Finger Foods for 8 Month Old

Updated on December 03, 2008
M.C. asks from Holmen, WI
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My 8 month old son seems to be getting bored of his baby food and I would like to start feeding him more finger foods. What are some good finger foods that are appropriate for his age? When can I feed him cheese, cottage cheese, jello, pudding, etc.? Just trying to get some ideas at what a typical 8 month old eats. Thanks!

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Veggies (if you need to cook them, make sure they are super, super soft and mushy): carrots, potato/sweet potato chunks, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, avocado, diced tomatoes, squash chunks, etc.

Fruits: any fruit cup because it is convenient (just drain the syrup and rinse), bananas, cut blueberries, soft pears, soft peaches, mango, etc.

Legumes: beans! kidney, white, black, etc. just make sure they're mushy

Other finger foods: put cheerios or other cereal in a bowl of milk to soften it up, pancakes, any of the Morningstar Farms veggie cakes/patties (they practically fall apart when cut anyhow), pasta with or without sauce, finely ground beef or turkey

Have fun with it! One of my favorite meals to make was pasta primavera - cook frozen mixed veggies, whole grain pasta, and choose either marinara sauce or gravy, then add little meatball chunks or ground beef/turkey. I'd make up one big batch on a Sunday and then portion out enough dishes for the week so all I would have to do is pop it in the microwave each meal. I'd serve with a side of fruit and you've got a great, balanced meal!

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The AAP's current stance is that you can introduce dairy when you introduce other foods, as there is no evidence that delaying introduction prevents later allergies. Start with mild hard cheeses and yogurt, and of course avoid your soft cheeses like bree. Cottage cheese is fine. You have to wait to 12 months for cow's milk. You can, however, use small amounts of cow's milk in cooking. Since dairy is a high allergen risk, introduce it early in the day. Some infants also have a hard time digesting the proteins in dairy, so watch for any discomfort and only give it to them in moderation.

I feed my daughter mostly cheerios, cheese, pieces of kiwi, pear, cooked apple,avocado and banana. I also give her little bits of bread. Btw, avocado does freeze nicely if you put it in the freezer immediately.

Depending on who you ask, and what continent you live on, you could make custard for your son with egg yolk. It's also a high allergen, so if there is any family history, it's best to stay away from it. I made my daughter banana custard and she loved it.

It's always best to talk to your doctor before introducing high allergen foods.

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you need to hold off on dairy until at leasy one year. Why would you want to feed him jello and pudding? they are full of sugar. Fruits, cooked veggies, mashed potatoes, pita bread, shredded meat, are the types of foods my 8 month old is eating.



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You still want to be sure foods are soft. My little one is just turned 8 months. She eats cooked green beans, discovered Cocoa Puffs yesterday, baked or small cooked potatoes, apple-though I keep an eye on her, peas, beans, and wheat bread. I have not given her any meats yet since not really sure if she could handle chewing them. She currently has almost 6 teeth. She loves pudding, but I feed it to her since I would prefer to keep it off of the floor. We gave her mashed potatoes last week but she wore most of it. She loves sweet potatoes so we cooked up some until right before they were mashable. As long as he is not having reactions, and no honey, pretty much anything soft is open to try. We give her the finger foods and if she appears to still be hungry, finish off with a jar of 2nd stage.

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