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Updated on December 11, 2009
M.I. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Hello I am wondering if anyone has a good feeding schedule chart or template that they used for there twins. If you wouldnt mind sharing I would love the help! Thanks

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I messaged you too, but reading others' responses made me want to chime in a little more.

I have a chart that I can email you--it has columns for feedings (we'd write down which breast each fed on, how long they ate for, then when they started taking bottles we'd write down the ounces they each ate), diaper changes, medications etc. I remember being so sleep deprived and tired when they were teeny that I couldn't remember who I fed last, who had their meds, and who had pooped when. I used the chart and had it three hole punched in a binder that was near where I typically fed them. That helped with keeping track of everything, but also allowed my husband and I not to wake each other up to ask if someone had their meds or whatever. Pretty much everything they did for about the first 4 months of their lives was written down. Eventually we phased out the chart as we got more sleep.

Now that they're older, when they get sick we use marker boards to keep track of who had Tylenol or Motrin at what time, any vomiting, loose stools, etc, since it can be confusing when you have two little ones sick at the same time!

I agree with one of the posters who said to get them on the same schedule and feed them, put them down for a nap, diapers, etc at the same time. It'll take some time but they'll sync up and it will make your life a LOT easier, especially since you have older ones too! Schedules are important--keeping feedings and naptimes and all that to approximately the same time every day will help save your sanity.

Anyway, message me and I'll send you my chart. Hopefully you find it to be helpful!



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Hi Mandy
I did them back to back-- whether they were hungry or not.
They learned real quickly it was time to eat.
Some do them together-- depends on what you can deal with.
At first every 3 hours, then less often.

Consider pumping and supplementing bottle with nipple if you're breastfeeding. That sure helps with the night feeds.

Enjoy-- it's like nothing else!

About me: 49yo perfusionist, wellness coach also doing a nationwide online biggest loser, wife, mom to now 8 yo twin girls.

B. J



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I have one that I used, you can message me your email & I can attach it--unless you know a way to attach to the message??. When mine were newborns, they were preemies, & wouldn't attach very well. We went through all sorts of things, including tube/finger feedings, nipple guards (their mouths were too small to latch properly), etc, etc. It took a while & a LOT of work (and not very much sleep), but I wouldn't change it! I was able to go on & strictly breast feed until I weaned them at 11 months!
As for the chart. I made two of them & put each of them on a separate clipboard & kept them right next to my "feeding spot", along with the pump accessories, pillows, books, snacks, water, etc! lol



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Best thing I did with my twins was to get them on the same schedule. My hubby and I had a system where I would go to be early he would do the late (midnight) feedings and then I would get up and do the 3am feedings. It worked out pretty slick. Good luck!!

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