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Updated on November 09, 2007
H.G. asks from Haverhill, MA
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I have extrememly irregular periods and used Clomid to conceive our first child, however it had not worked this time around to stimulate an ovualtion. Really do not want to go thru fertility clinics!
Has anyone heard of or used Ovulex? Its suppossed to be a natural fertility aid.
Or have any other suggestions?

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answers from Boston on

Hi H.,

I've never used Ovulex but I did go to an acupuncturist who in addition to using me as a pin cushion gave me herbs to brew and drink every day. She's absolutely wonderful and owns Coastal Acupuncture in Beverly Farms. My husband & I had conceived our oldest naturally and tried everything (including fertility drugs ) but acupuncture worked! Our baby is 16 months old now. : ) I heard about acupuncture for infertility from two friends and they both used it to get pregnant. Good Luck & God bless!

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answers from Pittsfield on

i would suggest seeing my partner who is a chinese herbalist, does acupuncture and neuromodulation. he has spoken many different things about theis issue and it all seems really wise to me. you could try that as well. we live in worthington and he sees people at our house. it is worth a shot for something so hugely important for you. those are my thoughts. there is a lot you can do to change the underlying root cause.



answers from Springfield on

Hi there,

I had really irregular periods and was not ovulating when I tried to conceive my daughter. I talked to a local naturopath and she gave me a long consultation and two herbal tinctures. Four months later I conceived my daughter! This was after about 18 months of infertility. I know this isn't directly answering your question - I just wanted to give you another option to consider. Good luck whatever route you take!!



answers from Burlington on


I took clomid too & did IUI's, etc., for over a year & nothing worked after trying naturally for four years on top of that. NOTHING worked until I saw a naturopath, changed my diet, took a few herbal things she suggested (which I'm sure would vary by person, so I won't suggest what she had me take) & this was the clincher - got acupuncture. I have a six month old baby girl now after 5 years of trying unsuccessfully. I HIGHLY SUGGEST acupuncture. I swear that's the reason she's here! I live in Burlington, VT - not sure where you are, but if you're close, I'm happy to give you the provider's name. She was a miracle worker!

Good luck!


A little about me: Married, full-time working mom of six month old, Lily. Blissfully in love with baby & amazing husband.

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