarden class. He was excited, and didnt know what to do with himself. All he kept talking about was mom this and mom that , and which girl was cute or not. When the teacher walked in he yelled " Mom my teacher is a cutie !" Everyone heard and busted out laughing. He then told me that it was time for me to " Hit the road jack !"



answers from Omaha on

My son started kindergarten nearly 3 weeks ago. I worried about EVERYTHING for weeks before!

The first day of school went very well for him. He was excited to go to school like his big brother! My husband and I took him into his room to get settled. His teacher had crayons and a coloring sheet at his spot. He sat down and got right to work. He couldn't have cared less if we were there or not! I was OK, until about an hour later when it hit me--THEN I started to cry!

Everything has gone really well for him so far. He loves school and has already learned so much! I volunteer at school and on Friday I had the opportunity to duck into his classroom. He was excited to see me, but didn't leave his "station" (center). He was really engaged in learning :).

Good luck!! It will get easier...I promise!



answers from Des Moines on

my youngest is now in 6th grade, but I remember well his first day of kindergarten...I had a senior and freshman in HS and a kindergartener! ;-) Their first day they go with parents(just me as dad was working) to take their things in and find their class rooms. We met all the 'other' teachers too(art, PE, guidence, music, nurse). After putting his things in his cubby and finding his seat and a short tour of hte room I took him to daycare because I had to work that afternoon....he LOVED his daycare and quickly found his other friends to swap 'first day of school stories' The day care director asked me how it went and I burst into tears..had to to into her office to calm down! :-/ The next day I put him on the bus with his older brother and off they went...I sat home and cried....went to work later that day and told my coworkers NOT to ask about it as I didn't think I could keep from crying again! UGH!! It does get easier...although each milestone year had been difficult for me. He went to 'middle school' last year in 5th grade(5-8th) and I KNOW when he goes to the HS I'll be a crying fool again! LOL




answers from Minneapolis on

Yesterday we went to school together, Dad, Mom, Kindergartner and 2yo. We had pictures, meet your teacher, etc. Dad flew home from Georgia for this but had to go back last night. Today was Elena's first official day. Mom, Kindergartner, and 2yo waited for the bus. When the bus came Elena was a bit hesitant but got up there on her own, and turned around for her picture to be taken with a great big smile on her face. The picture I have is fuzzy and crooked. I am holding her 2 yo sister who is screaming because she wants to go to school, too! The bus pulls away and Lucy runs a full block chasing it, crying the whole way. I finally pick up the screaming ball, carry her back to the house, kicking and screaming the whole way. Well, I had to deal with the 2 yo, so I didn't cry until now, when I got a little teary thinking about it!



answers from Des Moines on

OMG J., YES I FEEL YOUR PAIN! My son started kindergarten 2 weeks ago. Let me just say, it will get much easier. My first day was hard, but once he jumped off the bus with this big ol' smile on his face, and I realized he WOULD come back to me, I was ok.

I too cried in the morning when he got on the bus and it drove away with MY BABY on it! It was one of the hardest things I have EVER done! It took a lot for me to even let him ride the bus! I almost decided to take him, even though the bus would pick him up at the end of the driveway AND drop him back off there. Luckily I came to my senses and allowed him to ride...otherwise I would be driving there and back everyday, waiting in the looooong lines.

It was hard to not be there with him every step of the way. My mind was racing with all these possible scenarios of things that could go wrong for him. And I wouldn't be there!!! WHat if he gets lost, what if he encounters a bully, what if he can't get his lunchable open, what if????? I couldn't sleep the 2 days prior to the first day of school!

I think you MUST keep yourself busy today with other things. You can't think about it. Just focus on something else to get you till 3:00. I was soooo excited when he got off the bus! Then he told me how much fun he had and that made me feel a lot better. They will surprise you on how much they can actually do without you. He even knew his bus number by the time he got home from schooL! In fact, I asked him that morning if I could just keep him home with me forever. And his response was "No mommy, I have to grow up...I have to learn...then I have to move out...then I will come back and see you all the time!" LOL, kids amaze me!

She will be ok. Ask lots of questions when she gets super excited for her, and it will help her be super excited about the beginning of her life!!! Keep those kleenex close by and hang in there!!!

(It's actually kinda nice now to only have my 3 yr old daughter at home with me. It is MUCH quieter around here, and outings are a lot easier! I still miss him though...)



answers from Wausau on

My son started kindergarten last year. The school district doesn't do anything with new kids/parents so we took him the first day to find his locker and room. The kids get picked up the playground door by the teachers then walk to their room. (my thought was...these kids don't know the teachers...and we just moved here 2 years ago so we didn't grow up with everyone else here or had been taught by the teachers! How will he know where to go!!!) The next day was worse for me...he had to get on the bus all by himself for 50 minute ride. He did great and loved the bus. Yesterday was the first day of 1st grade...all day long and he was riding the big bus home! Everything went smoothly. His only complaint...There is NO snack in 1st grade! Yikes! My 4 year old starts her 2nd year of preschool next monday. I think that'll be ok as long as she doesn't break down. I'm not sure what I'll do next year when she joins her big brother on the bus for kindergarten...kinda dreading that!



answers from Milwaukee on

I just told my child that it was everybody's first day too!



answers from Minneapolis on

I cried dropping my daughter off for preschool and kindergarten. 1st grade I held back and then today was 2nd grade no problem.

Our school won't let the parents come in the building the first day, the Kteachers wait outside and collect all their students and then when the bell rings the teacher walks them inside to the class totally eliminates crying and parents going back for one more hug.

I say keep it short and sweet, kiss/hug then leave don't look back just keep going.

It is hard looking at them and they look so tiny and small especially compared to those huge 6th graders they share a school/bus with.



answers from Omaha on

I don't have an elementary school aged child yet, but last year I had a difficult time dropping off my preschooler only two days a week! I can only imagine what you are going through...I am already dreading NEXT fall when my daughter will be in kindergarten! I hope things will get easier...I just have an idea for you. When my friend's daughter arrived home from her first day she had balloons and a cookie with sprinkles waiting for her! They had a party that they both survived the first day of school! It was something that my friend did to pass the time and ease her nervousness during the first day! Oops! I just realized it is already after much for my suggestion! Maybe you can save it for next year. I'm sure you will be enjoying plenty of stories from her first day! They grow up so fast don't they?



answers from Minneapolis on

I was so nervous dropping my daughter off last year for wonder will she fit in, find friends, have fun?? My daughter blossomed last year in school and has become pretty outgoing and has learned a TON! I love her teacher and she loves going to school. Today was 1st grade and we had no problems dropping off...she was so excited. I like the groove of her being in school. You may find that you like it too! She will be a different kid at the end of the year and although sad to see your baby grow up, it is also amazing to see how they change and learn new things. Stay active in school and with her teacher, it will help you feel more connected to what is going on.

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