Financial Aid--Thinking About Going Back to School

Updated on December 08, 2012
J.D. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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I was thinking about going to school for computer programming. I was wondering how financial aid works? I couldn't afford school on my own and I'm sure my husband would be willing to help me out. We have separate savings and checking accounts.

I have been unhappy at my job lately and I need to make a change, I think. I don't care for my Supervisor and I don't feel as if i'm being treated like I actually know what I'm doing. I am very good at what i do and need little assistance.

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answers from Cleveland on

Financial aid is a little paper work but worth it if you want to go back. You school should have a department to help with applying. The websites have probably changed since I went. Good luck!

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answers from Seattle on

My DH went back to school for a degree in programming. He went to a public university, so things may be different from state to state and if you are looking at private schools.
He never applied for anything else other than FAFSA. Here the school automatically applies all the grants and scholarships they offer.
We did have to apply for childcare aid separately though. He got a mix of grants and subsidized loans to complete his degree. He was an excellent student and had a job lined up that he started the day after graduation, 6 months lather we paid off all of his student loans.

I went back to school a year after he graduated, I am almost done. Even though our income is almost double of what it was when he went to school, I also get a mix of sub. loans and grants. I am also a good student and I did receive some additional merit scholarships that I had to apply for - no more childcare help though, we make too much for that now.

I would recommend that you fill out a FAFSA and then talk to an financial aid adviser that the school you are looking at. 10 years ago I though it it would never be possible for me to return to is tough, but worth it!

BTW we both took community college classes (that we paid for out of pocket) for a while before jumping back in full time! I STRONGLY recommend that for you to find out if the major is really what you want and whether being an adult student is really for you!

Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

You will need to fill out your FAFSA. I would Google it I am sorry I don't know the exact web sit. I think its You will need you tax information to do this. You will also want to contact the Financial Aid office at the school you are wanting to go to. There could be institutional aid that you can qualify for as well. And if it's a state school you might be able to get extra grants as well. The FA office will be your best tool though. You will need their school code I believe when you do your FAFSA as well. So if you know where you want to go get that and fill everything out. Don't leave any information out and be totally honest so they don't select you for verification. That makes the process drag out longer. I work for a university that's why I know some of what you need to do.

Good luck and God Bless!!!

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answers from Detroit on

Do as much research as you can. Research the school (are the credits transferable, do they have enough support and flexibility for working parents), the degree (so many fields are saturated right now), and any type of scholarships and grants you can apply for. All of my classes were online, and it's nice for flexibility, but the classes are a lot tougher (in my opinion).
I finished my associates in 2011. I was recently laid off and the jobs pertaining to my degree start out at much less than what I was making. I qualified for many grants and scholarships-however my student loans are
still pretty hard to manage.
Good luck- don't forget to check and see what your current employer can help with!



answers from Honolulu on

Ask the school that you have been accepted to.
Or research it and also look for grants.
Finding financial aid take a lot of research.

Computer programming, has to be something you REALLY want to do. Because, once you commit to school and the tuition, if you are not REALLY into it, you will waste your money.
My Husband, has a degree in Computer programing. It is arduous.
Are you good at math? Do you often do computer programming just for fun or as a hobby? Have you ever done it before????
Are you a "techy" or just want to try, computer classes?
Is this for a 4 year or 2 year degree????

Before you commit to school, and its tuition, you need to know for sure, what exactly you are interested in. If you just hate your job and want a change... then does that really mean, going back to school for 4 years or more and making that commitment, or do you just not like your job and can look for another job????

Are you in the Tech field now????
Or not?

Financial aid can cover some of the tuition costs. It is not completely free.
You will still have, probably, tuition to pay or school loans.


answers from Washington DC on

Talk to your school's financial aid office. You will need to fill out a FASFA form, just grab last years tax forms first, you'll need them.

I used financial aid for my undergraduate degree and my graduate degree. My school helped every step of the way.

Good luck!!



answers from Seattle on

You can go onto their website and they have a fill out sheet that you can fill out and see if you qualify.

You should also talk to a counselor at the school and see if you can set up a time to meet with them. They will help you find out what classes you need to take, and everything you need to know. They can also help you with the financial aid as well.

Good luck!!



answers from Appleton on

Call the school and set an appointment with a financial aide counselor.



answers from New York on

Go to the school's website first and then to the financial aid office for advice.

Good for you!!!

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