Female Issues on 3 Year Old

Updated on October 18, 2010
L.P. asks from Raleigh, NC
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Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there has experienced these symptoms on their toddler girl. My daughter, now 3, has been having issues for a year now. Her bottom parts get red and smelly and itchy and painful. It flares up and then goes away only with desitin original cream. It always comes back about a week later. The redness covers her anus and the vaginal lips. The doc did a urine test a year ago and it was normal. She gave her cream for yeast infection but it didnt seem to help. There is no temperature. Lately it seems to have gotten less smelly but she is complaining more of discomfort. Any thoughts? I was thinking about taking her back to the doc but not sure they will say anything new.

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answers from Raleigh on

Get her on probiotics but a good quality one. I get mine from the refridgered area at Earthfare in Brier Creek. I put my daughters in her water every day. Regardless of what is going on, the probiotics will stop this from coming back. It is good for her immune system.

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answers from Raleigh on

There could be several contributing factors.

Like some have said, it could be from her not wiping herself or her caretakers not wiping her good enough. I would get those wet wipes specifically made for the toilets and let her wipe herself with those.

If you are giving her bubble baths, stop putting the solution in her bath. This has been known to cause infections in little girls for some reason.

Is she changing her underwear? Especially if she is not wiping herself well, her underwear may need to be changed out several times a day as the bacteria will be on the underwear.

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answers from Wilmington on

I think you might need to take your daughter back to the pediatrician. It sounds like it's possible that the yeast infection either didn't go away completely, and might need some more treatment. I have seen this before in kids I've babysat, even the recurring, etc., of the symptoms. It can be frustrating, I know, getting rid of the infection completely. Also, if she's been on any antibiotics, sometimes it can cause a yeast infection, too. On top of treating the infection with the cream, you'll want to make sure she has plenty of time without the area getting warm, like either wearing cotton underwear or none at all for a few hours at a time. This was one thing that we had to do with our son whenever he had a yeast infection. He was getting too warm ( he is so warm natured, he hasn't ever (even in the NICU) wanted covers, kicks them off to this day), and the perspiring was causing "heat" and then yeast infections. So, the pediatrician suggested that on top of the over the counter yeast infection cream, we let him go around without a diaper/pull-up for a little while each day. It finally completely went away after doing this for a few days.
Good luck! Oh, and by the way, if your daughter gets another yeast infection, even with your doing all that you can to keep it from happening- you might want to check into whether she has an allergy and or sensitivity to foods,etc., with yeast in them.

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answers from Honolulu on

It sounds like a yeast infection.... did you apply the yeast cream consistently? And for several days straight?
Which yeast cream did you use?
Our Pediatrician, recommended an over the counter yeast cream with Clotrimazole in it.
There are different kinds of vaginal yeast creams, with different ingredients. If one does not work, then try another one with a different active ingredient in it.

Next, is she perhaps getting irritation there... either with her hands, wipes, not wiping well when toileting, eating any foods that are causing an irritation, too much sugar in her diet which makes yeast infections worse... since it thrives in sugary environments....?

Yeast infections can recur, as well. It is not always easy to get rid of it.

I would, take her to the Doctor, or another Pediatrician and get a 2nd opinion.... her vaginal issues has been occurring for a LONG time... 1 year as you said... that is not normal. And, the urine test she had, was 1 year ago. Time for other testing.... by now.

You could also try Burt's Bees "baby bee" diaper ointment... which for my son, this worked very well, for usual diaper rashes.
BUT if it is a yeast infection, a typical diaper cream will not work, conclusively.

Is anyone touching her down there????

all the best,

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answers from Raleigh on

My daughter went through the same thing. A female pediatrician told me that it was common among girls that age, due to them learning how to properly wipe themselves. She advised that I stop using vaginal creams and bubble baths (which I did), and add some white vinegar to her bath to help with the PH levels (which I did). I also changed the soap and we use for her, either Ivory or Dove (unscented). She is now 6 and is fine. I hope it clears for your daughter soon.

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answers from Louisville on

sounds like a yeast infection, take her to the dr to be swabbed again. if he just says i dont know find a new doc!



answers from Charleston on

I agree with the fungal infection, or yeast infection diag. After treating the yeast infection, another thing that may be helpful to avoid this in the future, is avoiding the excessive sugar in her diet, but also make sure she gets lots of yogurt. Handwashing, along with good bathroom hygiene is crucial. She may need to switch to loose undergarments, if they fit fine, then you can iron her underwear ( works with socks ) to get rid of persistent fungal infections. I read that typical laundering doesn't rid reoccuring infection from clothes sufficiently. She may also have some kind of sensitivity to something in baby wipes, like fragrance or lanolin. Whatever allergies you or her father have may pose problems for her as well.



answers from Nashville on

Hi L.,

My daugther had something similar. It started on her vaginal lips, and the same as you my doctor gave her cream for a yeast infection. It never went away and we tried everything. I finally took her to a ped dermo. and they said that she has psorasis. This was news to me because it genetic. Come to find out my husband has it. Now we use everything free of dyes and smells. What can cause a flare up is her getting sick. My point is check on line for psoarsis in children and see if the spots on your child is the same as the ones online.
Good Luck, R.



answers from Nashville on

I have boys so I am not sure if I am off track, but my 2 year old has had this consistent rash in his diaper area that was apparently very itchy and irritating for him. It did not smell, however. The doctor said it was a staph infection. He was on antibiotics, it got better, but then it came back. I had to wash the tub with bleach before every bath and not re-use towels or pajamas. It gets better but then it returns. I took him back to the doctor last week and he thinks that the staph may be hanging around a little. So now I am using hibicleans (sp?) 3 times a week to clean his body. It is a surgical scrub and the doctor seemed to think this will get rid of it once and for all. You might want to ask your doctor about this issue. Apparently it is a staph that is always present on the skin but gets irritated with scratches, bug bites, etc.



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answers from Wichita on

it could be vaginitis, which my daughter got when she was potty training and not wiping well. Her bottom would be red and she would tell me her pee pee hurts. The doctor said to keep the area clean and dry. For baths, she stood up and we dried her off right away. She also said you could use vaseline to keep the moisture away and desitin to get rid of the redness/rash.



answers from Enid on

my little sister had a problem like this, but it was because she wasnt wiping when she pee'd, and didnt wipe good enough when she pooped. this has been some time ago, and i cant remember all the details. anyway they prescribed some oral medicine and she had to drink alot of water. hope she gets better soon!



answers from Detroit on

I would also say yeast infection, or maybe bacterial (staph, etc.). I would take her to her pediatrician and specifically ask, "Could this be yeast or bacterial infection?"

Is she still in diapers? If yes, could it be something about the diaper itself, or the wipes you are using?


answers from Chicago on

Has the doctor said anything about a yeast infection? My daughter used to get them and the symptoms sound similar.



answers from St. Louis on

Is she wiping the right way? My daughter would get the red, itchy, pain down their when she started wiping forward instead of back.



answers from Nashville on

Is she potty trained? I have heard of girls (and my daughter too) getting this and usually it is b/c they are not wiping correctly. Usually a good bath will make it go away. She could have some sort of extra bacteria but it may just be cleanliness. I would put some cream on her nightly for awhile until it stays away. Not sure why her anus would be red though. Have to ask...is she always in your care? Sad to think that way but sometimes ppl cannot be treated and if she is being watched at daycare of someone else, you might want to check into it. Maybe she has an allergic reaction to detergent, her underwear fabric, something she is eating, etc Keep on pushing the doc, don't let it go b/c I am sure it is very uncomfortable. Good luck



answers from Charlotte on

My daughter who is 4 has the same thing. They gave her Nystatin cream to use when it gets red and itchy. It seems to be an ongoing thing. A little better since potty trained though. She also has pain sometimes when urinating. Doc said it was from the irritation. Checked urine several times and it was normal.



answers from Minneapolis on

Sounds like a possible yeast infection. They have a great bounce back factor...Meaning they seem to go away and then come right back.



answers from Lexington on

is there some activity, some group of people she is around just prior to these occasions? Did your daughter actually have a yeast infection (seems odd in one so young), or did MD provide it to put you at ease? Seems like another urine test might be in order.


answers from Sharon on

take her to doctor and see if they will refer you to go to a childrens hospital and that specalizes in that area

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