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Updated on October 20, 2011
F.C. asks from San Fernando, CA
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My little boy has his field trip this Friday to UCLA and he is so excited, He wanted for me to go with him and his class but unfortunately I was not given the time off and have to work. But I wanted to pack him a special lunch and I need some ideas I was thinking Subway sandwich ???

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answers from Albany on

Aaaaw, if that's his favorite go for it. And maybe a little note too? I bet he'll have a blast and have so much to tell you when he gets home! Don't feel bad mom, there'll be more trips, plus sometimes we learn more about our kids when we're NOT there, you know?


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answers from Milwaukee on

They love lunchables too. Theres one that has a bottle of water in it an dyou can drop color into it.

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Washington DC on

When I pack field trip lunches I try to keep it as mess free as possible.
- Jelly sandwiches (there are peanut allergies)
- bologna/cheese
- chips
- a snack size candy bar
- juice box
- yogurt tube (you can freeze them, have them keep the sandwich cold, and they are ready by lunch time!)
The trips I've been to we've either eaten on the grass, on the floor, or on the bus. Not usually at tables.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Definitely put in a handwritten note with a cute drawing or stickers. Our daughters love when I do this. Our 8 year old has saved all of her notes since she was in Kindergarten. Now she has a shoebox of "love notes" from mom. So precious!

If he likes Subway, then that would be good. Otherwise you could make a sandwich from home and use a larger cookie cutter to make a cute shape. Not sure how old he is, so maybe that wouldn't be fun for him???

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answers from Louisville on

Unless you get it the nite before, don't know how you'd get a sandwich - yours there must open early! (one does here, breakfast sandwich only so I've been told)

No age here - but do you have any place that carries the flat bread in the shape of those goldfish??? Thinking will be making little one one of those on her field trip! (be aware, the bread isn't cheap - I splurged!)



answers from Los Angeles on

Add a special Love Note that is attached to his "dessert" so he thinks sweet thoughts of you loving him, when he is eating sweet things.

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