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Updated on October 02, 2008
L.C. asks from Vancouver, WA
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I have a daughter turning one next week and we are having a one year birthday party for her next Sunday. However, I'm wondering if anyone has/had some really cute, simple, fun, cheap birthday ideas. Or know of internet resources for ideas, best/cheap places to buy decorations, what to do about a cake, party hosting etiquette for other kids, etc. Any feedback or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. (Both my husband's and my families are states away so it will be with our friends and their children.) Thanks.

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answers from Portland on has a "celebration center" page with free stuff you can print and lots of ideas. For cake, try cupcakes or fun shaped mini cakes (Reynolds makes them - look in the cake mix section). Dollar store has lots of cheap decorations and partyfavors - even in Mickey and Pooh! As far as etiquitte - I would only invite one or two small children... 1 year olds don't really get the idea of the party anyway, this is for Mom! :-) A parent should stay with their child during the party, and be prepared to feed everyone, even if it's just a snack. For my DS's first, we did pinwheel sandwiches, fruit, and veggies, and punch. After eating, we did presents, then cake. Pretty low key, no games or anything. It was great! Have fun!!!



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For my daughter's 1st birthday, I just went to Party City and got a 1st birthday package, and it had decorations and stuff that I just put up around the house, and I put a "1" candle on her cake. And couple pink and white balloons. She probably loved the balloons the best! I don't think you need to go crazy with a theme or anything, she won't know the difference, and there will be plenty of years in the future where it will only get more an more detailed and crazy! Another fun thing I did was I put together a "how well do you know the birthday girl?" quiz. I had Friends and family take the quiz, and gave a prize to the one who answered the most right. I can e-mail you the questions...i have it saved on my computer I think. Good luck!



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i get Parents magazine and they had an amazing spread a few months ago with all sorts of adorable party's some of the ideas from their website:

have fun!!



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We had the first party for our daughter last year. She was really into ducks at the time so we planned a little get together for her/our friends (family out of state too) at the park near a duck pond. I made a sheet cake and decorated it like a pond. I found ducky candles at the Party Depot to "float" around on the pond. I made little sandwitches and cut out the bread in the shape of ducks with a cookie cutter. The Party Depot also had tons of rubber duckies that I got to give to the kids as party gifts. I tagged them saying "It was just Ducky of you to come to my party." You don't need to do too much because the party will probablly last only an hour to an hour and a half. I went to Party Depot - probably not the cheapest, but everything was there in one place and I wasn't wanting to stress on wheather or not everything would be shipped out to me on time. Have a good time - that's what it is all about!

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