Financially Managing Part-time Job and Child Care

Updated on April 05, 2007
M.S. asks from Flower Mound, TX
5 answers

I am really interested in finding a part time job for an additional income and a chance to get out and about. I am currently a SAHM for my daughter who is 2. I am wondering if it is feasable to work part time with a child in daycare and still come home with a paycheck. Our family lives too far away to babysit for us. I thought about working in the evenings when my husband comes home, but I haven't found anything. Any recommendations??

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answers from San Antonio on

I work part-time. I work T/Th 10:00 to 2:00 while my kids are in Mother's Day Out and M/W/F 6:00 p.m. to 10:00p.m. while my husband keeps the kids! I work in an in-bound call center--it is NOT telemarketing. I take phone calls for hospitals. Email me if you would like more information.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi M. - I'm working in a start-up company and we're looking at needing to hire some secret shoppers to shop daycares within the next few months. It's flexible - and will probably pay $25 per shop, which should take approx. 2.5 hours to complete. And you can bring your daughter (as hey! you're posing as a mom who needs daycare!)...we're just starting to gear up for outsiders to join us and we just a few days ago put up the application to fill out to become a MomCheck Agent (secret shopper). You can go to and fill it out if you're interested. If you want more details (as there isn't much on the website yet) don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Thanks! S.

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answers from San Diego on

Hi M.!

I am an Independent Jeweler for Premier Designs and I would love to chat with you! Even if you're not a "sales person", that's okay because the jewelry really sells itself! I work full-time at Nokia in addition to my Premier job. I do Premier because it's tons of fun and it brings in a good amount of extra money for me and my family. I work when I want to - days, or evenings, or weekends! There are no quotas, so you're never pressured with how much needs to be sold. You work at your own pace. Sometimes I take several months off at a time and that's okay. There is no management to tell you how to do your job and supervising you - it's YOUR business.

I earn 50% profits from all my shows and I get paid THAT NIGHT. You don't have to wait for Premier to send you a check. Please contact me if you'd just like to hear more of what Premier can do for you. I can go on and on!! :-)

[email protected]




answers from Dallas on

How about Kohl's? They have late shifts and early, early shifts and weekends. If you could work it out with your husband, even if it's only a few nights that he is there to take over when you work.



answers from Dallas on

I'm a new Independant Arbonne Consultant and have had just fallen in love with the business. I know network marketing companies can be kind of scary, and I was leery at first, but this is really doing incredible things for our family.

Definitely do some research! You can check out, or let me know if you're interested in knowing more.

God Bless,

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