Finding a List of Uniform Elementary Schools in West Pembroke Pines, Fl

Updated on August 25, 2008
E.M. asks from Pompano Beach, FL
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I want to move to Pembroke Pines, FL, but I must find the elementary school first then I can look for an apartment to rent. Where can I find a comprehensive list of elementary schools even for Broward County?

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answers from Miami on

the libraries offer statistical information. thats what my mom did when we first moved to south florida she looked up the A Schools in good areas at the library, but by now you can probably look them up online. Matter of fact she works for the school board now so I can definitely ask her.

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answers from Miami on

Go to At the top of the page click on the tab "school locator". It will ask you to type in an address. Once the information is entered it will tell you what school you are zoned for. You can then go to school info. Click on elementary schools. A list of all elementary schools will appear. Click on the ones you are interested in. Many of them have websites that you can get from that screen. Good luck in your search.



answers from Charlotte on

Not sure if this will help you...but you can go to and they will list all the public schools. You can even look up which school you would be assigned to by entering your address. I have 2 boys in 2 different elementary schools and both are uniform schools.



answers from Boca Raton on

Just Gooogle them hope that helps



answers from Miami on

You can contact the school board; you can go on their website for Broward County Schools or you can look them up in schools department in the yellow or white pages. Pasadena Lakes is a great school. My friend used to teach there; she left to pursue other career goals.

Good Luck;


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