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Updated on September 16, 2010
J.V. asks from Wheaton, IL
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I have always been one to shop at Trader Joes and Jewel, always making sure I save at least 20% at Jewel, shooting for 40. I usually average around 25-30. In any case, I don't know anyone that shops at Jewel because it's "too expensive." Yet, whenever I look at the sale's for other stores (ultra, aldi), I don't see that things are really cheaper. In fact, I was going to do my labor day shopping at Ultra but everything I needed was cheaper at Jewel.

Are "discount" stores cheaper if you aren't trying to do super-couponing?

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answers from Chicago on

I agree with you about Jewel. I recently started super-couponing and am loving it. I do get groceries really cheap at Jewel and Dominicks. It's like having a second job:) Interested in seeing what others have to say.

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answers from Chicago on

Which Aldi's have you gone to? I save a lot of money by buying soups, pastas, laundry detergents, etc. Probably 25 percent of what I paid before at Jewel with coupons. However, you have to shop all sorts of stores, for all sorts of deals. And around holidays Jewel and Dominick's do have all sorts of items for sale. Especially pops, beers, meats, etc.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Yes Jewel is more expensive, but the things they place on sale with coupons, you can get super cheap. If you don't coupon, then aldi's and sam's club are the way to go. I do a lot of couponing, and certain things i still find cheaper at aldi's or sam's. I typically purchase my meat at sam's club, as that is cheaper there.

Jewel is place things on sale that coordinate with the holidays to draw more people in. If you watch what you buy there and only buy what's on your list,or what you have a coupon for, you can save money, and see that it is worth it, but if you go off and start buying other things, that's when the total goes up, and you spend more.



answers from Chicago on

You can do really good at Jewel if you buy on sale and if you have coupons. The downside is that since you are already there, more than likely you are going to pick up things that you need that are not on sale. That is where you really get dinged at the check out. Never been a big fan of Aldi. I shop Food 4 Less for things like bread, veggies (they have an awesome produce selection) and lunch meat. Frozen goods are cheaper as are condiments (and I'm talking name brand not store brand). At their deli counter you can get a pound of meat for what you spend on a half a pound at Jewel. Bobacks ham is 3.98 a pound! If I spend $100 there my cart is full. But, your right some things at Jewel are cheaper. Somethings I buy I cannot buy at F4L so I go in to Jewel to buy. I buy my meat at Jewel (have always had good meat, chicken there) and I buy my eggs there. I have tried buying eggs other places but my receipes don't seem to turn out right. (I think it has to do with size) I have never been one to go to more than one store, but it is really paying off. Oh and you have to watch what Jewel you shop at (if you are buying stuff that's not on sale), believe it or not some Jewel stores are cheaper than others on everyday things.! I live a block away from a local Jewel but the other Jewel (in our town) a little further away has lower prices that are marked "offer only good at this location" or sometimes not marked at all but are still cheaper. Crazy. Happy shopping! :)



answers from Chicago on

You are right on the pricing at Jewel being in-line with their competitors when on sale. What their competition advertises is their everyday price- which they rarely actually charge. It's a perception issue. If you want the cheapest groceries- Costco or Sam's are the best deal. The thing about it is you have to be willing to buy the brands they sell and you need to go through those quantities. Aldi should be cheaper, but we shop at Costco and get brand names for Private Label prices.

Target and Meijer everyday have lower prices but if you buy on promotion at Jewel- you won't be wrong. However, for everyday purchases you can coupon at Meijer and Target and win out over Jewel or Dominick's.



answers from Detroit on

For my family, it depends what I buy and whether or not my family will eat it. Aldi is great for stuff like condiments, milk, toilet paper and spices. I don't get my meats from them. I prefer to get my meats from the independent grocer as opposed to the national chain grocery stores too. I find that the meats are fresher and better tasting; of course, I pay more. Now, for condiments and other things that you don't eat, I've found the store brands to be comparable to Aldi's or even better than the Aldi's brand. I'm not a super-couponer who spends several hours on coupons because most of the stuff that they offer coupons for in the Sunday circular is stuff that I don't buy because I know my family wouldn't eat or use it, so it's a waste of space and money. Almost 95% of the stuff I buy, I know we will use. I save money couponing if I use my Sunday coupons to buy stuff at Walgreens or CVS such as laundry soap, toilet paper, tissue, paper towels, diapers, and once in a while, soups, cereals, coffee. I've gotten some very good deals there because the store has an item on sale and there is a coupon in the circular giving me additional savings. I'm not loyal to any one particular store, so I pretty much know what I want and where to go for what I need. I too love Trader Joe's. They have some good quality foods at a good price.

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