Finger Nail Fungus with Swelling

Updated on May 23, 2011
S.G. asks from Midland, MI
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my middle finger on my right has has a fungus. I noticed it over a yr ago and it slowly has gotten worse and in the last few months it has started to swell, alot and it hurts. I am a chef and find it hard to even hold a knife to cut something or write for very long! My insurance wont cover the prescription meds and I cant afford them being a single mom of 3. I looked up some stuff to try online and from what i can tell vinegar is gonna be something im gonna try. However, everything I have found online doesnt mention swelling as a side effect from the fungus. Has anyone every experienced this before? Im just concerned that even if the vinegar works for the fungus the swelling will not go away. I can imagine it is very healthy to walk around with a swollen finger! Thanks ladies!

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So What Happened?

yes i always wear gloves, company policy that we wear gloves at all times regardless. I actually do have psorasis(sp?) and have had it in the past on my nails and I assumed thats what this was but my dr said it wasnt, which I guess was why my meds wernt working on it! The swelling is around my nail and finger tip and has slowly worked its way to my first knuckle.

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Soak in peroxide for 10 mins than vinager for another ten mins than put tea tree oil on it and wrap in bandaid. Use and do the soaking at least three times a day or more for a week see if that works caution tea tree oil smells yucky.

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for nail fungus vicks works very well. both of my parents have fungus on their toes. they were told to rub vicks into their toenails and it will clear it up. i think you're supposed to do it every night for a few weeks. but it really made a huge difference.

good luck

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for swelling epsons salt works.

I'm sorry you can't afford the meds - contact them directly - depending upon the company - they may help you out.

Talk to your insurance company and see what can be done - is there a generic?

As to your being a chef and you have a fungus - i truly hope that you wear gloves while you are prepping, etc. the swelling isn't just from the fungus but an infection that MUST be dealt with. If the swelling gets bad - and I know this sounds gross - but your body will expand to its limit and then it will pop...and that will be bad, VERY BAD!! Do not let this infection carry over another day. Go to the ER and have it looked at - maybe then your insurance will help you out.

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Soak your finger in epsom salt and tea tree oil. Then try the maybe apple cider vinegar since that is a detoxifier. I would try peroxide, baking soda, anything.



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The swelling sounds like it's infected. Soaking and using Neosporin will be enough if it's not too bad. If you need an oral antibiotic, you'll have to see a doctor. I've used Vicks Vaporub or generic chest rub for the last few years on my toenails that had fungus. Rub it in 2x day and at night I sleep with sox on (you could use cotton gloves) so it stays on. I read an article in the paper about it. It's cheap and really works. Cut the nail short, rub it in, around, and under the best you can. It takes several months, even a year, but you'll see it gradually improving as it grows out.



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Is it the joint that is swollen, or around the nail? It could be many things, if it is the joint, then arthritis could be a possibility, if it is around the nail then it could be paronychia which requires antibiotics (systemic or topical) certain kinds of psoriasis can cause a nail to look like it has a fungus, and can also make your joints swell (psoriatic arthritis)
It is really difficult to diagnose something without a pic.
Vinegar will not do much for either thing - tea tree oil is a mild antifungal and antiseptic, so that may help, but you have to keep on it for around 6 months - daily.



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S.---Has the swelling appeared since you've last been to the doctor? I would say you'd better go back pronto. I'm no expert but I have dealt with nail fungus in the past. I dont ever remember swelling. I think something else is going on there.

Are you on meds for your psoriasis? If so, those drugs weaken your immune system. I don't think you should be messing around taking your chances with disease because you don't have insurance. Consider it an investment in your health. You don't want to end up losing your finger...or something worse, do you?

Good luck. D.



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Not sure if this will be helpful or not. My son got a nail fungus (big toe) and it got incredibly swollen and painful over the course of almost a year. There is apparently not a safe prescription treatment for infant/toddlers and they said he may just have to lose the nail. I did some research and decided on alternating vingar and peroxide soaks a few times a day and then mixed a couple drops of tea tree essential oil in vapor rub for overnight treatment. It looked and felt better within a couple of days and within 3wks it was completely cleared up and pain free!


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Since it's your finger and not your toe, I'd try all sorts of different things.
Assuming you are having to keep it covered while at work? When not at work definitely let the air get to it. I'd soak in vinegar, or even a little bleach water, peroxide, listerine, anything I could think of. Buy some anit fungal ointments from over the counter, and definitely do the Vicks thing too. Be thankful your insurance doesnt cover that prescription med for it, it's not good for you anyway :)
You might want to get a second opinion on it, and then ask the doc what he/she thinks you should do since you cant have the prescription. If it's infected it could get dangerous, you dont want it to spread, I'd make your doc be a little more accountable after diagnosis.

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