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Updated on May 29, 2010
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I am currently trying to get pregnant with my third child. We have been trying since late December, and nothing. My other 2 children ages 4 and 1/2 and 2 took about 6 mos. and 4 mos. to concieve. My periods had always been irregular (other than when I was on the pill), but became much more regular since having children. I have not been on the pill at all for about 18 mos. (was on it while breastfeeding my son, but then stopped). Anyway, my cycles are really long (usually 5-6 weeks), so it is very discouraging each cyle that passes not being pregnant again. We have tried ov. predictor kits on occasion, though it gets expensive (helped concieve my daughter) and we have sex every other day for most of the month. I guess, at this point I am just wondering if anybody has had success with natural methods to improve hormone balance, ovulation, or overall fertility? I should add that since having my son, I actually lost wieght (especially in my boobs) while not trying to! I eat a relatively healthy diet, but do indulge in ice cream and love carbs. I'm probably am considered underweight, though I eat a ton and have a high metabolism- I have succeeded gaining a little wieight recently, though havn't really changed much of my habits. I have heard of the supplement Vitex helping, along with things such as green tea that may help. Any other ideas?

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answers from New York on

Go to this website for affordible pregnancy tests and ovulation predictors

I have been buying urine tests from them for years. I am very type A and if I am a day late I like to know there is a test in the house. Since they only cost like $2 a test I don't feel bad about blowing them. It helps my freak outs. For me they have been very accurate, I have two kids and they came back positive twice! I assume the ovulation kits are the same.
Make sure you are taking a vitamin with 18g of zinc. I have heard that helps too.

good luck!!



answers from New York on

I can really recommend acupuncture and herbs to get your body into balance.
I just had my second child last October at the age of 45. I saw an acupuncturist and herbalist for about a year before I got pregnant. I really noticed my cycle (and hormones) balancing out and just an overall benefit to my health. I was on some pretty intense herbal treatments for about 3 months, and I really noticed a difference afterward, but the subtle treatments really helped me as well.
I ate ice cream and carbs., but I cut back on processed foods as much as possible and ate as much fresh fruits and veggies as possible and tried to eat whole grains instead of highly processed grains. (I cut back on sugar, but I didn't cut it out completely).
I would suggest seeing an acupuncturist/herbalist that specializes in fertility. They can help select the herb/supplements that are right for YOU and the issues that you are having with fertility.
Also meditation and prayer helped me a lot. While the acupuncture herbs and healthy diet balance the body, meditation, yoga, prayer, and chi-Gong can balance the mind to help your fertility and overall health. You can find things on youtube and at the library so you don't have to spend a lot of money.
It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what supplements to take, what foods to eat, what foods not to eat, what things to do or not do while trying to get pregnant. Just do the things that feel right for you and make sense to you and try not to obsess to much about it. Keep faith that a higher power will guide you in making the right choices in your personal journey. Only do things, read things and listen to things that lift you up and make you feel youthful and vital. Send feelings of love and gratitude to your body for giving you your other children and believe that it can do it again. (I hope all this doesn't sound too hokey, but I really do believe it helps)
Other recommendations:
Book-The Infertility Cure by Radine Lewis
Free newsletter- http://www.anjionline.com/
All the best of luck! Let me know if I can pass along any other info!



answers from Dallas on

This is just my two cents worth, but have you considered going to an infertility specialist? They can do sonograms to see what day of your cycle you are on and tell you what the optimum time to have sex and conceive is. My periods have always been abnormal i.e. never have one and then have one for 2 months. The infertility Dr. helped aid in finding ovulation and my fertile times. That is how I got baby bean #1 and we will be trying for baby bean #2 shortly.



answers from New York on

Just to clarify someone elses answer... hypothyroidism can cause fertility issues but does not cause higher metabolism and weight loss that is caused by hyperthyroidism which also causes fertility issues.
So think about getting your thyroid levels checked and also maybe your estrogen and testosterone. There are chinese herbs (I do not know the names) for the hormone levels and any thyroid issues are easily corrected with medication.
Good luck



answers from New York on

Have you had your thyroid checked? You could have hypothyroidism, which increases metabolism. This could explain your losing weight without trying. Also, thyroid problems can interfere with getting pregnant.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Have you tried charting your temp? Basal body temp chart for your cycle? It took me 18 months to get pregnant with my son and I charted for the last 3 months of trying and it really worked...I was skeptical about it.


It is work but it is something to consider.



answers from New York on

We have the book The Infertility Diet by Fern Reiss, which compiles a lot of research in terms of which foods encourage fertility (for example, garlic and cruciferous vegies) and which to avoid (most green leaves like parsley/basil, also peas...). and I also think green tea helps.
good luck!



answers from Albany on

The only thing I can tell you is don't drink green tea while you are trying to get pregnant. I don't think I realized this in my other pregnancies but with this one I learned you aren't supposed to drink anything that has to do with antioxidants because it can affect the baby's development.

Have you talked to your GYN to see if they have suggestions? Perhaps they need to get you on a fertility med that would put you on a schedule.

Best of luck!



answers from Buffalo on

www.fertilityfriend.com helped me learn more about my body and cycles and really helped me get in tune with my fertility...
ovulation strips are really cheap on amazon.com if you buy in bulk - check out www.peeonastick.com - the cheap ones work just as well if not better than the expensive ones!
i've heard acupuncture works well but never tried it!
Having bloodwork (like someone said - thyroid being unregulated can hurt fertility) is a good idea!
We tried for 3 years before we got pregnant with our twins last July! Good luck!! :)



answers from Boise on

I love acupuncture!!!! I had infertility too - irregular periods. Nothing helped fix me but acupuncture. Conventional medicine got me pg through IVF, but were diagnosing me with early menopause. No more early menopause after acupuncture!

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