Fertility Testing/treatment at Age 36 - Rochester,MI

Updated on January 27, 2012
M.M. asks from Detroit, MI
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Have you been thorough fertility treatment? I'm 36 and we have been trying to get pregnant for four months. I realize this is not excessively long, but at 36 I'm already thinking of next steps for help. I am tracking CM and my cycle is so regular, I'm sure we're getting the timing right. I have no idea how the process works, how long you have to wait to begin, and where they will start. My question is: how much can my regular OB/GYN do, and at what point does a fertility specialist have to come into play? I'd love to hear your experiences with this.

It took 8 months to get pregnant the first time (my son just turned 3), but my husband had just had a vasectomy reversal when we started trying and I think a bit of that wait was his body getting back up to speed.

Thank you!

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So What Happened?

Well I'm convinced. Thank you all! Checking on insurance coverage and then will make the call.

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answers from Detroit on

Go to iVillage and join a forum. The mothers there for trying to conceive are soooo helpful and informative.

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answers from Janesville-Beloit on

We switched to a fertility clinic after about 6 mo with our OB, and if I had it to do again I would have switched even sooner. Even if you don't have major fertility issues, you will likely get much more personal care (at least we did) and they just have more expertise in fertility and all of your options. If you are feeling like time is an issue, I'd look into a fertility clinic soon. Good luck!

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answers from San Antonio on

We got a referral to a fertility clinic after about 2 years of active trying, 8 years of "if it happens, it happens". Was the best thing we ever did! We got in to see them after about 2 months, and, since most testing had been done over those 2 years (hubby and me), we started the IVF process within 6 weeks of our first visit. 2 Beautiful miracles later, not one regret.
Good Luck!

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answers from Seattle on

Your first step should be to have DH's swimmers retested. That is relatively cheap and fast. Especially since your cycles are regular and it's been three+ years since the reversal... There is a possibility of scarring that may interfere with his fertility.
If that is not an issue I would suggest not trying to work around your OB but seeing a specialist right away. They will start off with some bloodwork and ultrasound and go from there.
Good luck.

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answers from Houston on

It's never too soon to consult with a fertility specialist. My husband and I did it about a year before we required assistance. (We knew that we would require assistance, though, so we weren't trying before then.) I got pregnant at 36 on the second go-round.

My husband didn't understand why we should talk with them then, but he got it as soon as we started talking. The fertility specialist can get the conversation going faster and deeper than your ob-gyn, cut right to the chase answering your questions in a way that the ob-gyn simply cannot. The fertility specialist will start at the very beginning and tell you step by step what to do and what to expect.

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answers from Detroit on

If you think something is wrong than it probably is. I had to wait 6 months after never protecting ourselves for 3 years just to take my Basal temperature, etc. etc. etc. We then, because of insurance, had to go to my primary doctor to get a referral to an IVF clinic and the first IVF cycle didn't work - had to go for a 2nd try and it DID WORK. Your OB/GYN is NOT a fertility specialist. He/she will probably tell you to do exactly what you are doing - she may do some blood work to narrow it down - you could have something very simple that a blood test could discover. I am exactly opposite of you though - we struggled for 3 years for my son then my daughter surprised the heck out of us 5 years after that. Good Luck...

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answers from Detroit on

It seems like after the magic age of 35, it's recommended that a couple seek fertility help after 6 months of trying rather than a year (for younger folk). So at 4 months, you're nearing the cutoff anyway. I have struggled with fertility issues (I am 36 too, and am now 14 weeks pregnant after fertility treatment) and I can tell you from experience that it was very helpful going to an expert. My OB is wonderful but her strength lies in delivering babies, not creating them. A fertility expert will be able to better discern the root of the issue (if there is one) and then suggest the most appropriate steps for you.

Best wishes for your baby-making! :)

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answers from Dallas on

Have no experience with this, but if you can get a hold of the book "Taking Charge of your Fertility" it may help. The window of fertility is small, so 8 months is probably normal. If anything, his swimmers should be tested as he's the one who had the vasectomy. It's a lot easier to make sure his boys are cooperating than for you manipulate your hormones. Good luck!

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