Fifth Disease. - Saint Petersburg,FL

Updated on March 04, 2009
S.A. asks from Saint Petersburg, FL
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I think my daughter has Fifth disease. Can anyone tell me what to do? I don't think the doctor can do anything since it's a virus. I just want to make her as comfortable as possible. And how long does the rash usually last?

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answers from Sarasota on

Fifth disease can also be to Roseola. Go to and check out Roseola. They have a lot of the same sysptoms but Roseola seems to be less severe. My daughet had it just a month ago. If it is roseola, the rash only lasted 3-4 days and it was completely gone. I hope this helped. Good Luck!

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answers from Fort Myers on

one of the kids i babysat had that and her parents didnt take her to the dr because her older sister once had it, and the dr did not do anything for her. instead they just kept her home, hydrated and as comfortable as possible. she was 3 i think at the time. she actually felt ok, it just looked bad, and she would have a low grade fever. good luck!

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answers from Punta Gorda on

Hi. I had 5th's disease at about 35 years old. I felt like I had horrible arthritis. And yes a rash. There is nothing the Dr. did for me, and I don't remember if I took tylenol or something for the discomfort. The rash didn't bother me, but I was horribly achy. It is contagious I THINK.... if I remember right. I would just ask about tylenol.... the Dr. or a pharmasist.

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answers from Tampa on

S., one of my step daughters had that many years ago. i am not sure what to do about it but, i (would) either take your daughter to her dr. or at least call them. they might be able to give you info/and advice over the phone.

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answers from Tampa on

Keep her away from all pregnant women. If she has been around a pregnant woman in the last 5 days, let them know so they can contact their OB. It can cause someone who is pregnant to miscarry.
I would take her in to make sure that is what she has...all these rashes look alike. although this one looks like you have been slapped repeatedly. You just want to make sure its not hives. I thought my son had Fifths, it turned out to be hives...benadryl got rid of them...he was allergic to augmenton.


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