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Updated on January 16, 2011
V.B. asks from Mesa, AZ
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Hi ladies! (and a few gents) My husband just got in to NAU (YEA) but now we have to pay for it!! I googled college scholarships and I'm overwhelmed! There is so much that comes up! So, my question for you...
Do you know of a great web-site that helps match you with a scholarship? Or is there another better way to find scholarships? How were you successful at finding a scholarship?
I do know about FAFSA, we are in the gray area where the government says he makes too much money to get that money, but there is no way we can pay university prices without going into debt.
He did get good grades at the community college level (mostly A's a couple B's) hopefully that will help.
Thanks so much!!

*Update - No, he did not get an AA and we already checked with NAU, the program he is going into doesn't have much scholarship money.

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answers from Denver on

You didn't say if hubby has a degree or not.

If not, you may not be grant eligible based on your EFC (expected family contribution) however, he would still be eligible for subsidized and unsubsidized federal student loans. If your EFC is over say 6000 you are not going to be grant eligible. As in independent undergraduate student he'd be eligible for 9500 (minus fees) the first year.

That said, it also depends on what his outstanding loan balance is. He can check this through An independent student can only take out up to 53k (ish) in government student loans.

Do not expect scholarships to cover much. I would start with He can spend his entire time in college applying for scholarships and his financial aid plan will be adjusted as they come in.

Check with the university to find out what merit based scholarships they offer. Most do.

** Most state monies run out this time of year so it's hit and miss at most colleges. I checked out their website and found a couple he could probably apply for.

The next alternative is to either make cash payments to the school to cover the balance of costs or to apply for an alternative education (private) loan. These usually require, good to excellent credit, a yearly income of 12k or more, commitment to pay interest while in school, and/or a credit worthy co-signer. It looks like the school's cost per credit is about $340 so the likely hood of covering it with grants and scholarships is pretty low.

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answers from Chicago on

fast web is good. another place to watch. get your local newspaper and they are listed in there from time to time. also go to all the local highschool websites. go from there into academics and usually there is a list of local scholarships. most of them are specifically for seniors but sometimes they are open to seniors, returning students and senior citizens etc.... some are based on income level and some just on grades etc. also put in the words scholarship and whatever it is he is going to school for. example scholarship actuarial math... (thats what we had to put in for my son lol) he found lots of little scholarships of $500 and $1000 a year but those add up. since my sons tuition was 38,000 for each of the past 4 years those little ones made a big difference. good luck.

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answers from Washington DC on

If he's already been to a community college, he should contact that school's financial aid or job help office and see if there's already a resource he can use. I suspect that community colleges are use to students transferring and may have resources for a student moving to another school.


answers from Dallas on

The college should have some good info from the financial aid office.

Our 16 yr old is interested in DUKE and we've already been given the early application, anticipated expenses and scholorship opportunities via her academics, orchestra and cheerleading.

We had no idea there was so much available. We've been saving thousands per year to make sure she is fully funded. It would be fantastic is she gets scholarships and can use the monies left in her funds for her children someday.

Good luck to your hubby!



answers from San Francisco on

Yup, we're in that grey area too. Try Fast Web.

However, it does seem that most of the scholarships are for high school students. It might be harder to get them in community college.

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