Finding the Right Family Physician/pediatrician in the Libertyville, IL Area

Updated on February 12, 2007
S.B. asks from Grayslake, IL
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Not only do I need a new doctor that is more conveniently located to our home, but I will need one for my child, who will be born in June this year. I am looking for a family practice in the Libertyville/Vernon Hills/Mundelein area in IL. Any suggestions?

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answers from Chicago on

Hi S.!

Like Jill, I also bring my kids to Preferred Pediatrics. I started seeing them 5 years ago after a friend from Skokie told me she traveled to Deerfield because they were so wonderful! She was right! I have had the same positive experience as Jill. We usually see Dr. Wittert, but everyone there is great! Good Luck!


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answers from Chicago on

I highly recommend Preferred Pediatrics as well. Both my children (8 1/2 & 3 1/2) have seen each one of the doctors in this practice, since birth and love them all. I will also continue to use them for our 3rd arrival. Their office hours are too convenient. They offer sick, walk in hours M-F 8-9am and are open Sundays and all Major Holidays in their Deerfield office. I've also had them fit me in for same day appointments. If you aren't able to make it in for sick hours, they will make time that day for you. My 8 1/2 year old has Asthma and Dr. Deborah Ehrlich is wonderful as she experiences with this too. When scheduling my appointments, I do try to make them with Dr. Ehrlich but any doctor in this practice will treat you and your child with great care.

I currently live in Lake Villa and know that their many other practices closer to home but I love this practice.

Libertyville Office
1800 Hollister Dr., Suite 330
Libertyville IL 60048

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answers from Chicago on

I highly recommend the practice where I have been taking my three year old daughter. It is Preferred Pediatrics, and they have offices in both Deerfield and Libertyville. The doctor in the practice we have been using is Dr. Deborah Ehrlich, but I have seen many of the other doctors in the practice as well and they have all been wonderful. Very caring and attentive.

My family moved to the area about a year ago, and the practice was highly recommended to me by a friend who has been using it for her own kids-- one of which had a medical issue at birth.

The things I really appreciate about the practice are 1) When you call you get a real person that answers the phone-- not an automated system you have to traverse 2) If you need to talk to a doctor and call during business hours you actually get a doctor on the phone usually under about five minutes. No waiting hours for a callback, and they don't ask what you need to talk to the doctor about. When our previous peditrician it was always a hassle to talk to the doctor, and it normally took hours to get a callback. 3) I have had to call the doctor at 3 am before, and they were very prompt in returning my call and very chipper! Extremely patient and never made me feel stupid for calling 4) They have office hours on Saturdays and Sundays, so if you child is sick you don't have to go to an emergency room over the weekend.

Their contact info for Liberyville is...
1800 Hollister Dr
Suite 330
Libertyville IL 60048

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answers from Indianapolis on

I know how hard it can be to find a ped since I have already switched from our original practice. We started with Lake forest Ped. I left not because they were bad doctors but because I didn't think the doctor we kept seeing was listening to me. We now take our twins to Fairview Pediactrics in Grayslake. We see either Dr. Firemand or Dr. Forsey. They are both great. I can always get an appointment and both doctors are always on time (this is great with little ones). There is another doctor in the practice but we have only seen her twice. I can't say enough how happy we have been with them.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I just had my first child in November and it is the most amazing experience. Enjoy every moment I think I worried most of the time while I was expecting and looking back I wish I had relaxed a bit and just enjoyed it a bit more. I think when I have baby number two someday it will be a bit easier because you have some idea of what to expect. Doctors my primary care physician is Dr. Monika Mklain OBGYN - Dr. Tanya Huang and if you need a dentist Dr. Collins in Mundelien is great! and I have been going to Lake Forest Pediatrics - they have offices in vernon hills, lindenhurst and lake forest and they have 16 doctors in the practice, I have not picked a primary one yet just going to different ones until I have met a couple but so far they have all been wonderful and very informative. Hope this helps and good luck with the little one.



answers from Chicago on

Hi S.,

For your primary physician, I can suggest a doctor out of Deerfield (off of Waukegan & Lake Cook Roads) part of the ENH network. Her name is Dr Lisa Abrams & she is great! Very easy going & take her time with you. She also does annual pelvic exams & paps if you need her to. When she's not available, I see her associate, Dr. Manu Chander. He is also very nice & takes time to explain things to you. I really like the both of them & have my husband going to Dr Chander.

For a Pediatrician, I can suggest Dr Michael Bauer out of Lake Forest Hospital. He also has an office in Grayslake (or right near there I believe). He is a family friend & my cousin takes all 4 of her girls there & she likes him as well as the other doctors in the practice. I can also suggest Dr Lori Hochberg. She has offices in Highland Park & Vernon Hills. I used to babysit for one of her friends while in grad school. One of my friends is also the nurse manager there. I'm due in May & I'm not sure which one I will be using. It just depends on which insurance our little boy goes on & who takes what.

I hope my suggestions help. Good luck in your search & your pregnancy! :)




answers from Chicago on

For primary care, I can recommend Dr. Monika McLain of Deerpath Primary Care in Libertyville. She is an Internal Medicine Doctor which is more important to me than a Family Practice Doctor, but the decision is up to you and your husband. Maybe do research on the differences in the doctors, their educations, expertise, etc.

More importantly though, as for a pediatrician, I can recommend Lake Forest Pediatrics. A person who responded before I did said that she felt they were not listening to her. I have never felt that way. In fact, they have a "patient educator" phone line where you can leave a message for a nurse or doctor to ask a question. Someone has always called me back within an hour of my message to discuss my question or concern -- even for the new mom questions like "why hasn't my baby pooped today like she usually does" or "should I switch formulas because of mild spit up and gas" or "remedy for diaper rash", etc., etc. Additionally, they have offices in Vernon Hills, Lake Forest and Lindenhurst. I have never had a problem getting appointments on a moment's notice (however, I caution, I do not insist on seeing only one pediatrican among their 14 docs and 8 nurse practitioners at this early stage in my daughter's life) even though I favor one location for convenience sake. All doctors and nurses rotate through all three locations. Some parents prefer a smaller practice, but I like the variety of individuals and expertise and am not bothered that the doctor that sees my daughter may not have met her before (they have the chart plus my husband or I are always at the appointment). They have office hours at one or more locations 7 days a week. They also have a separate newborn room.

They usually have an open house to see one of the facilities and speak with doctors/nurses so I recommend calling to see when the next one is.

I've tried to give you the pros and cons. I hope this helps.



answers from Chicago on

I have brought my two daughters ages 22 and eighteen and now I bring my two year old son to Dr Attar in Libertyville.I absolutely love her.Her practice is with Condel Hospital which I do not care for.If you need to go to the hospital for your kids she will recommend an excellent one with a different hospital.
Her number is ###-###-####.
Good Luck!

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