First Baby room...What Do I Need?

Updated on June 10, 2010
A.M. asks from Tampa, FL
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I am pregnant and will soon need to get my baby's room together. What things do I need? What things will make my life easier?

I guess this doesn't just involve the room...I just want to know what is a must for me and the baby. There is so much stuff on the net I wanted to hear it from real mothers and not marketing ploys!

Thanks a ton.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much. This is SUPER helpful.

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answers from Detroit on

CONGRATS!!! If you have 2 floors, a changing station on both floors! Makes life easier not to have to walk upstairs every time you need to change the baby. I skipped the diaper pail...used regular bags to contain the diapers. A little light in their room to be able to feed and change them without waking them completely. Slippers with zippers vs. snaps. A crib made with layers...for example, I put a water proof sheet on the mattress first, then add a sheet then add another waterproof sheet then another sheet...makes changing the sheets in the middle of the night easier to be able to just remove sheets then going through the whole motion. Baby Tylenol and a rectal thermostat, best to have on hand for when you need it vs. going to get them when you need them. Doctors always ask what the rectal temp is when you call. Goodluck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

You've received great ideas! I'll just add my thought. With my first I didn't have nearly as many spit up cloths as I thought I would need. I felt like laundry was everyday just for those things because I would run out of clean ones all the time! With my second I bought a bulk package of them =-)

How exciting for you getting everything ready for the baby! I loved those days!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You will need much less than you think (or hear!) a nightlight, bassinet, crib, sheets for both, bouncy chair, onesies, socks, sleep-n-plays, baby washcloths & towels, baby soap/shampoo, toiletries, nail clippers, blankets (lightweight cotton ones for summer), Possibly a swing.....

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answers from Jacksonville on

Besides the basic stuff I would recommend an swing or bouncy seat (that vibrates). I have 4 kids and I JUST discovered the Mody Wrap and I'm not sure how i survived the first 3 without it. It's wonderful and SUPER easy.
You'll also need a bassinet or something to put the baby in the first few weeks. We've always had bassinets but with #4 (you learn SO MUCH with each child) we bought a pack N Play with the raised, hanging mattress, and it will have a much longer life than a bassinet.
Don't forget, you can never have too many crib sheets!!
As far as baby furniture, check out consignment shops or craigslist. Most of them aren't used enough to be worn out.

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answers from Seattle on

everyone is different.. I have a 7 yr old and a 4 yr old. I did not have a fancy stroller system ( the big ones where the infant seat starps into) They are heavy and big.. instead I used my infant car seat snaped into one of those stroller bases they sell at baby r us.. I used my umbrealla stroller all the time :) easy light weight and great for travel.. I had a maclarin one... they were a 100 dollars but it went through two kids.. the handles were taller so I didnt have to hunch.. folds up with one hand.. and a a mesh fabric breathable and easy to clean(if your kid gets sick in it) I used a jogging stroller all the time if not in the mall.. had a sun shade, rain cover the wheels were great would go on any surface.. u don't need it until the baby gets older.. like 7 months or so.. I have a dreamer design but bob strollers were not out when i bought mine.. I like those better.. an exasaucer.. and if you are able to fit a little bit of a larger car seat in your car after the infant seat.. I like the the britax marathon b/c it holds up to 60lbs roughly.. and If u plan on having more kids great seat to pass on to a sibling.. i know expensive but so safe.. also if the kids gets car sick.. just take cover off and machine wash cold hang dry.. come out great.. never put car seat straps in washer use an enzxyme cleaner that is all natural like natures miracle sold at pet stores to remove urine or puke stains from car seat.. b/c fbrezze and products like that dont get the smell out. I used my pack in play alot.. and a bouncy chair alot.. (sometime I would take the boncy chair in the bathroom so I could get a shower.. my dd slept great in the bouncy chair during the day with the little vibration.. I used my front pack carrier alot with my second great if u have a fussy baby.. and just on a random note.. things I always carried in my diaper bag were diapers extra onies, diaper rash cream, extra socks if cold out for baby, burp cloths, bottles, toys (when older) and even an extra t shirt for me lol.. I had a major spit up in public once and didnt have a shirt to change into.. water for u.. a small bottle of tylenol when teething.. sun hat for baby and sunscreen.. Sorry if I rambled.. just a few of my favorite things.. also ask friends about item such as an exasaucer or front pack.. they only get used for such a short time maybe u could buy one from a friend and save money.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Great question! And you are right, there are a lot of things you really don't need. These are a few things that after 2 kids I would consider a must have:

1. A Boppy Pillow. I nursed/ing both kids and this is the greatest invention.

2. Swaddle Me Blankets. Fleece or cotton depending on what time of year your little one is born. Swaddling is amazing! The regular blanket swaddling just didn't work as well for us.

3. Onesies, footed zipper sleepers. The ones with buttons were just too frustrating to me.

4. A swing ( I have the Papasan)

5. A bouncer seat. (To switch it up with the swing)

6. Arm's Reach Co Sleeper. Kept it next to my bed for 5 weeks with both kids before I put them in their cribs in their rooms. So easy for all those night feedings if breast feeding.

7. Also if breast feeding. Get one of those seat pillows that you use in bed. Don't know what they are called but they support you to sit up in bed. Didn't have that with my first and it was so hard to get a good nursing position in bed.

8. A diaper pail. Really cuts down on the smell.

9. A sound machine!!!

10. For later, an execrsaucer. Both my kids just LOVED this!

A few other things that I find helpful.

You NEVER use the crib comforter in those crib sets. Just get a bumper and a few sheets. I use flannel sheets because once my kids started to sleep on their belly they were so much softer against their face.

I have my diaper changing station in the laundry room. That way I have the water faucet right there and trust me, sometimes a wipe won't do it....:-)
Also it doesn't smell up your baby's room. Although the diaper pails really does a good job!

I use the blue shop towels to lay down on top of the changing pad cover. I put a few on top of eachother and then just discard the toop one when I am done changing baby.

Also burp cloths. Don't bother buying the expensive baby ones. Just get some wash cloths.

I am sure there is more I just can't think of anything else right now. Hope this helps! And congratulations on the new baby!!

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answers from New York on

For the baby's room the only furniture you really need is a crib and a dresser. You'll also want to have a place/storage for the diapers and wipes and a way to dispose of the dirty diapers. You need a night light. You won't want to turn on a bright light when you get up in the middle of the night. You may want a baby monitor depending on the layout of your house.

A lot of the other things are personal choice and depend on your lifestyle.

Diaper holder/the kind on the hanger - loved mine. It was a homemade babyshower gift. What also works well is a plastic container on top of the changing table.

Car seats - I had 3 for each child. One in my car, one in hubby's, and one in my in-laws. I hated moving the carseats from car to car.

Stroller - I couldn't imagine life without it. I think mine has more milage on it than my car

Changing table - A lot of mom's just use a pad on the top of the dresser, or keep a pad nearby and change them on the floor, bed or couch. Personally, I used an old microwave cart, I just had to be extra careful since there were no sides. (used if for 2 children and never had any problems)

Bassinet - I loved mine. When the baby was little I'd spend a great deal of time in the family room, so I'd have her in the same room with me.

Swing - my first daughter loved it. She'd stay in it 24 hours if I let her. My second enjoyed it, but she didn't spend as much time in it. It does take up a lot of room.

Diaper gennie - I liked mine, but watch out when it came time to empty it. The smell was overwhelming. You'd probably be better off using a diaper pail and some plastic bags.

Some of the small things that you'll need
a waterproof matress pad
crib sheets (at least 3 sets)- bassinet sheets
receiving blankets
baby towels
socks - their little feet get cold, socks are easier than booties
diapers - (if you're using disposable) diapers and more diapers - some people will tell you not to stock up too much because they grow quickly, I agree you probably won't need too many of the newborn size, if the package is unopened you can alway take it back to the store and exchange for the next size

You'll also want to have baby tylenol and a thermometer on hand. You never know when they'll get sick.

I never would have thought, but when my baby was born, her nails needed to be clipped, so make sure you have some nail clippers.

Congratulations and good luck!!!

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answers from Miami on

I didn't read all of the responses but did read one about diapers. Just and FYI the only company that will accept returned packages of diapers after they have been opened is BJ's you're in Tampa so I know they have one there. Also, everyone has their differences of opinions on diapers. I hated pampers for both my boys number one, they leaked, they had horrible burned rash because of the chemical and they were very expensive. I am a Huggies Lover 100,000% and I'm almost certain every friend of mine has churned to Huggies. that being said to answer everything you asked for in the bedroom.

Crib, pack-n-play, diaper & wipe organizer, (bumpers for cribs are being recalled, do your research on them is something to do with SIDS). I know this is your first you want the whole bedding set - waste of money - sheets, soft blankets, receiving blankets, bibs, burp cloths, diaper pail, nite-lite, cool mist humidifier (walgreens is the BEST), nail clippers, tylenol, gas drops, gripe water, clorox/lysol wipes, (you need to catch the germs), rocking chair, dresser, swing, bouncer, play mat or gym, walker, couch or comfortable seating area, boppy pillow, musical (the best ones are the aquarium musicals, they last long and their so relaxing), baby soap, baby shampoo, towels, washcloths, lotion, breast pump, breast pads, breast ointment (obviously if you decide to breastfeed), clothes, onesies, pajamas (i like the ones that are like a long dress because they stay in place and so much easier to use when you're half asleep in the middle of the night and you need to change him/her.)

The baby will be in your room for a while I can imagine. So if you have a cradle or a pack-n-play in your room you need to keep the following: bottle warmer, diapers, wipes & wipes warmer, breast pump if you're breastfeeding and the ointment, boppy pillow, change of clothes for you and baby and ointment for his/her little bottom. Babies at a very small age are inclined to develop asthma or a breathing problem if baby powder is inhaled. i would not recommend using it until he/she is older 6 mos or older.
Bottles of water for you because you might get thirsty. If you have a large enough closet purchase a small refrigerator a very small one especially if you have a two story if it's a one story i won't worry about it. But beleive me, I wish i had the room for one I would've got one in a heartbeat.

I'm sure other moms are going to add alot more so write a list and copy what we've all suggested for you.


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answers from Cleveland on

I personally think it is a waste to buy and "baby furniture" except for a crib. For both of my kids, we bought a full sized set, with a bed, two dressers and a nightstand. Just set up there room and put the bed in storage, using the crib for two years. Put a curved changing pad on the long dresser and it served as a dressing table. Saved us tons of money. I loved having a rocking chair for nursing, I just had plain wicker ones. Best of luck.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I received a bunch of "baby stuff" that I never needed or used. These were what I found was essential and all I needed:

Crib, sheets
Dresser (I used the top of the dresser as a changing table. I just bought one of those cushion things you would normally put on a changing table on top of the dresser)
Diapers (Huggies were my fav by far), wipes, baby wash, clippers
Swing (best thing ever)
Car seat (myi n-laws bought us the huge stroller that the car seat snaps onto. We never used it, too big and didn't fit in my trunk. I ended up packing it back in the box and returning it.)
Umbrella stroller (small and light weight)
onesies, bibs, burp rags (cloth diapers), sleepers w/feet, receiving blankets
Diaper Genie and refills (I liked mine)
Diaper bag
Bottles, nipples, formula, nursery water (if you aren't solely going to BF)

Some of the things we received but didn't find useful were:
High chair (waste of space for us, we would feed him in his carrier (he loved being in that), sitting in his swing or sitting up on his own with his boppy around him just in case he tipped over)
Bassinet (in-laws bought it, we didn't want one) only tried the baby in this a few times beside our bed, he didn't sleep well. As soon as I started putting him in the crib in his room to sleep he did great!
Baby monitor
Baby wipes warmer (it would just dry out the wipes)

My in-laws bought us tons of diapers before the baby was born, we had so many that he was potty-trained before I ran out. It was awesome! Something I did for a friend of mine was throw her a 'diaper, wipes, and diaper genie refill baby shower'. It was the best! She still talks to this day about how fabulous an idea that is, diapers and wipes are normally one of the more expensive things to buy and you use them constantly everyday! A friend of mine took the idea and did a diaper and formula shower for a relative of hers!

Best of luck with your new baby!

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answers from Phoenix on

I LOVE my fisher-price space saver high chair. It is one that attaches to an existing chair. It reclines for little ones and then as they get older you can take off the back support and use it as a booster seat .
Also, like others have said, you don't need all the furniture. A good comfortable rocking chair, crib and dresser are all I have in my kid's room (well, and a twin bed because the kids share a room).
For clothing, infants live in onesies and socks if it's hot, or the long sleeved footsie sleepers if it's cold. All the cutsie outfits are fun, but just aren't realistic for day to day wear. I like to have a couple nice outfits for family parties or something, but other than that, just onesies.
I would wait on a swing or bouncer chair or anything like that until after you have the baby and wait and see what he or she likes. My son loved to be rocked, and likewise LOVED his swing. My daughter was totally different. She isn't as much of a cuddler and rocker, she wants to sit and watch, she loves the bouncer seat that vibrates and doesn't like the swing too often.
Good luck and congrats on the little one!

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answers from Washington DC on

Lots of good responses so far. Here are my additions.
- diaper champ. Loved it more then a diaper genie and it uses regular trash bags.
- a night stand or small table beside the chair to put bottles and such on
- a full size hamper
- blinds/ curtains for the nursery window

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answers from Denver on

What do you need? Not a lot.

Food: Either breast (easiest, no bottles) or formula. But a single bottle with nipple...if baby doesn't take to it, buy another brand as you decide you need them. If they take to it, buy more. Don't get a bunch in anticipation, you may never use them.
Sleep: Pack n play OR crib OR your bed. Again, they don't take a lot of room and don't get something super expensive which needs to be unloaded in 2 years when you get a 'big kid bed'.
Clothes: Get some hand me downs, and let people buy a range of things for your shower. Don't go overboard since they will wear each item for 3 months max.
Transportation: stroller. Get the one which fits your lifestyle...jogger, umbrella, travel system, etc. Get a Bjorn/Ergo/Sling or some easy way to carry them as infants and a good carseat.
Diapers: Get some new born ones and you'll know pretty quickly if you're a huggies or pampers family. Stock up at a warehouse like Costco. Changing a baby on the floor is the easiest possible way to do things...lay a blanket down and do your thing. Changing tables are, frankly, pointless. You'll get it when the kid starts becoming mobile and goes mobile right off the table.

My main point is there are a TON of cute, frilly, fun, somewhat functional things you can buy for a baby which will have a lifespan of roughly 6 months. It's a total and complete waste of money. I don't mean don't have fun getting things together...but be a little cautious when some frilly thing comes along as a "must have". Chances are its useless, like wipes warmers. Save your money for when your kid actually cares about something and you wish you had the extra $10 for it.

CONGRATS!!! Enjoy your baby :)

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answers from Milwaukee on

Snuggle Me Cushion is a definite item.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Everyone is going to have different opinions. My own preferences changed from one kid to the next (though the age difference is only 21 months).

Jenn S and I have similar opinions. I have never had a changing table and really don't see the need for one. For us through 2 kids so far, a bed and a floor have really been all we've needed.

It's much easier to go out and get what you need than to take things back after the baby arrives (in my opinion). We stocked the baby's room with a dresser, a crib, and a comfortable chair (we never used it more than a handful of times).

We had so many lotions, wipes, powder (which we didn't know you're no longer supposed to use), baby oil, Tylenol, etc. Some was used - a lot had to be thrown away because it expired prior to getting to use it.

My saving graces:
1. Boppy
2. Swing (Bouncy seats weren't really used for a few months)
3. Receiving blankets
4. White Onesies to go under most other clothes
5. Socks - kids have really cold feet
6. Your Baby's First Year book from the Pediatrician (should get one free)
7. Pack N Play
8. Car seat - you'll use it for more than car trips
9. Mobile (not not vital for a few months)
10. HooterHider or similar cover if you plan to nurse
11. Bucket hat - you can't use sunscreen for the first 6 months, so a hat in the sun is really important

We rarely used a monitor. My kids pretend they're walkie talkies now. Same with covers that go in shopping carts, disposable bibs - never saw the need for them. It was something extra to carry around in an already full diaper, as a biologist, I believe kids need to be exposed to germs (within reason) to build their immune system.

Otherwise, I found it easier to talk to people afterwards and get opinions. People loved gowns. I used them for our son and hated them with our daughter.

Having a baby is all about trial and error. There really aren't definite right or wrong answers, and instincts are really powerful - TRUST THEM!

Good luck!

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answers from Miami on

Wipey warmer. My 4-mos old smiles every time I wipe her butt!

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answers from Jacksonville on

For a diaper bag think what will fit you. I never could stand having 2 bags or the shoulder bag as it would constantly fall off, so i went for the backpack option. Target has a nice big one if you like to pack alot like me. Plus it hooks onto the stroller. Dadgear makes it. I didnt like the changing pad with it so i bought the disposable pads for when we went out. Also, the formulas give a type out at certain hospitals. Sign up for the formula deals and see which one works for you. Note Enfamil smells the least. Put a cup of 20 mule borax in the wash with baby clothes to help get rid of pee or spit up smell. All clear has less perfumes as Dreft and works the same. Regardless of degrent put less then usual.

Sign up for registers at babiesrus and target for extra freebies

Instead of buying a changing table, you can always secure a pad on a dressor and save some money that way.

Dont buy a bottle warmer, it doesnt work. But dont warm the bottle in the microwave. Either warm a separate container of water to warm up bottles or i measure the water and then nuke the water for 10 sec and shake well.

A bottle drying rack is a must. Dont get the cheap bottles, hard for babies to get the formula and makes them very gassy. Dr brown's is a favorite of my friends and I stuck with playtex.

I liked the pampers swaddlers diapers cause they have a yellow line that turns green when wet. They are a bit more but even my hubby could tell when the baby was wet. Less baby rashes as a result.
For the first weeks sleepers are the best buy about 5 and thebn that will get you through 2 days. YOu dont need alot of clothes the first months. NOte Gerber onesises run really small their 12months = 6months.

BUMBO is wonderful. Look at secondhand stores for stuff. Once a upon a child has locations everywhere. You can find things lIke babyswings, bumbo, highchairs, baths,etc. I got a rainforest swing brand new 130 for 50 and best part it plugs into the wall so no batteries required. Swings are a must. It rocks them while you take a break to say eat or whatever.

the baby bath i used for a few months. The first i took in the bath with me and we had fun playing together. With my second, i used for about 6 months then got a bath seat for the big tub. I gave my babies baths almost everyday.

Strollers- get a jogging traveling system that the stroller folds up. Its easier to push through grass and get through stores. Car seats I aways buy new. I am not a fan of cosco strollers, i didnt find them sturdy enough. Shop around cause this is a big money item.

Cribs- I like the ones that turn into a toddler bed. It uses the same mattress and you can still use the fitted crib sheets. Toddler sheets are looser and easier to put on. Walmart has alot stuff i recommend for cheap. Note: 3 is the magic number for crib sheets and change pads.

Baby powder not needed. Can get into their lungs and create problems.

Those receiveing blankets make good spit rags or cloth diapers are thicker. I used the blankets for both kids and they are great for just about anything.

Join a warehouse club- sams, costco or bjs for great deals on diapers, formulas, etc. Its a small fee (50 bucks or less) but will save you hundreds of dollars.

Join a playgroup. Look at churches, ask people at the mall if they know some,, or a web search. If you dont like the group try another. With my second i have found life long friends, advice, adn great support. I dont let just anyone watch my kids but the group i can.

Finally, a few lessons i had to learn are:
"Dont be afraid to ask for help, or try to be perfect mom, and every mom has a few things they are quirky about."

If you have any other questions or just whatever give me a shout and

CONGRATS, motherhood is the best.



answers from Tampa on

yes, hi, i am a mom to one three year old son, and have found out the hard way that a basinet isnt really needed, just a crib; (and one that converts as your baby grows is even better). i never needed the "sling carrier" (papoose looking thing). you will definately need a stroller. a changeing table comes in handy, but not definately a "need",any table will do. a simple infant baby bath tub, or seat is good. some people even bathe there babies in the kitchen sink.(i didnt though.) (i pretty much bought everything, and only used a few things, and ended up donating alot!)and of course theres the obvious need for bottles, wipes, diapers. (if you are planning to breastfeed, you may possibly need a breastfeeding pump;they helped me out alot!) good luck, and i hope the birth goes well!



answers from Tampa on

Whatever you buy, DO NOT BUY THE DIAPER GENIE. They're a total waste of money.



answers from New York on

You do not need a high chair (just a little chair with an attachable table that you can put on the chair or the floor), a glider, a bumbo seat, a moses basket, a changing table (you will just need a pad tht you can put on the dresser), receiving blankets, baby shoes, or a bumper. You will need a good crib (convertable, not dropside) 1 dresser, 2-3 sets of good quality sheets (do not get sucked into buying the set! You will not really use the quilt, rather, you will use soft blankets and not even for the first 6 months really), Swaddleme swaddle blankets, sleepsacks, onsies, Carter's socks that fold over. Also, get a good pack and play over a bassinet as they outgrow bassinets very quicky. A musical aquarium for inside the crib and an excersaucer for when the baby turns 4 months old is a must have. I would also get a small swing. They are called travel swings and don't look like giant spiders. I also still use my boppy pillow. Obviously a good stroller/travel system.



answers from Miami on

You don't need much. Most companies will market things that will actually hinder baby's development. You will need a changing table, crib, and maybe a swing. Some babies like it and some don't. Other then that you need a big quilt to put on the floor for plenty of tummy time. Infant rattles and toys to capture baby's attention. Black and white toys are best for the first 2 months. Forget about exersucers, jumpers, bumbos and chairs that make baby sit up prematurely. ALl you need is the floor to be your child's playground. This will enhance development so your baby can get to know and trust their body, increase strength, endurance and build a core for all later skills. Books are wonderful as well as mirrors. CDs with classical music are brilliant. Forget about DVDs. Toys that make noise are too overstimulating. Really you don't need much.



answers from Kansas City on

You have some varied responses so far! Everyone has their idea of perfect, I guess! ;) Congrats on the baby! I agree that you really don't need new furniture. If you plan on having more children, I don't see the need to buy the convertible crib to bed thing. I prefer to have the crib that each child can use and then you get the older child a new "big kid" room with new furniture that they're likely to use for years and years. For the nursery we used a hand me down crib and mostly furniture from around the house that wasn't being utilized. We did buy a changing table (I feel it's a must!) and a rocker with an ottoman. If you don't want a rocker, you will need to have some sort of chair in which to feed and sit!

Are you having a shower? Most things that you absolutely need will come from that. Stock up on diapers and wipes and creams for sure. Buying the crib set is up to you. I don't think it's a waste of money if you use it creatively. You really can only use the bumer pad for the first month or's too dangerous when the baby is able to move on it's own b/c of SIDS but it looks super cute when you have it all set up and take pictures of your first nursery! Also, I use the quilt that comes with it for a wall hanging. It brings the room together and helps create a theme for decorating. If you're planning on having more children, I would suggest doing a gender neurtral crib set so that you can change it to the next kid.

Other than that, you will totally need a stroller and a swing and some sort of bouncy. Those will help you immediately. Everything else you can sort of wait and see. You will need a high chair but probably not until at least 4-6 months.

Have fun!



answers from Dallas on

Crib, high quality hard mattress, safe car seat and stroller are the first must haves.

I'm a lover of changing tables, swings (the travel kind), space saver high chair, and my ergo baby carrier.

Bottles, filtered water, formula (unless you are Breastfeeding, but still good to have around just in case)

My hubby and I stocked up on diapers and wipes which really helped. We bought enough for about 4 months worth, it is a money saver in the long run.

Here is the car seat rating website I use.



answers from Boca Raton on

Not very many people said changing table. So I had to put my 2 cents in and say that a changing table is a must. I use the changing table EVERY TIME i change my baby's diaper and its a million times easier than using the bed or the floor. Just make sure you get a changing table cushion with a belt strap for when they get older and squirm a lot. Good luck!



answers from Daytona Beach on

Just putting my input in. I NEVER used a changing table. It would take up too much room that could be used for something else. I changed on the bed with a blanket (or something) under the babies bottom or i would change on the floor. It was just easier for me and also saved more than $100. Plus when the baby gets bigger and is still in diapers it can be a strain to pick them up every time to put them on the table. Also my daughter used the swing I had got just a handful of times and my son never used it. They didn't like it much. I never used bibs for my daughter because she didn't need them. I just used a receiving blanket under her chin when she ate. My son I had to use them all the time bc he spit up after eating every meal until he was about 9mos. I used a bouncey seat quite a bit. It was easier than the swing to move from room to room as i moved and i used the highchair a lot also. my husband worked nights so when i was in the shower with my daughter i put my son in the highchair strapped in right outside my shower. I didn't use a pack-n-play. I didn't use a sterilizer (you can boil or just wash in the dishwasher) or a wipey warmer. I found out with my first that the sleeping gowns are soooo much easier for nighttime changing and if they just pee you don't need to wipe with a wipey until morning. also if you are going to bottle feed it's easier to fill up the bottles and keep them on your nightstand with one of those containers that you can prefill with powder formula and just dump and shake. MUCH simpler than having to go into the kitchen and fixing a bottle and than going back into the room, etc. I loved my rolling bassinet. My kids were both small so they were able to sleep in it for quite a while. I didn't use a diaper hanger (if they still sell them) the diapers get too big for them i just threw the diapers up in top of the closet and got them from there. I would definitely agree that toys are probably too much at this age. my kids are 6 and almost 4 and they still don't play with toys much. And I never used a diaper pail. I would just keep plastic bags and wrap up poopy diapers in that and take it right out to the garbage.



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One thing that I haven't seen mentioned is a kneeling cushion for bathing, I bought my daughter one from Amazon and she still uses it everyday and her baby is almost 2. A cheaper version would be a garden kneeling cushion.

Also look for consignment shops in your area. My daughter has bought many things at a fraction of the original price and then when done with them turned around and sold them at the same shop. Mission stores are also a great place to save and help others in the process. Good Luck!



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If I had to choose the top three things that made our lives SO much easier, it would have to be:
1. Sound machine (with many different sounds. Our daughter still sleeps to nature sounds every night and she is 11 months old)
2. Bouncer
3. Playmat
I would have said a swing but my daughter hated her swing. I'd suggest buying one and keeping receipts. Some kids like different things and you won't know until yours is born!



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A cradle by your bed in your bedroom is one of the most important things to get. It will make your life a lot easier. You will be able to sleep a lot better if your child is by you. A baby swing, baby bath tub, dresser, crib for later, changing table. A good light in the room. Toys are not really necessary until the baby is older. Paint the room in bright colors. My friend did each wall a different color and the room looked great. Bright yellow, bright red, bright blue a bright green is what she used. She made her bedding for the baby all in bright colors also. Research proves that bright colors stimulate the babies mind. Make sure you have plenty of butt wipes, wash clothes , towels, diapers, a diaper pail or closed waste basket for the dirty diapers. And being summer onsies are really all you need for clothes unless you keep it really cold in your house. Also you will want a lot of recieving blankets so you don't have to wash every day. These tend to get wet or dirty pretty quickly. You do not need even half of what advertisers say you do. As the baby grows you can purchase more things as you see you need them. A thermometer is a must. Car seat. You can wait on a play pen, high chair, etc. as you won't use them until the baby is older anyway. You may want to get a stroller right away. But honestly the baby only needs the basic things to start with and you can purchase what you need as you go. And usually with a first baby you will get a lot of the things you need from baby showers and welcome home gifts when you bring the baby home. I ended up with tons of blankets and clothes and not one diaper bag. After the showers I had to go out and buy a diaper bag. I wouldn't buy much of anything until after the baby showers. Usually people have them for you at about seven months along. Good luck and relax and enjoy your little one when it comes along...

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