Fever for 6 Days?

Updated on February 15, 2007
M.W. asks from Bremerton, WA
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Last Thursday my 8 month old daughter started with a fever. Over the last 6 days it's ranged between 101-103. She's had diarrhea on and off and throwing up on and off. It is so sad, she just lays on my shoulder and sleeps. She won't play with toys or eat baby food. I took her into the doctor yesterday and she didn't have an ear infection so her ped thought it might be a UTI or kidney problems. He took blood and urine, but they came back clean. Last night after giving her tylenol her temp was 97.7 so I thought she was improving. She even ate some baby food and played a little. Last night her fever came back and this morning it was 103.

What could be wrong with her? What are some good questions to ask my ped when I take her back in this morning? This is the FIRST time she has EVER been sick and it's so scary.

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So What Happened?

It was rotavirus. Thank you for all the suggestions. Apparently it's pretty common and almost all kids have had it by the time they are 5. It's supposed to only last a week or so, so hopefully we are on the last few days.

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Oh poor thing.....that doesn't sound like much fun....do you think she may be cutting teeth? My son ran 105 degree fevers from teething....the fever could be making her not hungry and could also cause vomiting and diarreah.....hope shje's .362+3636

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My friends baby has had this befor, and it was the whole ball of wax too, fever, vomit, diareha, dehydration...

I would ask about that too

Good luck I remember the first time my baby got sick I was so terrified. Hang inther what ever it is it'll work it's way out.
YOu could also ask to see a differnt ped or even go to an after hours clinic..


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It sounds like she is teething. If she is this is something that will happen off and on until they break though. Kids to have a higher fever than we do, so even though it sounds bad, she is not in immediate danger. The flu is the other thing that can cause it.

There is one thing that it could be but I think she is too young for this to be an issue. Have your ped check appendix. It's sneaky and some of the signs are what you are going though.

I personally think its teeth. Is she chewing on her hands or a toy?

Hope this helps and good luck

L. C
Personal Nutritionist



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Hi M.,so sorry your little one is sick.ask your pedi if you can alternate tylenol and ibprofen that helps the fevers because one ibprofen is every 6hrs and tylenol you can do every 4hrs so as her body is coming off the ibp the tylenol will be given to kick in. the other thing give her pedilyte it gives them the minerals back to them that they are losing from the diarrhea. ask your doc and ask if you can give watered down cranberrie juice they might even have it in the baby isle with the formulas.but it sounds like she has the stomach flu. good luck



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This sounds a lot like when Ava came down with Hand foot and Mouth disease. They did all the tests and everything came back clear.
Keep an eye out for really red gums that are really swollen. it is very passable so keep her away from other kids.
I will tell you it is awful, but it is good to know what was causing the fever.



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Have the doctors tested her poopies? She could have bacteria (nick name: Cediph / big name: Cediphociel (spell?)) in her poopies. Does the diarrhea smell unusually bad? Is it supper watery with flakes and yellowish/tannish coloring? That's an indicator of the bacteria/or virus. There is a medication that can help kick it out of her system. It's hard to fight with just an infant immune system. Even some adults need to take the med. The bacteria can accumulate because of a big hit to the digestive system such as the stomach flu. If she has been vomiting and diarrhea'ing becuase of that, it could be that the bacteria has just been able to get a foot hold. It can cause the problem to continue. In order to come out of it, she may need the medication and she should eat/drink yogurt with live cultures. The yogurt will rebuild the flora that has been flushed out. I know she's young and may still be on formula or breast milk, but you should also ask her Doc if it would be OK to give her some Apple-cranberry juice (watered down). Cranberries can smoothe the intestinal walls so that bacteria or parasites can not latch on and thus, flush out.

I really encourage you to ask the doc about cediph (pronounced: See dif) it just might be the thing that's preventing her from getting over the stomach flu.



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Get a second oppinion. It is extremely dangerous for a baby to have a fever for so long. Cool baths will help in lowering the temperature, but becareful in the types of medications you are giving her. There could be van allergic reaction going on due to the medications she is taking. Or even the food she is eating. Ask the Ped. to do allergy tests. And if you have to take her into the hospital. fevers are super dangerous!!



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Hi M.,
I am not a Doctor but i have seen cases like this at the hospital and they appear to be "Gastroenteritis" We usually define "diarrhea" as stools which are watery or nearly so. "Watery" means that the stool has no "chunks" in it, and if she have been with diarrhea for 6 days you should ask her doctot for stomach flu is known medically as "gastroenteritis" if so they need to test her stools.Strictly speaking, vomiting is a forceful ejection of material from the stomach. It can be caused by stimulation from something (infection or other irritants) in the stomach, on its way to the stomach, or beyond the stomach in the intestines. It can also be caused by many other things, but here we'll stick to the stomach/intestinal causes, in particular the infections that can cause both vomiting and diarrhea.
and also how long the fever? Fever often, but does not always, accompanies gastroenteritis, we see children who have both vomiting and diarrhea. Besides being really miserable, vomiting makes gastroenteritis harder to treat because a vomiting child cannot keep fluids down and thus becomes dehydrated much faster.
you need to contact the doctor again.
let me know any news.



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It's probably just the flu. This is a nasty one. My daughters was the same. 100-103.5. Up and down. She would sleep on me, and throw up with diarrehea...the works. Fevers are good to help fight off a virus or bacterial attack on the body. Our body heats up so our immune system can see the virus and attack it better plus the virus can't survive as well in the heat. It just sucks that they are so uncomfortable.

Watch her temp though. Babies should really go higher than 103 without concern. Don't feel the need to feed her if she's not hungry. Feed a fever is just a old wives tale. Juice and water when she wants it. Sips or tiny ice chips. Forcing food can make her body work harder on digesting and bowel issues than on fighting the cold. If the fever is too uncomfortable or reaches over 103, you can rotate motrin and tyenol. Tylenol every 4 hours, Motrin every 6. For this nastry strain of the flu, taking both Tylenol and Motrin is what kept my fever off. I had a 104.3 and I guess I was starting to say cooky things.

Also, if she can't keep her medication down, you may need to consider fever reducing suppositories...if that's how you spell it. I never got to that point but my doctor said vaseline and insert. Yikes but if it helps, right???

I wish you the best. It can be scary. Trust your instinct.

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