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Updated on July 27, 2012
B.P. asks from Olympia, WA
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My son is 15 months and doesnt sleep all night in his crib. he goes to sleep and takes naps in it but around 1am he wakes up screaming and the minute i lay him in our bed he falls asleep right away. So yesterday i took the railing off his crib and pushed it up against our bed. We only have a one bedroom so it makes it even more difficult to let him do anything on his own since were right there next to him sleeping. Well i dont know how much longer i can keep doing this for it is killing my back. And I already have bad back problems since I gave birth. I read the ferber method and am curious to try it out. But being were all in the same room will it still work the same? Ive tried letting him cry it out at night and that only results to him head banging his head on the crib till he bleeds. or puking in the crib. Hes never usd a bottle, I breastfed until 12months. He doesnt go to bed with milk or anything. I have a Cloud B turtle skylight that lights up the ceiling. That doesnt help him at all, Ive tried using the TV as a comfort. It worked for a little bit then I would find him up at 2am to watch cartoons then hed be up until 5am. so I bought nightlights for the outlets. He hates the dark, he has to be able to see us clearly or else he freaks! He always ends up in our bed but falls off a majority of the time when my husband leaves for work at 3am. so sometimes we sleep on the floor. (my beds really high up-23in) any suggestions?? thank you

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answers from New York on

Get a rail. I've been co-sleeping with my 13 month old, safely, since around 7 months. It works well for us, plus I love the extra cuddle time.

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answers from Portland on

What about putting your mattress on the floor and his mattress next to it? Then he is next to you but in his own space. Then you can reach over and comfort him. You can gradually move his bed away from yours. I co-slept with my kids and moved them into their own rooms when they were two. At this point they were sleeping through the night but I still laid down and rubbed their backs til they fell asleep and then gradually decreased the amount of time i stayed in their room til we were down to a hug and a kiss. You can also try introducing a cuddly, a blanket or special stuffed animal that you both cuddle with before bed (you need to cuddle or sleep with it so it smells like you).

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answers from Redding on

Get a bed rail, they are cheap. I used them for my kids when they transitioned to their own bed.

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answers from Chicago on

I doubt if Ferber method would work given you're in the same room as his, but I may be wrong.

As for co-sleeping, personally I feel its OK too. Go ahead, get a rail. And maybe you pick the side close to the crib, and put him beside you between the crib and you? That way, even if he does roll over, he'd land in his own crib?

Instead of turning on the TV, can you try getting 1 or 2 extra night-lights? It might be a little disturbing for us adults, but if it comforts your son and helps him feel more secure, go for it, I'd say?

All the best to you!

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answers from Phoenix on

You can get a rail for the bed. They have one version that just slides between the mattress and boxspring, they are pretty inexpensive. We used one like that at my parents' house this summer.
Cosleeping works really well for us. In your situation, it seems like the best way to get everyone some sleep. Some people will probably disagree with the whole concept of cosleeping, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get some sleep! I started cosleeping when my first son was just a couple of weeks old and would wake up every hour. Who needs all that up and down? He's in the bed, he's happy, I know he is OK, everyone sleeps, life is good.

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answers from Springfield on

We did a modified co-sleeping. My kids began every night in their own bed. When they woke in the middle of the night I just brought them into our bed. I didn't have any problem with getting them out of our bed.

Definitely try the bed rail. The other thing you could do is have your husband wake you when he gets out of bed in the morning and then slide into his spot. That way you would be blocking your son from falling out of bed (and his crib is blocking him on the other side, right?).

I have to completely disagree with MsKitty on this one. I almost never see posts about parents trying to get kids out of their bed.

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answers from Milwaukee on

what about one of the co-sleeper bed attachements? I got one from Babies R Us and loved it. It attaches right to your bed and you adjust it so that his mattress is level w/ your mattress so he feels like he is sleeping w/ you. It has a very low rail though between to keep you two seperated.

Check out Arms Reach Co-Sleeper.



answers from Boston on

I would try Ferber, but you have to stick to it. you can't give in. It worked for both my son and daughter. My daughter sleeps in our room because we only have two bedrooms. While we were letting her cry it out, we had to leave the room and sleep on the couch for about 2 weeks. But after that she was sleeping through, we were able to sleep in the room all night without a problem.

Good luck!


answers from Phoenix on

My kids slept in their crib, in their own rooms, from day one. Both slept 12 hours straight thru from the first week they were home..LUCKY ME! But...my son would wake up around 1:30am every morning. I called the doc and was like, "what's wrong with him???!!!" After she laughed at me, she said to try a pacifier. I did and that was the end of the wake up. I'm not a big fan of the family bed...you will see on here all the moms asking advice on how to get the kids OUT of their bed. I hope you find something that works. Good luck!

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