"Fine Motor Skills" Exercises for 5 Year Old

Updated on April 18, 2008
D.P. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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Hello! My son's pre-school teacher approached me and told me that my son needed practice and help with his fine motor skills. He has trouble cutting and holding a pencil/crayon (although I've seen him do it correctly many times). He tends to keep his right hand indez finger straight when he tries to cut. He has very little interest in coloring/writing/cutting/crafts, etc. I am looking for ideas for activities I can get for him/do with him to get him to practice and improve his fine motor skills. My son is a super-bright kid, very intelligent and I find this very frustrating. And, I think he's ON to my attempts to engage him in activities like threading Cheerios onto a string, etc. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what helped your child?

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Froot loops he could then eat off his newly strung necklace (or candy necklace "beads") might be a bit better. What about writing/drawing with his finger on a platter of whipped cream? An etch-a-sketch? Connect-the-dots and mazes with boy themes? I'll keep thinking...

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Is your son interested in gardening? Maybe buy him mini gardening tools (like these - http://allproducts.com/tool/winland/34-shears.html )and set up some container gardens. Plant tomatoes (so he will have a "reward" later in the summer), regular grass or ornamental grass (he can use scissors to keep them groomed), flowers - maybe petunias (I can remember helping my mom pinch off the wilted ones throughout the summer). He can use the little rake to rake the soil and keep it aerated. Have him water the plants using a container of water and a turkey baster.

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Play dough------best invention ever!!! get the super pack with their cutting tools and it will build up the skill you need. My son recieved OT and it's a great tool

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