Fetal Heart Rate at 14 Weeks?

Updated on January 08, 2011
M.D. asks from Union City, OH
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Hi all! I am 14 weeks pregnant and for the past few days my babies heartbeat has only been measuring in the low 130's. I know they say that the 120's to 160's is fine, but I am also having some moderate tenderness in my lower left abdomen. I have an appointment in 4 days with my midwife. Does that heart rate sound ok? Should I just wait to give the office a call?

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answers from San Francisco on

That heart rate sounds fine, and there are so many things going on with your body that you'll get pains, twinges, and such. BUT!!!!!!.... don't underestimate your internal gut feelings. If you feel something is not right, go to the Dr. You'll regret not going and hate yourself if something happens between now and 4 days from now. A quick call to the office doesn't hurt for a professional opinion.

But... for all you know its indigestion! :-)
Good luck and congrats!

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answers from Norfolk on

I would call the office and talk to a nurse to see what she thinks. If you are using an in home fetal heart rate monitor you might not accually be hearing the babys heart beat but your own. When I was around 15 weeks i borought a friends heart rate monitor. Its really hard to find the babys heart beat with one of those yourself. I couldn't find it. I only got my own which was around 125. So I wouldn't be to concerned.



answers from Philadelphia on

My daughter's heart rate was always in the 130's. Sounds perfect! try not to worry. The tenderness could be just ligament pain. That baby is stretching you out. I had a weird, annoying, uncomfortable feeling in my belly button when pregnant.



answers from Cleveland on

I'm sorry but technology is great but it has made us so crazy too. I swear I had less too worry about with my kids. I would not want to be pregnant today. I would have a nervous breakdown at every step. Sometimes too much details is too much. If you are high risk then I hope everything goes well with you. Our emotional and psychological health is just as important. So learn to relax. Try meditating or praying. It helps a lot.



answers from Austin on

I am a midwife and your babies heart rate is normal. Tenderness can be any number of things, your uterus stretching, or urinary tract infection are the most common.


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