Fertility After Mirena

Updated on May 29, 2009
J.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Hello Ladies,
I'm wondering if any of you can share with me how long it took for you to become pregnant after you had your Mirena IUD removed? Also, how long did it take to start getting your period again (if it had stopped)?
I really appreciate your answers!

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answers from San Diego on

I had my IUD removed in July 08, and was pregnant by Oct 08. I started my period again right after the IUD was removed. Good Luck!!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I did exactly what you're thinking about. I had my Mirena removed and got one period about 3-4 weeks after removed and was pregnant the following month. So I was pregnant about 6 weeks after the Mirena was removed. The doctor said that there would be no delay in getting pregnant once removed - not like the birth control pill where it can take a while.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I've heard different things but it should be a couple of months just like with normal bcps! Good luck!



answers from Santa Barbara on

I didn't have a Mirena, but I took some Damiana tincture daily and got pregnant really quick



answers from Los Angeles on

My best girl friend had hers for two years before trying for #3. She was pregnant within 5 mos. It took two cycles (longer than prior to Mirena)before she was "regular".

#1: Pregnant within a month after going off the pill
#2: No pill, took a year and a half to get pregnant.
#3: 5 mos. after Merina

I think everyone responds differently....

I hope all goes smoothly for you!



answers from Los Angeles on

I got pregnant with baby #2 nine months after I had the Mirena removed. As I recall it took about 3 months to start a regular cycle again. We weren't trying to get pregnant, but we weren't being careful, either, just letting nature decide. (Maybe it would have taken less time if I'd been paying attention to my cycle).
Best wishes for your expanding family!



answers from Las Vegas on

I had my Mirena removed in December 2005. I had it for just under 2 years (and hated it, but thats a whole 'nother post!). I had my first real period Jan 30. (I spotted a bit after removal, but it was not a real period) That whole cycle lasted 56 days and I got my second period on March 27. Every cycle after that (I was charting so I have them all!) lasted between 38 and 58 days. Before the Mirena I had 29 day cycles. I did not get pregnant until October 2007, so just about 2 years after the Mirena removal. My ob/gyn suspects the Mirena had something to do with our secondary infertility. I got pregnant with my first after a month of trying.. then TWO YEARS to get pregnant with #2!!

After my second was born I was not willing to risk my fertility again because I was planning on another child in a couple more years so I was not on any bc, just using the withdrawal method, had an oops, and got pregnant when she was 7 months old, I am due in October!



answers from Las Vegas on

I currently have a Mirena in, so I can't help you personally, but my good friend had hers in for just under three years and was able to get pregnant the first month after she got it out.

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