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Updated on June 30, 2012
T.K. asks from Sun City, CA
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My little one turns one in August and Im looking for a fun/age appropriate theme to help celebrate the day...Ive seen all of the usuals, Elmo, Sesame Street, Baby Mickey ...but am looking for something different. Being an August bday in southern, ca I was thinking of a beach/water themed party which I know wouldnt really be for him - but might be fun for his older cousins (ages 4-7) - water balloons, slip and slide that type of thing - what do you think? Any ideas??

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answers from Los Angeles on

I like the water idea...

I never did any cartoon type themes for my kids 1st b-days...the theme was always '1st B-day' and that was it...I picked a color scheme and the number 1 on everything, ya know?

For the 1st b-day the party favors and games really are for the guests so the water balloons and slip n' slide sounds fantastic!

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answers from Dallas on

Plan it for the guests you're inviting and you. Your child won't care for at least 2 more years :)

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answers from Kansas City on

How about the theme is first birthday?! Then you could set up a backyard pool and some squirties, sprinklers, maybe ice cream outside without needing a theme to stress about. Just let attendees know to bring a towel for drying off.

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answers from Honolulu on

No matter what the theme (you have cute ideas here below)... just a HINT: do not make the party... at your child's nap time.
Otherwise, the Birthday child will be tired/overstimulated/tired and overtired and fussy. There will be many people and noise around. And keep the party to say 2 hours max. There will be setting up beforehand and cleaning up after... so it will probably be hours, before the little 1 year old can "rest."
1st Birthday parties are more for the guests.
My kids don't even remember theirs.



answers from Los Angeles on

We did puppies, and we had a company come with 10 puppies the kids could play with them. We gave little puppy stuffed animals as the party favor. We had the party at home.



answers from New York on

We totally catered to ourselves and the older cousins when it came to baby's 1st. We did a monster themed party. "our little monster is turning one". His is an october birthday. Costumes were optional.

I say go for it.
You can send them home with seashell shaped cookies as a consumable favor, or a little dollar store squirt gun.

F. B.



answers from Los Angeles on

How about Fun in the Sun, Turning 1! You can do whatever you want with that and incorporate all the fun water things you mentioned. You can do bright colors, hawaiian themed, or anything you want with that. The kids will love it and you can do it relatively cheap.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Undersea Adventure!
Ocean Theme!

Or good old fashioned "balloons and hats and cake" theme?
(Not a huge fan of overdone themes myself, but the water activities seem like a natural extension of a birthday party, in August, in So Cal, right?


answers from San Francisco on

Sounds great!
Don't forget the squirt guns!!!
They could also make boats out of juice boxes (google it) and float them in a kiddie pool.
And you can get a pretty decent sno-cone machine at Target for not much $, complete with cups and syrups. My kids and their cousins love it, even the older ones :)

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