Feeling Pregnant with a Negative Test

Updated on September 13, 2010
J.K. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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I know this might sound wierd. I feel pregnant but am getting negative tests. Has anyone had this with their pregnancy? I had light bleeding on 9\6 and I've taken 3 tests since then (a week apart) and they are all negative. One was done at my GYN, but it was only a urine test. She would't do a blood test because the urine was negative and I did have bleeding one day when I was supposed to have my period. My breasts have been so swollen for about 4 weeks, and I'm so bloated I LOOK pregnant. The bloating is constant, every day for the past 6 weeks. I am having wierd repulsions to food (breaded chicken, LOL). Anyway, I just feel like the tests are wrong, am I just nuts?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all your responses! I made an appt but I have to wait until next week, so I'll let you know :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

This has happened to me twice: once was a cyst and my egg hadn't dropped; the other was me being pregnant but had just conceived 4 days prior to the blood test (according to the extreme low beta levels). Good luck!!!

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answers from Erie on

I did have a very strange pregnancy with what would have been child #3. In March, I felt pregnant, the tests were negative. I got my period, but a wierd one. In April, the same thing. . . . In May, I got a positive test, went to the doc, it was confirmed, but I was uneasy. . . At 12 weeks, there should have been a heartbeat, but the doc didn't get one. She said, "Don't worry, everything else looks good, we'll get one next time." Later that week, I started bleeding, and miscarried. The OB/GYN who saw me in the ER, said he found no fetal tissue at all. (My mom, who is a nurse, told me I may have lost the baby part in the toilet at home, but who knows?) The doc told me that with an abnormal pregnancy, that is not uncommon, and he said my chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy after that were exactly the same as they were before the miscarriage.

I know that THIS isn't what you want to hear, cuz it didn't end in a happy baby, but at the time, I was incredibly relieved to have the pregnancy end. It had just started so oddly, that I was sure something wasn't quite right, which made me worry about the baby constantly. I went on to have 2 more kids, with absolutely no problems, and we are a family with 4 children.

The pregnancy tests work based on hormones, and if your hormones aren't as high as they ought to be the test won't come out positive. Please don't take my experience as a prescription, because it isn't necessarily anyone else's experience -- try to take care of yourself as if you WERE pregnant, because it's a great excuse for eating healthily and getting healthy exercise . . and wait and see. If it's a kind of false pregnancy, it'll end quite naturally, and if it is a real one, there will be a baby.

And, if you aren't pregnant, doing the healthy stuff will be good for your body in preparation for getting pregnant.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I took 3 at home pregnancy tests (2 at home and 1 at the docs) all came out negative. My doc didn't do a blood test and prescribed me a pill to start my period (actually nurse practitioner not the doc). My friend at work told me to take one more at home pregnancy test before starting the prescription, so I did, although at the time I thought she was nuts. But I did it and finally the 4th test came up positive. Needless to say I didn't take the prescription and I switched to another OBGYN practice. Ask for the blood test if they won't do it, find another doc. If I had listened to them, my son wouldn't be here right now.



answers from Philadelphia on

Ask to have a blood test done. Then you will know for sure, one way or the other. At home tests don't work for me, so I always just go right to the blood test. Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

I don't think you are crazy at all. If your results are all coming up negative then you may have talked yourself into being preg so you have the symptoms. If you really think you are preg and want a blood test then talk to the dr do what you have to do, maybe find a new dr. Good luck!



answers from Mobile on

No I dont think your nuts..lol. I am 33 yrs old with three children.I have had my tubes tied for 10 yrs.I have had every symptom there i swith any pregnancy.I feel fetal movement now.All home urin test..Negative.Went to the doctor.They did anothe urin test ..Negative..I am about to loose my mind.All I want to know is am I pregnant.God can do anything.So I do not dought that I am.I truly belive I am.I look it and feel it.Movements and all.No periods for several months.I cant get the doctors to help me here.So Sweet if your nuts then your not alone.I wish I could help you.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Not to scare you - but when this happened to me - it was a tubal pregnacy



answers from Pittsburgh on

I don't know what's going on, but I HATED meat while I was pregnant! :-) Wait a few weeks and take another test.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I'd ask for a blood test. And if your symptoms don't go away, get an exam.



answers from Harrisburg on

You are not crazy!
I have had 9 pregnancies, 5 living children. TWO of my pregnacies showed negative pregnancy tests with sticks ONE negative to a blood draw. First, the blood draw was taken when I was too early in my pregnancy. Before week 6. The 2 sticks were 3neg then a positive. 2neg then a positive.
My doctor said I was not prego but I knew my body and refused to accept a rx to induce my period. Took another test and ha-ha, I was pregnant. Trust yourself, the boobs are a huge giveaway too:) Good luck.



answers from Philadelphia on

You are not nuts;). I'm workin on baby #7 and I've had a few that didn't show up right away on tests. It's really not that uncommon. Have a blood test to be sure. Your doc should do it, he's working for you after all;).......Good luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on


I got I think 4 or 5 negative tests before getting results back from a blood test to say I was pregnant with my now 2 year old daughter! I had just stopped birth control that I had been on for over a decade and the doctor said that being pregnant so soon would be "an amazing return to fertility" well...I guess I have my amazing days! Anyway, it seems I ovulated a lot later than I thought and therefore the pregnancy was too early to detect without doing a blood test. Wait another week and then take another test. If the test is still not positive, but you still have symptoms ask your doctor to run the blood test. You want to make sure you don't miss a pregnancy, but also make sure that there is nothing else wrong. Good luck!



answers from Allentown on

There are other conditions that may present this way as well. If your doctor did not do an examination when you came in with concerns regarding feeling pregnant but having negative pregnancy test results, then you should ask to have an examination done, at the very least. If your doctor does not accommodate you, find a new doctor. It could be something other than pregnancy, and that could be --- not good. Living proof here.

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