Fifth's Disease and Pregnancy

Updated on May 09, 2008
R.B. asks from Decorah, IA
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My son's best friend has fifth's disease and his mom called me yesterday to let me know since they are contagious about 14 day's before the rash breaks out and they even know they have it. chances are that all of the kids will come down with it since the child is here everyday playing. i looked up on the internet and found that its nothing to really worry about with the kids. but with me being 23 weeks pregnant and i read that it can harm the baby. i called the dr and the nurse had me come in for a blood test and it was found that i am not immune to it so i have a chance of catching it also. they said it can cause severe anemia in the baby but not always with me. it didn't show up on the test if i had it or not, but my cell count was up but that could also be from just getting over a cold. all she said was wait to see if i come down with it in the next couple of weeks and talk to the dr when i see him for my check up on the 30th and he will answer all my questions then.

here is my question... has anyone dealt with this while pregnant and how did or didn't it affect the baby? should i trust the nurse and wait until the end of the month to do anything? how would they check the baby to see if it is affected by this?

i know im jumping the gun a little because i have up to two weeks until all the signs will show up if any of us do get it or not, but i guess i would rather be prepared in case than when that moment happens. i guess im afraid that i could have it and since it takes two weeks for the symptoms to show up and something happen with the baby in that time and im not even realizing it before i go to see my dr at the end of the month.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I know what you are going through!!! I too was exposed to Fifth's disease (my daughter had it about three weeks ago). I'm currently only 15 weeks pregnant which makes my exposure around 8-12 weeks. Thank goodness my test results revealed that I was immune but I had a ton of questions for my doctor just in case I wasn't! She told me that had I been past 12-15 weeks at the time of exposure she wouldn't even test me since it's most worrisome in the first trimester. Since you are 23 weeks along I wouldn't be as concerned. Plus, with all the research I did myself (and again the questions I asked my doctor) I found out that even if you are not immune, the chances of having complications from it are slim. There are also cures for fetal anemia these days. Take a breath and slow down. There's nothing you can do right now but worry and that will make things worse (easier said than done, I know!). I hope things turn out ok for you!!!

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When I was pregnant with all my kids I was near someone with rebella and had a slite rash but when tested it showed my body did not take to the rebella shot you get when vacinated. My son has ADHD and allergies but I never related the 2.

My sister was pregnant and got rebella and didn't know it and it caused her daughter to be deaf.

Not sure what fifths disease is, but I think its cruicial in the first 3 months. after that the risk is low. Hope that helps... and best of luck on your little girl... PINK you can buy PINK!!! i loved having a girl. J.



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I was exposed to it with my 2nd son & I had to get an ultrasound every month. Everything was fine they just did the ultrasounds as a precaution. I think you should be ok waiting until the end of the month especially since your kids have not gotten it yet.



answers from Minneapolis on

I could have written this a few years ago myself. I was about 25 weeks pregnant and my sons best friend had 5ths. They were playing in the sprinkler and spitting on each other. I thought I was doomed. I had the test that showed I had never had 5ths as a child (which was a shocker to the drs, since most poeple catch it and dont know it) The internet is a scary place. Chances are everything will be fine. It is transferred by saliva, so just be careful to wash and not share. The drs had me come in every 3 weeks to be retested and it always came back fine. I dont think their is much they can do to check the baby. Who knows though, technology changes so fast. There isnt much you can do at this point, so try your best not to stress yourself out. I know that is easier said than done. Good Luck!

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