Feeding Solids to 6 Mth Old

Updated on July 11, 2007
B.B. asks from Saint Augustine, FL
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I need advice on feeding my 6mth old solids. For my first daughter all we had to do was sing and dance and trick her to open her mouth and then put the food in but our second daughter has not been that easy. She pushes everything we put in her mouth out with her tongue. We even added applesauce early to the rice cereal in hopes something sweet would make the difference but no luck. I need some advice on how to get her to eat the food and stop pushing it out. It has been almost a week since we started her on solids and she definitely needs the food because she is still waking up 3 times a night to eat.

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So What Happened?

I spoke to my pediatrican yesterday and she said not too worry. Babies don't get any real calories or nutrients from food until they are year old. So, she will grow and be just fine without eating solids. i will continue to try to get her to eat but as long as she is gaining weight and growing I will be fine with that. Thanks for the advice

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My daughter did the same until we added sweet potato baby food. It worked like a charm. A bit sweet, but maybe not as much as the apple sauce. Did the same for my son, but he's been a much less picky child. Also, don't withdraw the spoon too soon at the beginning. They have the tongue thrust reflex until they get used to it. If you leave the spoon in place for a few extra seconds, it allows them to suck the food off, which they do naturally. Also, make sure what your feeding is soupy or the reflex is stronger. Good luck.




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it might be the texture she does't like. try making the cereal really thin. add it in her bottle. then progress to a little thicker in a bowl. good luck.

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I haven't experienced this problem, but from what I have read and heard from other moms, some babies just aren't ready at 6 months. They have to lose the tounge thrust reflex first. I've talked to one mom who's child would not take solid food until close to a year, but did just fine in the growth department! If you are worried call your pediatrician's office. The link above had some good information. Everything I read says that feeding solids really doesn't help with the sleeping through the night thing. I can attest to that. It took my son well over a year to sleep through the night and the kid could eat like a horse! Good luck. :)



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Welcome aboard. I am A. and I have a 8 month old and I started solids when she was 6 mo. I still have trouble feeding her solids. I tried the rice cereal too. Try warming the cereal with some water and a pinch of salt. My daughter took it. Try if it works. My daugheter did not like apple sauce. Try carrots or sweet potato instead. Also I started giving her oatmeal w/bananas mixed in a spoon of whole milk (Organic), it worked. You might want to wait another month to try whole milk, instead try formula or breast milk. I started giving my daughter chunks of fruits in that mesh bags (don't know the name) and it worked. Don't worry, I can totally understand because I am a working mom with a month old. Good luck.



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Try to see if they will pick up some cherios haha i cant spell. I have been feeding my babies finger foods and stuff for a long time. Like cherios, bitter biscuts. cheese puffs. Also i get the stage 3 foods the baby jars its small enough for them. if the baby dosent want it and pushes it away or cant pick it up his self stick with stage 3 foods hes not ready for finger foods. hopefully that was enderstandable haha sometimes i cant say things right lol but hey i hope you are able to understand me lol. Well just keep rying and if he dont want it remember hes well or she isnt ready for solid foods.25 year old moother of 4.

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