Fetal Fibronectin Test (For Pre-term Labor) Was It Accurate?

Updated on December 18, 2012
K.F. asks from Keller, TX
10 answers

I am 31 weeks pregnant and having contractions so my doctor has put me on Tributaline to stop the contractions. He also gave me the Fetal Fibronectin test which he is claiming will tell him if I will go into labor in the next few weeks. He is telling me to stay off my feet as much as possible (pretty impossible when you have a three year old at home!)I'm wondering if any of you have had this test done to see if you were in pre-term labor and if the results were positive did you deliver early. Oh, BTW I was on Tributaline with my 1st pregnancy and delivered at 36 weeks a healthly baby...they did not do this test though. TIA

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answers from Dallas on

Hi K.,
I was on the same medication and was given a FFN every 2 weeks for 6 weeks. It came back negative all but once. I delivered early but was induced. From my understanding the test only tells you if you have a chance of delivering early within a two week period but it doesn't tell you that you won't. It's very ambiguous. At the same time I was in and out of the hospital with contractions, bedrest, taking that test, high blood pressure, etc. my girlfriend was too. She was also given that test. It was positive and she didn't deliver early. I think it's just a precautionary test for your ob's reassurance. That way, they can watch closely your signs of preterm labor.
I wouldn't stress out about it.

Good luck - take it easy - and enjoy!

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answers from Dallas on

HI -

That test is really standard and just gives an indication on early delivery...doesn't give the exact day. I'm assuming if it is positive he'll do what is reasonable to keep the baby in as long as possible (like bed rest, maybe giving you steroids for baby's lungs, etc.). My results were positive and I ended up having my twins at 28 weeks and I was also on the Tributaline for a while. My girls are fine now (thank the dear Lord!), but having a preemie in the NICU is no fun, so if you're able to stay off your feet then do so! :) Hang in there and best of luck!

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answers from Dallas on

My friend had her baby a few weeks ago and she had been in the hospital since January. The last month she was on the same meds for CTXs and the Ffn Test did come back positive. BUT it had been positive for weeks. I don't think the test is 100% accurate, but I think it's a good indication of what your body is starting to do.

If you can make it to 35wks, you can probably be assurred a healthy baby! My DD was born at 35wks and she was PERFECT! I'm currently 35wks today with #2 and I had that test done at the beginning of March, it was negative. No baby thus far!!

Best of luck to you and I hope baby can cook for a bit longer!

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answers from Dallas on

I feel for you, I had to have terbutaline for 5 weeks with my last baby, every 4 hours, around the clock. I can't remember if I had the fibronectin test, actually, I think we were going to take it at my next dr. visit but she was born at 37 weeks, very healthy and strong. I had terbutaline with my first baby also, but only for 3 weeks.
I just wanted to encourage you, since I've been there! Stay off your feet, drink LOTS and LOTS of water, lay on your left side and drink some more water!!! It seemed to help lessen the contractions.
How far are you dilated?

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answers from Dallas on

Hi K.!
I went into pre-term labor and was put on the same medication. Not fun; racing heart and jittery. Sorry. I never had to have to test done but 2 good girl friends did. I think it's suppose to tell you if you will deliver in the next 2 weeks? Both of their tests were positive and they both did deliver within 2 weeks. One of the girls had her son right on her due date and the other had her son 5 wks early. (she was on the same medicine and bed rest for weeks) The premie was ok, just low birth weight but because of the test they were able to take all of the precautionary measures. Good luck and hang in there! :)

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answers from Dallas on

I cannot attest to whether positive are accurate or not, but I was given the test and the results were negative and I did not deliver early. I know that is not very helpful to you though. For positive results, usually the only action they take is to give you the medication that causes the baby's lungs to develop very rapidly. Since that is really the only action that they take I would try to not stress out about it. I hope that the medicine works for you and does stop the contractions, if they are real contractions. I am assuming that they hooked you up to a monitor to monitor your contractions. I know that I had contractions for SEVERAL weeks before I delivered and I really thought that I was going into labor so many times. That is why they gave me the FFN test. I am surprised that your doctor gave you that medicine before getting the results of the FFN test. That seems odd to me. I really thought they usually waited to give that after positive results, especially since they get the results so fast. I personally would really be certain before I took that medicine. Good Luck! I pray that it all works out well for you!



answers from Seattle on

i am 30 weeks and i have had the test done every 2 weeks since i was 22 weeks. I have had contractions my family claims they are Braxton Hicks. But i swear there not my Doctor has told me that the accuracy if the test is very good. When i went into pre-Term labor the gave me Tributaline. And i have not yet had my baby. My doctor said if i go into labor after 36 weeks or after she will just let me.


answers from Dallas on

I did it ALL!! I had the tributaline pump, P17 injections weekly and steriod ingections and Precardia and the Fibronectin test didnot start until I was 24 weeks and I got those every 2 weeks. One of the times it came back positive and that was done in the hospital becasue I was having conractions nthat where not going away with my tributaline pump so I had to be admitted for 10 days and was given mag to help with the contractions. But I think the test is just for the Doc to keep a better eye on you and see it's 98.9% accurate.....I think/???Something like that..Any how good luck it's better safe then sorry. I sure know how you feel. My baby is now 17 weeks old and doing great!!!



answers from Amarillo on

Ok it was like 25 years ago and did not know they still used that drug for pre-term labor. They did not do any test to see if I might go into labor if I stopped taking it but we have come along way in medicine since then. I went into active labor in my 4 month and they tried all the normal things and could not get it stopped so they admitted me to hospital and started me on the med. I stayed on the med for the remainder of my pregnancy with no problems. The baby was born happy and healthy and to this day is the same. My question is if you are taking the med and not having labor then why test to see if you might go into labor. You obviously will or you would not be taking the med. If they did an exam and you are not leaking fluid and they hooked you to the fetal monitor to check for contractions and you are not having any while on the med Personally I would leave well enough alone. There are women who start labor 2 months before delivery and they just monitor them and the baby. I went to the doctor every week for the last 2 1/2 months and if they determined my labor was getting to heavy again they put me in hospital with foot of bed elevated to help stop it. Good Luck



answers from Lubbock on

I did have the test done and it showed I would have a premie but all they did with me was to put me in the hospital and give me steriod shots to strengthen her lungs and I was in my high risk doctors office every other day hooked up to a monitor for awhile. I ended up in the hospital two times before I had her and give the steiod shots. The funny thing is that we ended up inducing two weeks before her due date because of swelling. I'm not sure thry gave me that medicine, but I don't think so. They did tell me the test was not that acurate, but I think you should do what your doctor says to do and the advice about about drinking lots of water and laying on your left side, it really helped keep her where she was suppose to be until it was safe to bring her into the world. It's funny she kept trying to come early and then when it was safe, it was like she decided to stay after all and when she was born, she glared at me like "Hey I was happy there and what did you do?", it was hilarious. I hope all goes well, TJ is 7 and a very happy and healthy kid. Take care, good luck and you are in my prayers.

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