Fever in 9 Month

Updated on February 07, 2011
R.. asks from Cleveland, TN
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At what point would you take a 9 month old to the ER for a fever? What are some of your remedies for bringing it down? (we have done Ibuprofen, cool cloths, and a lukewarm bath. That has been keeping it under control, but if her temperature spikes again I want to run her in. She got up to 103.7 earlier, but I was able to get that down with the bath and it hasn't spiked again. (yet) Am I being overanxious? I am planning on taking her to the doctor if her temp doesn't go away by tomorrow, but I was just wondering what other mothers think needs a trip to the ER.

ETA... the way her fever has been going...

4:30am, woke up with 103.2, gave her ibuprofen, took it down to 102.2, so we let her sleep, and kept watch on her. It fluctuated a lot in the 102s, but didn't go over 102.7 We pushed water, she ate her normal meals, and she slept quite a bit. Around 5:00 spiked to 103.7... so we ran her a cool bath and that took her back down. She has stayed in the lower 102s since then, so we are hoping it did break. She just got done dancing to the superbowl's halftime show, so she is definitely acting like she feels better...

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So What Happened?

Well, her fever was down to 101.8 when we put her to bed. 101.3 this morning, and it went away by noon. :) Thanks for the help mommas!

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answers from Raleigh on

I agree with what you are doing. Definitely take her to the doctor tomorrow if she has fever at all tomorrow. Both my little girls were sick last week with fever spikes of 102.5 and 103.4, but they had fever EVERY day for 4-5 days. They had strep and flu and needed an antibiotics. Thankfully my 10 month old baby boy did not get it! Also, don't be freaked out if she gets a rash after the fever goes away. It might have been roseola. Just another virus. I'm sure she will be better soon if she is dancing, just continue to watch her tonight. :)



answers from Topeka on

I would say that you are handling things correctly. The fever is actually a sign that her little body is working to combat whatever is going on that it doesn't like. As long as you can bring the fever back down when it goes over 103 I would say you are perfectly safe to wait until tomorrow to give her doctor and call and see what he/she has to say. Just keep an eye on her...as long as there are no other alarming symptoms then I think she is doing fine. And if she was dancing along with the half time show she can't be feeling too horrible...lol.



answers from Cleveland on

how long has she had the fever and where is at now? I would take her if it at 102 or higher and she has had it for more then 6 hours



answers from Portland on

I suggest, based on her continuing to be active that you don't need to be so concerned about her fever. 103.7 is not dangerously high. You're treating the fever and keeping it under control. She remains active. I know it's hard to not be concerned but with a few experiences of this happening you'll realize that she's OK.

The doctor will look at her, say, yes, she has a fever, and recommend that you continue doing what you're doing. A fever is a good thing. It means that her body is fighting off germs, probably a virus for which there is no treatment. We just have to wait a virus out.



answers from Boston on

I don't judge by fever alone if the child is acting well then I don't go running to the er or doctor because they aren't goin to do anything besides say it's just a virus push fluids so sh doesn't dehydrate. If they are acting real sick (lethargic, getting dehydrated, severe pain, wheezing, etc) then I will go to the er. If her temp goes higher as long as it comes down after treating then it's okay to stay home as long as she isn't acting very sick. Hope she's feeling better today.


answers from Modesto on

Keep her dressed lightly, just wrapped in a light blanket to starve the fever. If you can get her to drink some water flavored with a little juice that would be great. 103 is pretty high and scary, it may have broken already since it got that high. I always did the lukewarm bath and took it slowly down to cool. Keep placing a cool cloth at the back of her neck, under her arms, on the bottoms of her feet, and then back to the forehead. Sleep is her greatest healer, so whatever you can do to keep her sleeping uninterrupted is a good thing. Fluids and sleep. But if it gets back up to 103 it might be a good idea to take her in... I dont know what they would do tho, maybe call and ask an advice nurse. if its something you can do at home why go to the hospital?

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