Felt Board Stories

Updated on February 17, 2008
A.B. asks from Smithfield, UT
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I enjoy making my own felt board stories for my girls to play with. A friend of mine sent me a link to a great website that had a ton of patterns at KIZCLUB.COM. I put it in my favorites and forgot about it until today. Now I'm trying to get on the site to print some patterns for making more felt board stories and can't access the site. Has anyone else used this site before? Are any of you having a hard time accessing it? It's as if it doesn't exsist anymore and I'm so bummed!

Any advice?

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answers from Boise on

I googled it and got this info:

Tip: Save time by hitting the return key instead of clicking on "search"

Clip Artalligator, airplane, ant, apple, apron, arm, arrow B: color / black&white baby,ball,bananas, bear, book, basket, bat, bird, bread, butterfly, boat ...
www.kizclub.com/flashcards.htm - 9k - Cached - Similar pages

Story PropsGingerbread Man color / black&white. Old Macdonald Had a Farm color / black&white. The Farmer in the Dell color / black&white, The Wheels on the Bus ...
www.kizclub.com/stories.htm - 15k - Cached - Similar pages
More results from www.kizclub.com »

story propshttp://kizclub.com/storypatterns2.html. (story cards in color or black and white) ... http://www.kizclub.com/storypatterns.html. My First Kwanzaa Book ...
www.littlegiraffes.com/storyprops1.html - 51k - Cached - Similar pages

The Weather - The Seasons - ESL ResourcesIn the sky (with SOUND) - (kizclub.com). The Four Seasons (esl-lab) I. Pre-Listening Exercises II. Listening Exercises III. Post-Listening Exercises ...
www.ac-nancy-metz.fr/enseign/anglais/Henry/weather.htm - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

Stories for Kids - Activities - ESL ResourcesI wish - a story about a caterpillar (with SOUND) - (kizclub.com) ... Stories (with SOUND) - (kizclub.com) The Fox and the Crow - Three Little Bears - The ...
www.ac-nancy-metz.fr/enseign/anglais/Henry/litt.htm - 65k - Cached - Similar pages

If you can't figure out the url from the info above go to google and type in Kidsclub and it will bring them up.

Have fun


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answers from Salt Lake City on

I just found a wonderful site that has probably what you are looking for. It is www.feltboardstories.com. They even have a felt of the month club which would be awesome to join. I might do it. Felt board stories are great for church or for anytime teaching. Good luck and have fun!




answers from Billings on

I have never used that site, but thanks for the idea! I ahd forgotten all about felt boards--I played with them as a child and loved them! I bet if that site is gone, all you'd need to do is google "felt board stories" and you'd find another site.



answers from Denver on

I found kidzclub.com I don't know if that has what you are looking for. It looks to me like kizclub.com isn't working.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Did you try searching the internet for felt board stories? There are several out there.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Put the address into a search websit like google and you will come up with a bunch of other related site as well as the one that you are looking for.
Thank you for the web information I will be making some felt stories for my daughter as well.

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