Finding Time to Work Out ? for Working Moms

Updated on September 14, 2011
T.G. asks from Aubrey, TX
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I'm a working mom with a 2 year old and I have a hard time finding time to work out on a consistent basis. My days are already so stressed and fast paced I just don't know how to work it in and sit down and rest for any point. My commute from work is crazy and I'm responsible for picking up my daughter and getting her to bed b/c my hubby gets home late. So when do other working moms work workouts in?

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answers from Los Angeles on

First thing in the morning.... It sucks waking up so early, but it is the only time that "chaos" isn't going on and I can concentrate on me.

I start back to work next week so I will be waking up even earlier then I do now, but it will help jumpstart my day.

Good luck

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answers from York on

I do it as soon as I get home and before I do anything else! My kids sit and watch me sometimes which is hilarious, but it's a 20 minute workout video (Jillian Michael's 30 day shred) and I try to do it 3-4 times a week - I NEVER do it on weekends - there just never seems to be a good time to get all sweaty
like that on weekends : )

It's hard - you have to make a point to just put everything else aside - which is hard as a working mom! Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

When I did work, I worked out at lunch ... I found an all women's gym 5min away from the smaller office and my larger "campus" office had an on site gym for a reasonable membership. I would have a slim fast about 20 min before going at my desk then get there, work out for 30 min (mostly eliptical every other day weights or pilates style), shower quickly, freshen up my make up and get back to the office all in 60 min. I would eat a salad wrap on my way back in the car and I was so much more productive for the afternoon then days I had to skip it for a meeting or something. I removed nearly 60 lbs in 4months by changing my eating and working out 30 min mon-fri it was great! I learned how to do easy and simple up do's so my hair was never a problem. Sleek ponytails, Messy buns, fun braids etc so my hair did not get all yucky looking since I just washed my body and kept the make up natural and waterproof. Used tinted moisturizer vs foundation and touched up as needed and brown eyeliner vs black less noticable if it smudged or smeared.

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answers from Richmond on

You have a kid, right? Go to the park, cut them loose, then chase them.

You sit when the child sits ;)

Problem solved. (Actually, if you did this in stilettos, you'd really be working your calves!)

I'm teasing, really, other than that, I can't find the time either ;)

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answers from Los Angeles on

When I worked outside the home I did it AT work, during lunch, a group of us would do it together. It really alleviated a lot of stress and made the afternoon go faster.

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answers from Cincinnati on

you and I are in the same situation. my daycare closes at 6 and hubby works til 7...he also is in retail so he rarely has weekends off. I ended up starting my work out in May. I went EARLY in the morning. I dedicate 4 work days per week. I need help from my husband though. I make HIM take care of our 2.5 year old in the he is now forced to get up at 7 vs his normal 745 (whoopy right). I now get up at 545 or 6...and I am at the gym by 6 or 615. I work out for 30 mins. I swim and LOVE IT. you maximize your work out because you are working and toning all your body parts. in 30 mins i burn about 540 calories (or so my fitnesspal says) I then started drinking GNC protein meal replacements shakes for my breakfast. I NEED to protein to help maximize my workout. THose shakes keep me full til about 10..ok ANYWAY back to the story
I get ready at the gym too..(saves water at our house plus no hair mess and the shower is cleaner too) I typically am done swimming by 645, and I am out the gym door by 720...then I have the lovely 40 min (snail crawl) to work.. My work is kind of flexible in I jsut have to put in 8 hours but I cant leave before I whenever I get to work (around 8) I usually will skip lunch or only take 30 mins and I am done working around 4 or 430. its been working great for us. Hubby was not on board at first because i was invading his sleep time, but he now loves spending the time with our daughter in the mornings and especially the mornings when he doesnt have to work (like today) he takes her out for a special daddy, daughter breakfast (usually McDonalds) Plus I know my ME time happens from 6 til 8am...its really a glorious time :):) (seriously)
Talk to your hubby about if its possible for him to take care of the baby in the mornings so you can work it in. I wasnt a fan of working out ever, but I LOVE being DONE with it by 7am..I dont workout and I kind of 'flub' on the diet on the weekends though.
Started at 133lbs, and within 6 weeks, I was down to 125 and really tone.

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answers from Dallas on

I'd love an answer to this problem!

I've thought about working out during my "lunch hour." There is a gym down the street from where I work. But, I'm probably too lazy to actually do it. And it would take more than an hour to get there, work out, shower quickly, back to work. If your work is a little flexible, maybe you can try this. I was thinking that three days a week, I could do this. Then, not take a lunch the other two days to make up for the time.

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answers from Houston on

When i was working i tried to just lock down 3 days a week. I would get a head start on dinner and put it in the oven, then take a quick ride around the block on a bike, or jog or roller blade. This may sound silly but jumping jacks in spurts all day can burn quite a few calories.

Weekends are also valuable, we have a gym with daycare, 2 hours on a saturday can be a God send.

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answers from Chicago on

I know you should work out in the morning but that just "ain't" gonna happen with me. I am already up at 5 a.m. to get to work by 7. Now that the weather is cooling down a bit I've gotten my husband to agree to go for bike rides and long walks during week and weekend. When we can't get out..I am greatful for the treadmill. I just need to be disciplined and get on it for 30 min to 45 each night after the kids wind down.....



answers from Miami on

After the kids are sleeping and the kitchen is cleaned up, I leave my husband at home and go for a jog. Then I come home and do sit ups in my bedroom. It's not much but at least I feel like I get a little exercise in about 4 days a week.



answers from Norfolk on

I know how you feel! I have been getting up in the morning (6:00) lately to work out. Other times, depending on my schedule, I am able to work out on my lunch break. In one hour, I can [just barely] change into workout clothes, do a half-hour cardio or weights, shower, and rush back to work. But that only really works if you can eat at your desk or something and no one will get mad. Doesn't work so great for retail or other jobs where you have to be available to people. I think a lot of us have trouble finding the time for a consistent routine. The most important thing is to do SOMETHING, even if it's just push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks on the commercials while you're watching TV.



answers from Washington DC on

For me, lunch hours twice a week (I bring my lunch those days), and do a yoga class one day, and then swim laps the other day. And on the weekend I try to get at least one longer workout in. Early mornings are not my strong suit, and evenings are with the family, most nights.



answers from Augusta on

I don't work out but my friend goes for a run after the kids are in bed.



answers from Sacramento on

I'm fortunate to work part-time and go the gym right after work ends after lunch. However, back when I worked full-time, I used lunch break to go out for a half hour walk in the neighborhood near my office. I got my exercise in but wasn't so sweaty I needed to clean up before I could go back to eat lunch and then work again.


answers from Washington DC on

As others have stated, I also work out on my lunch break while at work. We're fortunate enough to have a gym in our building. I eat lunch that I prepare & bring from home at my desk while working on my computer (checking emails, etc. easy stuff I can do with one hand, LOL) and then about two hours later I hit the gym for a half hour :0) Works great and there are lots of other working moms down there too.

If we didn't have the gym, I would do power walks on my lunch break which is what I used to do at my old building :0) Or if I couldn't go for my power walk I would try to workout in my living room to exercise DVD's in the evenings (after the kids were in bed).

I don't know how large the building is that you work in (or if you work in a bldg?) but check around with the other women there. They may have a walking group or want to start one, etc. Some places do yoga classes. I know our bldg does but I don't particiapte in those classes as I prefer the gym.



answers from Louisville on

Don't! :-(
To do it in the morning would mean dropping off little one way too early -- only have 1/2 hr lunch, that won't work as nothing is close there -- pick her up and get supper, bath, homework usually kills most of the evening! (then I get on here!) I do try to hit the treadmill when she does her gymnastics class - but have missed that if she wants me to watch her!



answers from Dallas on

The only way I make it to the gym is on my lunch break. The Y downtown is just a couple blocks away. It takes me 1 hr to walk there, change, work out for 30 minutes, towel off (I don't shower), and walk back to work.

It's a life saver! So hard to get in the habit, but so worth it.



answers from Dallas on

I dont but I want to! I have a three year old and a 1-1/2 year old and am having a hard time too.

Taking the kids for a walk when we get home works out ok. I put them in a stroller, and give them snacks and water, and off we go. Sometimes we walk to a playground and as the kids play, I do lunges or step ups at the playground. One playground is next to a field, so I can jog a little circle around it, and still keep them in close enough proximity that I can get to them quickly.

Then, when we get home, they are good and tired, ready for dinner and bed. I make something quick and easy, or have something cooking before we leave.

Defintely, though, my gym days and my marathon running days are over, at least for the next few years.


answers from Minneapolis on

I do home childcare and am open from 7:00 am until 5:30 pm. Plus I need some set up and clean up time before and after. I also do work in the evenings and weekends (cleaning, extra DC related laundry, lesson and meal planning, taxes and other paperwork...weekends too. The work never ends)

I am up at 4:40 am, at the gym at 5am when it opens (it is 3 miles away) and doing weight lifiting and cardio till 6am, then home and in the shower before my teen has to get in there (we only have one shower). Its a long day and bedtime comes way too early. I am on week 5 of this.

Good luck!

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