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Updated on April 28, 2007
L.K. asks from Waynesville, MO
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Hi all! My little one is now 7 months old and he eats three times a day with a snack in between meals. I feed him half a jar of baby food twice a day and cereal in the morning. He's also getting 8 ounces of formula four times a day and I've noticed that he's finishing all of his food as well as his bottles! I know I need to increase the amount of food I give him, but I'd also like to know what other Mommies do out there as far as feeding, schedule, etc. Also, any suggestions for finger foods....that is soooooooooo nerve racking! Anything would be helpful! Thanks all! :)

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answers from Providence on

When my boys were young like your Chandler, I had to adjust their food & formula amounts. Once they consumed the full 8oz bottle, I had to adjust their food intake. I had to feed them 2 jars w/cereal at every meal, w/a 4oz bottle. It worked up to the 2 jars w/cereal w/an 8oz bottle at every meal. I didn't set the feeding schedule - I discovered w/my first son that babies set their own schedule. :) Before I made adjustments to their feedings, I double-checked w/the pediatrician's office. I didn't want to increase their food intake if the doctor didn't feel it was necessary. So, my advice to you Louise, is to double-check w/your pediatrician's office before making any adjustments w/Chandler's feedings. Same goes for finger foods & their introduction to your baby Chandler. :)



answers from Boston on

hi there

babies will eat into there full... you might want to increase the portions at meal time...as long as they are willing to eat it with out forcing it then it's okay..also consider much fulid they are taking in besides formula...water is always good to start with,,,things like yogurt or the gerber snacks that desolve easily are good too...they wont eat when they are full



answers from Providence on

Finger foods - My kids loved Gerber's wagon wheels and fruit/veggie puffs. Plus, you can buy the Baby Safe Feeder (at Babies R Us) and put pretty much anything in it (works great with bananas). No worries!




answers from Boston on

The best finger food in the world are fruit puffs. They are kinda like cherios. They are shaped like stars and they disolve in your mouth almost instantly. Those were the first finger foods my daughter ate and she loved them. Still does. They are small so they will be hard at first for him to pick they up, but Kayla picked up on it very fast. My daughter is very picky about finger foods, she wont touch anything that feels funny (like the ckicken sticks that look like hotdogs) i dont have any advice on the feeding because kayla was breastfed and alergic to cereal, so her eating habbits were very different. Oh, yeah, she loved the teething biscuits too, they are hard, but she couldnt bite a big piece off, she kinda just sucked on them.



answers from Springfield on

my little one eats three meals one or two snakcs and three 6 to 8 ounze bottles although he is 11 months, at 7 months we disocvered pirates booty it is often found in the whole food dept, it disolves like the stars but it vegetable made, the are many versions we like veggie and fruity. in the beginning we had to make the pieces a little smaller and now eat can eat the whole thing. cheerios worked well, it also depends on how used to the food your little one is, we didnt start any food til 6 months so we waited a little longer for finger foods, my ds always tried to shove the whole wagon wheel in his mouth, but we liked the zwieback toasts. my husband was gone overseas for my entire pregnanct and the first six months of my sons life. i am sorry that you have to go through this too. i am here for you if you need anything!

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