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Updated on March 20, 2012
C.L. asks from Boston, MA
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I am a working mom and hating it. I have a one year old daughter and I want nothing more than to stay home with her. When I am home with her, I feel so fulfilled and happy. I strongly feel that my calling in life was to be a stay at home mother. As much as I want to stay home, I don't think that I can swing it financially. So I am trying to get a part time job that pays decently. I am an elementary school teacher in New Hampshire and I am looking for a part time teaching position or some other part time job.
Please help. How easy is it to get a part time teaching job?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

What about tutoring?

For me, I had a 15+ year FT work history when I decided FT was not for me. My boss was happy to keep me PT, but I can see that might not be an option for teaching.

I'd look into private tutoring, cyber schools, job-sharing (does that even exist for teaching? idk), learning support centers (Sylvan, Huntington, etc.).

IMO, daycare is going to land you right back at FT, but at MUCH lower pay.

Good luck! PT is such a better fit for me--love it! No regrets!

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answers from Boston on

Unfortunately, it usually isn't that easy to find a part time job that pays well. Most public school jobs will be full time, but you might be able to find something part time in preschool or kindergarten. If you worked in a daycare center, your daughter could attend at the same time. This probably wont pay that great though. If you had back up care for your daughter that is flexible, you could be a substitute teacher. That way you could decide how many days to work. Of course that isn't going to be set income because it could change week to week. Since you have a teaching certificate, you could look into tutoring. I've seen a lot of jobs for tutors and those tend to pay well. You might also want to look into Sylvan. Good luck!

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answers from Hartford on

I was going to suggest the tutoring option too - although you will be away from home and generally after school hours when those types of facilities are open. As a teacher you have lots of skills that people would be looking for such as organization, writing, etc. You could possibly get in to some type of free lance work doing newsletters or clerical work that could be done part time from home. Substitute teaching is good too but you must have reliable child care that can vary day to day. Good luck.

*** I had some other thoughts after I posted my original answer. I was going to mention direct sales - which I am in. I sell home decor- but there are two great companies that I can think of related more to your teaching background- Discovery Toys and Barefoot Books - these are companies who sell quality children's toys and books. You could make some money and still use your education expertise - get out of the house and meet new people and still be home with your child.



answers from Portland on

I know a couple of teachers in my city who work as much as they want as substitute teachers. One of them said he could work full time if he wanted which he didn't want to do. He could work when he wanted and tell them no when he didn't.



answers from Providence on

I'm in the same boat, but I'm a SPED teacher. I was hoping for something ideal, but after two years still havent found it. Tutoring can pay $30 an hour, but you have to figure out child care and get enough hours to make it worth it. day to day subbing may pay $75 a day, but if you get a temporary long term job for a couple of months, you can get at least $200 a day since they will pay you at least step 1. the other ideal job that I was hoping for was job sharing with another teacher, but those are hard to get approved. good luck!

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