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Updated on April 18, 2008
E.S. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hi - I have been married for five years and have been TTC. We started going to a doctor in Dec. 07 and have started Clomid since then. I recently bought a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor and is going on my third month and still no luck. Any advice? Any experence with the Fertility Monitor and/or Clomid?

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So What Happened?

I want to think everyone for their advice and comments. I was really overwhelmed form the great response I got. I will take everyone comment in mind. Thank you

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answers from Dallas on

I did try Clomid and it didn't work for me. After 3 intra-uterin inseminations we opted for IVF. We now have a beautiful baby boy. I used www.mymonthlycycles.com to track my cycles. It was so helpful. I also used fertility strips that I got online. If you are interested in that site pm me and I will send you the link. I also got pregnancy test strips from there too. They were unbelievably cheap. Don't give up...it will happen. At least you're not 37 like me! A friend of mine also ended up doing IVF at the same fertility doctor; she is about to have a baby this month and I can give you his name if you are interested in that too.

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Hi E., have you try a natural product? I know there is one fruit that it's a miracle for any kind of problem special for fertility. The name of the fruit call ACAI from Brazil, you can find only on MONA-VIE juice.

Here it's the website for them, if you decided to buy you can help me , I will get a commission from the company. this is my ad # 630823 if you order. I was Animic for 9 years take and doing all the doctor told me to do and my colesterol was up to the ruff, but nothing works and my husband was have Pneumonia one after the other and his doctor told him if he have one more that was the end for him.

So both of us start to take the MONAVIE juice and we start back in Oct/07. my colesterol was back to normal, I'm not animic and my husband doind very well.

If you go to the site you will see , the big thing with the monavie juice it's about Fertility and Cancer.


If you have any question, feel free to email me.

Thank You.
C. DeRuisseau

PS. If you are from DFW Area in Texas, I can let you try the juice before you buy to see if you like it first

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Hi.. I have experience with Clomid before.. I had second child from it..

Once u take clomid, u should feel hot flashes once a while bec it sign of ouvlating. and when U wake up, stay still and take temperature and record the temp each day and u notice if it gets higher and higher.. means u are oulavating.. and u try to have sex for 3 days in row and keep up the track of temperature til ur day of period cycle. if u notice ur temperature is dropping.. it means it tells u the cycle is starting.. so try again.. keep take clomid and keep temperatures track and recorded.. then if u see it stable temperature.. it sign of possiblity of pregnant..

I took that but it too hassle but it worth it.

Good Luck..



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I did one round of Clomid, used the monitor and charted my temp. I have PCOS so I wasn't ovulating regularly and had extermely irregular cycles. Not sure what's causing your problems, but for the PCOS, my dr. put me on Metformin for about 4 months before I did the Clomid and the Metformin helped to get my cycles regulated. Then, once we used the Clomid to help me with the ovulation we had success with just one round. I really liked using the monitor and charting because it gave me a backup just in case one or the other was off. I didn't know if I could completely trust the monitor since I had never seen it reach peak ovulation since I wasn't ever releasing an egg until I used the Clomid. Hope this helps and good luck!!!



answers from Dallas on

With my first husband we tried for several months to get pregnant with no luck.

So now with Hubby #2 i wanted to make sure i was going to have a baby. We bought the clear blue easy Fertility Monitor and on month #2 we were pregnant.

I mean i read all the books on how to get preg. what positions was better, how often and so on. i kept track of my temp the whole nine yards!

Good luck!!!



answers from Dallas on


You are very young. You have much time. You already have a child. It would seem your obstacles are few. I recommend you start evaluating your body more naturally and determine where the imbalance is. Any symptom is simply a signal to you of imbalance. View it as an opportunity to LEARN something about yourself and where you are in your life. Listen to it and try to bring it back into balance. For example, how does getting pregnant again make you FEEL. It must be somewhat daunting to think about doing it all over again now that your first child is 8. It must have been hard to have a child at 16, and go through all the very tough stages of early childhood. How does all of that history make you FEEL about getting pregnant now. It has nothing to do with your love for your current partner and conscous desire for more family. Of course you want this. But is there maybe a little teeny weeny part of you that thinks "gee, maybe I'm not ready to do all that again"? These may not be your feelings, but they are an example of the type of emotional ambivalence that can impact fertility.

Did you see the response from the mom who had a low thyroid that nobody checked? This is common. They are quick with the drugs, and slow on the uptake when it comes to improved health. Improved health, both mental and physical well being, is your ticket to a successful pregnancy and child.

Recommended reading for you:

Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup
The Whole Person Fertility Program by Niravi Payne
The Fertility Cure by Randine Lewis
Wise Woman for the Childbearing Year by Susun Weed

For practitioner's in the area to help you understand your preconception health better and all the many factors that can and will impact your fertility (e.g. ovulation cycle, hormone levels, anxieties and worries, nutrition, sleep issues, relationship issues, etc.) you might try Dr. Margaret Christensen. She is at the corner of White Rock Lake Trail and Walnut Hill. She will get you on the right track to understanding your body. Ask to be put on the waiting list. If they can't see you, which I doubt, ask for another referral to someone likeminded.

By the way, if you properly understand your body signals, you should be able to tell when you are ovulating without the help of strips, test kits, sonos, or psychic consultations. If you don't, you have some work to do in understanding your very own miraculous body that you walk around in every day. Oh, and don't ask your ob/gyn for help with this. They don't understand it either. Start with Dr. Northrup's book, available at most Half Price Books and Sam's; she will help you with that. Highly recommend this book and all others by Dr. Northrup!!

Joy to you and your family!
Good luck!!



answers from Dallas on

i have heard really mixed reviews on the monitor. Most people say it's not worth it. I did Clomid and I did ovulation strips. I bought them from babyhopes.com. They are cheap, very sensitive, super accurate, and come with some really detailed instructions so you don't end up doing 'the deed' on the wrong days. I got pg off them and so did my SIL who only has one tube, went through 2 cycles of IUI and was told she couldn't get pg without IVF. First month she used the strips, she got pg and miscarried. Once her dr told her she could try again, she used the strips again, got pg, and her daughter is now 1.5 years old.




answers from Dallas on

I used Clomid in 2001 or 2002. But, my doctor monitored me with sonos so I would know how many eggs I had, etc. Is your doctor doing that? He also would tell me based on the sonos which days to have intercourse.

We ended up moving on to IUI and IVF when that didn't work. Back then they monitors were available but were super expensive. It wasn't as mass produced then. I did take my temperature every day and that helped.

Then, I went to a new doctor that told me my thyroid was low (I can't believe nobody checked that before!).

I ended up getting pregnant on my own after that. Actually, I personally believe it was through a new attitude of prayer, but that's another story. :)

The Clomid gave me such horrible mood swings I couldn't handle it after a couple tries.

After my first child, I just never got back on birth control and got pregnant with my 2nd one after about 3 years, which was great timing for me.

Please be careful with the Clomid if they're not monitoring you. I almost had to cancel one cycle because I had produced like 7 or 8 eggs! Turned out most of them didn't develop correctly or something (I can't remember now why) and he let me continue.



answers from Dallas on

Hi E.. I also went through infertility, TTC 3 years. We were successful after our 1st round of Chlomid! (it gave me abdominal cramps that hurt like no tomorrow---but it worked!) I am glad to see that your doc has given you a year to conceive on your own and now is working with you through medical intervention. I also tried for years the natural way, doing cleanses and eating only organics to try and rid my body of the excess estrogen which was keeping me from ovulating. I had one successful pregnancy that didn't sustain b/c of a progesterone imbalance. Finally I gave in and took chlomid. And while on chlomid my doc did bloodwork to ensure I ovulated. Your doc should be able to tell you which days you should TTC based on what day you are ovulating each month. If he's been monitoring for a year he should know this. But clearblue easy did work, showed a positive surge when I ovulated (reaffirmed by my bloodwork). The thing is, you should have intercourse two days prior to ovulation as well as the day of and two days after. Once I ovulated I started on Prometrium (progesterone) and took that for 3 months. And I am happy to report that my baby is due in 9 weeks. On another note, you have every right to want another child. I had my first at 19 and she is 12 now. Having a child already didn't stop me from wanting or deserving a child with my husband. And she was SO lonely as an only child. I hope I have been able to offer something helpful. Also, remember to rely upon God's promises. In Exodus 23:26 God said "There shall be no one miscarrying or barren in your land; I will fulfill the number of your days." Claim his promise for your life. God bless you and best wishes!



answers from Phoenix on

It took us 2 1/2 years to get pregnant. During that time we saw two or three different drs till we found one who was able to help us.

For me, Clomid did nothing. I might as well have eaten m&ms! What symptoms are you having (besides not getting pg). Do you cycle regularly? Are your hormones in balance?

Although its been a few years since I was in the 'infertility loop', I'm sure I could at least give you a little guidance, such as things to look for, things to try, questions to ask your doc, etc. Feel free to send me an e-mail!



answers from Dallas on

After TTC for 7 years and waisting LOTS of money, I would recommend going to a reproductive endorcrinologist. We spend a fortune in pregnancy tests/ovulation tests, had every test done to both of us, took several rounds of Clomid, had 3 or 4 IUI procedures done by Ob-gyns who "specialize" in infertility. It was the endocrinologist who found the real problems, addressed them, and we were pregnant with the first IUI. I don't think you are supposed to have more than 3 rounds of Clomid.




answers from Dallas on

I was put on clomid and had to use a fertility monitor as well. In fact, I had to have progesterone shots to even have a menstrual cycle once I got off the pill. I went 7 months with no period, which meant I also wasn't ovulating. The first month on clomid, I got nothing - still no ovulation. However, the doctor upped my dosage of clomid a little the second month, and it worked! We were pregnant with twins in no time. Has your doctor upped your dosage at all? There is the chance of multiples with any dose, but it might help kick start your body... it worked for us!! :)



answers from Dallas on

I don't wish to alarm you, but Please go as soon as possible to a reproductive endocrinologist / fertility specialist. You should be checked out for Premature Ovarian Failure. It's something people rarely know about, and it can happen at any age. a regular OB/GYN may shrug this concept off as you are too young and that it is rare, but truly, it happens. google it for more info. It happens quickly - within months, and you need to be really careful if they are starting you on Clomid already. Best wishes to you!



answers from Amarillo on

My Fertility specialist said anymore than 50ml of clomid will not work any better than the 100 or 150 ml doses, so we tried a new drug after 3months on clomid and no baby. Letrazol(sp?) and it worked the 2nd month out combined with hcg injections within 24hrs of ovulation, no AI either, but that would have been the next step. Our little lady is now 2 1/2! Good luck and keep trying! Oh, I have Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome with insulin resistance being a factor in the infertility problem, they also had me taking Glucophage daily during the time I was trying to concive, once we had a positive test I was immediately taken off the Glucophage.



answers from Dallas on

Hey there, I just wanted to say don't give up trying and also don't be so anxious about TTC. I was where you are now about 4 years ago. It takes a few months for the clomid to regulate your body. It worked for me on the third month and it worked for my best freinds on the forth and fith months. So don't give up and just relax and let the medicine do it's job, God will let you know when it's the right time!



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Are you having day 21 progresterone tests each cycle? Are they coming back at good levels? If not, you might be resistant to Clomid. I took Clomid for four months (increasing the dosage each month) and still had low progesterone levels at day 21. My doctor put me back on the lowest level of Clomid and added a drug called Femara. I got pregnant right away (and then again right away the first time I used that drug combo following a miscarriage). Obviously everyone's body is different, but if Clomid is still not working for you after a few more months, ask your doctor about adding another drug - there are a few different ones that can be used in conjunction with Clomid. Good luck!

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