Fetal Heart Cyst on Ultrasound

Updated on February 14, 2007
A. asks from Euclid, OH
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Hello everyone- I am asking this question for a dear friend of mine. She recently went to get an ultrasound and the doctor told her that there was a cyst on the babys heart. He actually blew it off and said it's very common and not to worry. I've never heard of this and I tried researching online and couldn't find one thing about heart cysts. My friend does not have good insurance, so he didn't even suggest getting another ultrasound down the line. Has anyone ever heard of this before? If so, could you tell me what happened in your case? Any info would be appreciated. Thank You.

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answers from Cleveland on

Tell her to get a second opinion, it'll make her feel better, and spending the money out of pocket is better than not, besides, most insurance companies pay for more that 1 ultrasound because the average is 2, I had horrible insurance, I MEAN HORRIBLE INSURANCE, and I had to get 6 untrasounds, they payed for every single one, they were seen as preventative.



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My friend found two little cysts on the heart at 20 weeks. The sonographer (not her doctor) pointed them out and basically induced a panic. My friend was distraught.

As a result, she wound up having a 3d ultrasound a week or two later. The doctor also said it was fine and that the sonographer was in absolutely NO position to make any sort of remark or diagnosis of any kind.

Now, at 31 weeks, my friend's baby shows NO SIGN of the two little 'spots' and seems to have a healthy pregnancy.

If you're truly concerned, get a second opinion, but in her case it really was no big deal.



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Tell your friend that Sanford Brown University (Cleveland Area), always wants people to volunteer for ultra sounds. This is a teaching school for technicians and they are taught by a doctor so it is very legitimate.

If she wants to get another ultra sound done then I would suggest calling there for an appointment. There is no cost to it and you have to let 3 or 4 people look at the ultra sound but it was the best thing for me when I wanted to know the sex of my baby and at my one shot to find out she played shy.

I hope this help a little.



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At my 20 week ultrasound the doctor identified a echogenic focus (cyst) on the heart and another spot on the brain. The doctor was not concerned at all, but of course I freaked out. I had a second ultrasound with a perinatologist who said everything was fine. He explained that many babies have these spots as they are developing and they often disappear. Because ultrasound technology is more advanced than it used to be, these spots are more apparent and cause more moms to freak out. They almost alawys disappear. My baby was born perfectly healthy. I konw your friend will worry, but let her know that it is common and most babies are born completely fine. Good luck!



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I don't know anything about cysts on the heart, but I will say that anything of the sort is very terrifying to hear.......

I & My Sister-in-law both (which made it slightly easier to digest for me) in our ultrasounds (Only on our 2nd children)were told that they seen calcium spots on heart of the baby.... Which could mean several things: Down syndrome, heart problems, and many others..... However, we were both lucky and it was nothing at all!!!!
It doesn't make it any less scary, but have her talk to the doctors and make them keep her updated and informed on what is going on.... Make them explain everything to her, because she does have the right to know what is going on with her body & her baby.....



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hun only thing i can think of is take the child to childrens hospital .hope everything is ok woth the baby take care

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