Finger Nail Cutting.

Updated on March 16, 2008
K.M. asks from Lafayette, IN
7 answers

Does anyone have a better way to cut finger nails? My 16 month old has a fit when I cut her nails.

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answers from Evansville on

Try cutting them as soon as she gets done with her bath. The nails are soft ant easier to cut. I have done this with all three of my children and it has worked for me. Good luck



answers from Fort Wayne on

Well when my oldest boy was little we had the hardest time getting them cut! It took me and my husband to get it done! Now his little sister that is 19 months today for rhe mosy part just watches with NP!! Try cutting them while she is napping! Maybe that would work! Have a good day!

S. :)



answers from Cleveland on

My son likes when I file his nails, I do mine first and this makes him want it even more and then I do his. He loves it!!!

Good luck



answers from Columbus on

Make her a deal that any little girl wouldn't refuse...if she cooperates, bring out the pretty finger nail polish and play beauty shop. Mommy does the nail polish, of course!!!



answers from Fort Wayne on

cut them while she's sleeping or super nanny the other night had a wonderful idea. Buy 10 finger puppets and after each nail is trimmed put a puppet on that finger. Make it a game!!!



answers from Indianapolis on

I turned on a Baby Einstein video and my daughter had NO idea I was even cutting her nails! I only did that once every week or 10 days, and then cut her nails while watching!



answers from Cleveland on

You could try it when she is asleep. I did that with #1 until she was almost 2.


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