Fertility Issues/questions While Trying to Get Pregnant Again - Please!!

Updated on October 08, 2007
K.M. asks from Frisco, TX
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I had one my first of several fertility doc visits today and wondering if any mom's out there can respond with some of my questions and concerns I have.

In my case, since having an etopic pregnancy this year, it was recommended to me by my ob/gyn that I see a fertility specialitist and since we had been trying for almost a year and were not getting pregnant.

So, on my first visit today, I had the blood test (also the 2nd day of menstrual cycle) and the nurse just called and gave me my results. She talked so fast and in jargon I could barely comprehend so I will do my best in laman terms to ask you what all this could mean. I questioned her more than once, but still don't have the background to fully understand what it all means?

1. In my case she said the estrogren count was high - and that could be the result that this month I have a cyst and so, they want to test me next month. If it is elevated again, next month then we will have to visit with doc and discuss -- who knows what? And, my count for my egg viability was 5.2 (which is supposed to be good -- she said, you want it to be lower than 12). But b/c the estrogen was high - perhaps the egg viablity score was being suppressed. Has anyone had something like this happen? If my estrogen remains high next month does that mean that I can't get pregnant naturally - and would I have to consider IVF? What role does estrogen play in all this? She did say that my dh and I can resume our own sexual activity to try and get pregnant on our own this month, however, from her perspective, my numbers don't represent the ideal scenario for me to have the shot to induce ovulation. What does that mean? I am very concerned about my age and egg viability being 38 years old.

2. Next week I am supposed to have a hysterosalpingrography done and she still wants that to remain on the schedule. I am super nervous about this invasive procedure.....very nervous!

3. So, if there is no blockage in my fallopian tubes after my procedure next week, should we try on our own to get pregnant?

Has anyone come close to a situation like this? Or can offer me guidance and advice while I am on this path....thank you so much!


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answers from Dallas on

I can't answer your questions but wanted to direct you to a website that may be helpful:


It's been awhile since I've been to the message boards, but when I used to frequent it I found the information quite helpful and the members knowledgeable.

Also, I've had the hysterosalpingogram and it wasn't nearly as bad as I was afraid it'd be! I just took a couple of Advil beforehand.

I wish you the best of luck and lots of baby vibes! :)

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answers from Dallas on

The only thing I can relate to is the procedure you are scheduled to have in #2. I had that done quite a few years ago. If I remember correctly the procedure itself was not painful. However, I wish I would have had my husband go to the doctor with me to drive me home. I felt fine until I was walking out of the office and I started to cramp. Now, every month I cramp really badly so I don't know if that added to my particular situation or not. But, for about 2 hrs after the procedure I did not feel very good. I just felt like I was going to be sick driving home, very crampy and just felt lousy. But, it only lasted about 2 hrs because I remember that I had Meet the Teacher (I was the teacher) and I still went and I wasn't feeling bad.

I wish you the best with everything. Keep up your faith. My faith in God and the fact that He has a purpose and a time for everything is the only thing that got me (us) through our infertility issues.



answers from Dallas on

I also had an ectopic pg on my first pregnancy and lost one of my tubes in the process. After two years of trying, I had the procedure to check my other tube and make sure the one was completely blocked. My doctor told me that this was the beginning of the fertility treatment and would at least let us know that the one tube was ok. He warned me before the procedure that sometimes this "cleans everything out" and that I could get pregnant right after the procedure. I had the procedure in late May and got pregnant on July 4th weekend! The procedure is not bad - just a little uncomfortable. I had some cramping and bleeding afterward, but nothing that was untolerable and look what I got out of it! My daughter is now 7. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Hi, K....

I don't have a lot of info to share about your fertility questions, other than to say that one of my cousins tried for YEARS after the birth of their 1st son to get pregnant again, without success. They finally found a dr who determined that it was a hormone level problem (maybe estrogen? My aunt never did elaborate.). They got that problem corrected, and she and her husband had 2 more little boys!

My advice to you after reading your request is to MAKE your dr/staff talk to you in terms YOU understand. When they use a medical term you don't understand, stop them *right there* and say, "I don't understand what that means. Can you translate it into English?" (Most medical terminology comes from Greek and Latin.) If they don't, then ask your regular OB/GYN for a referral to another specialist, and explain why you are wanting to change, or come back to mamasource and ask. (I also use webmd.com a LOT.)It is your RIGHT as a patient to CLEARLY understand what is being said to you about YOUR body. This applies to every doctor you see.

I'm praying for you that you and your hubby can get pg again!
Best Wishes!! ~J.~



answers from Dallas on

I don't have any advice or can help you decipher what all of the info means, but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for the loss of your pregnancy. I, also, have a 2 year old and we lost our 2nd baby in May. We've been actively trying since then, but God has not blessed us yet with a pregnancy. My cycles have been a little whacky since the misacarriage, so I'm hoping this is our month, or else I'll be making a doctor's appointment next week. Any way, I just wanted to tell you that we're in the same boat (kind of) and that I'm sorry. Good luck in trying to conceive- just have faith that God will bless both of us with babies soon!



answers from Dallas on

Estrogen dominance:

You may cramp excessively from the hysterosalpingogram. I would suggest taking a cramp and pain reliever with you!!! I nearly puked from mine, but worth knowing my tubes were fine.

If your tubes are fine, there is no reason you shouldn't try, but your estrogen levels will probably keep your lining from thickening properly for implantation. If they find the same results next month, Dr. Douglas will prescribe meds to counteract the hormones.

Good luck on the HSG!!!




answers from Dallas on

We went through quite a bit of infertility testing and procedures when ttc our first son (had shots and induction of ovulation and IUI to get pg) and just started the process again when we got pg with our 2nd (naturally). I would think that if your estrogen is high again that they might treat you other ways before jumping into IVF. I had the same thing happen one cycle. That cycle we went ahead and had the shot to induce ovulation and had an IUI. I didn't even ovulate that month, so I see what they are saying about that (Not ovulating is very rare for me) My numbers did go back to normal the next month.

I had the HSG procedure done twice and while it was a bit uncomfortable, it was really a very simple procedure. Just be sure and take ibuprofin before hand and you should be fine!!

By all means try to get pg after the HSG!!! My doc said that you are the most fertile the 3 months after one b/c it basically cleans you out!! You can start trying the month of the procedure b/c (if I remember right) they do it before you ovulate just to be sure they don't mess up any possible pg. If your dr. doesn't time it this way, please insist that they do.

BTW, I was 34 when I got pg w/#1 and 37 with #2.

Good luck to you, I will keep you in my prayers.



answers from Dallas on

Hi K.,

First off, I am so sorry for your loss. I miscarried (7 weeks) on July 16. I know how you feel. I have a 2 yo son but I am older, 42. I don't know much about the estrogen level but I do know that the hystosalpingogram (which I think you are referring to) is really no big deal. I had it done in 2002. If you need to go through IVF, it will be for the best. Remember that as we get older our chances of getting pregnant on our own are much harder. After 35 we are considered old. Sorry to be so blunt. E-mail me off line if you want to talk. ____@____.com Who is your doctor?

Relax, Relax. You will be fine. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know what happes if you would like.




answers from Dallas on

Hi K.! I had the hysterosalpingrography procedure done and it wasn't as bad as I feared.
Is your Dr. a reproductive endocrinologist? After dealing with infertility for 7 years, we finally heard about a R.E. in Carrollton and it took 6 months for us to get pregnant. He used the IUI with our son(at 35 yo) and our twins(at 37 yo). It is much easier and less expensive than IVF so I would ask if that is an option. I had to give myself shots (not fun) to produce more eggs and the shot to induce ovulation. I believe it was 24 hours after the shot, they did a sono to see if I had ovulated. Because I had, they were able to do the procedure. Thankfully, with both pregnancies, we only had to do the IUI one time.
One thing I learned over the years was to ask lots of questions. All that information at once can be overwhelming. If you think of questions after the call, call them back. Don't worry about being a pest or sounding dumb.

God bless!



answers from Dallas on

I saw a specialist when I was 42 after two miscarriages. She gave us a 5 percent chance of success with IVF. However, she told us we could continue to try on our own. All the IVF and pre IVF procedures were too scary for 5 percent. Anyway, she said to start trying 10 days after my last period, for every other day for ten days. We half heartedly tried for a few months. My daughter is almost 11 months, no IVF or anything. You're young. Although your loss is painful, hopefully it was just a one time thing. Everyone says this, but try to relax.

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